TTC in September through Friendship and Support...Part 1
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wannabeamom - September 4

I hope everyone finds this and it brings BFP's for everyone :-D! Lots and lots of sticky babydust!


J.D. - September 4

Hi wannabeamom,I guess I'll go first.Can anybody tell me what to expect for my first iui?


ROBYN - September 4

Hey girls I am here. Good that a preggo started it. Katt I love the "30 Days" series. We have that one TIVO'd so thats the next one to watch. We also had bought Supersize Me when it came out. Thats give you a major insight into all that nasty fast food. My son used to watch it over and over. Katt got your email about Lukas I promise I will vote. Kelley we will probably start the IVF by November. Believe it they actually have to put me on BCP for a month than start all the stuff. SLOW definitely rest and take care of your self. Anyway quick check in gotta go to work tonite. LUV YA ALL


mommy2josh - September 4

Kathy, thanks for starting a new thread. Cant write much because dh is being a pain in the ass and needs the computer atthe same time as me. LOL. Brooke, sorry hon, I hope it works out fine. Jamie, try to rest and I will be thinking of you girls. Katt, glad that dh is comming around. As I said Viagra works miracles. BTW I cant believe you liked V for Vendetta. I thought it was a crock of sh--. I kept waiting for good stuff to begin and it was so boring. Oh well. Are any of you guys on Netflix? We could add each other to the body list :) Robyn, 85K, holy crap. Its all good though. Jason is a peach. Kelley, Leslie, Rhonda, Nicole, Denise how are you gals feeling? Has anyone heard from Denise? I wrote her once and she never responded. I hope all is well. Jess, we are awaiting the news. I am sure you had the baby by now :) JD welcome. Some of the girls here are experts on iui's. Sorry if I ignored anyone, I dont mean to. Love ya all. Be back tomorrow.


ROBYN - September 4

Tanya we are on blockbuster then we burn the cd's so we have like over 500 dvd's. (sssh dont tell anyone we do that) LOL. Yes I am lucky to have found Jason he was laughing when I told him you said he was a peach he said is she from GA? Anyway gotta get ready for work. YUCKY Will talk to yall later.


bl - September 5

Hi ladies, sad to report, but it looks like an early miscarriage. I'll take the bata tomorrow. I began to have red blood last night and today. I've shed my share of tears! It comes in waves of being ok and then being a mess. Sorry to be such a downer. I guess it's how I'm feeling. :((((


J.D. - September 5

Hi bl I am so sorry


ROBYN - September 5

Oh Brooke I am so sorry sweety. We are here for you and love you. <<HUGS>>


ROBYN - September 5

Welcome J.D. these a the best group of girls we have become a family and have been talking for months tell us about yourself andcome on in.


wannabeamom - September 5

Brooke, I am so sorry sweetie. Hopefully you can ttc soon. J.D., I just had my 1st IUI 2 weeks ago and I am pg now. Still very early though. I go for another hcg blood test tomorrow. First DH gave his specimen to the urologist, then a little later I picked it up and brought it to the RE. They sucked it up in a catheter and inserted it in. I had some bad cramping when the put the "tube" in but it was quick. Then you wait. I read you should have sex for the next 2-3 days. I had sex the next day. I was very tender from the IUI. Make sure you drink 32 oz of water before you get the IUI done. Anyway, I am no expert!! When is your IUI?


bl - September 5

Thanks ladies!! I'm starting to feel a little better. I'll have some questions for the re tomorrow and hopefully I can ttc again soon. I hope this early m/c was just a fluke thing. Tomorrow is ds's first day of preschool!!! I hope he loves it. I check back tomorrow. Love to all my girls. You're the best.


STARR - September 5

J.D. i knew you were here someplace,so why are you bothering the women on the infertility board?You should know better than that.Get back to where you belong.


Rachel37 - September 5

I'm sorry to hear about bI's miscarriage. I think I'm going to go insane. I just stopped taking Lexapro because I've been so depressed that my hubby and I cannot get pregnant after four years. I honestly wanted to give it to God. However, I understand that Clomid can help me. I'm on 50mg of it now and getting ready to take it for the second round. I just don't understand when my day 1 begins. Can anyone help me with this? I usually have a lot of light brown discharge that slowly gets darker and turns into dark brown blood and then into a red period.


Rhonda - September 5

I found you all.Oh bl im so sorry for what you are going through sweetie.I have had 3 m/c in the past and it is a very hard thing to go through.We are all here for you if you need us honey,and i will keep you in my thoughts.Slow i know that spotting during pregnancy can be alarming but lots of ladies spot when they are pregnant,especially during the first 12 wks.Long as you are not having bad cramps and you are not bleeding alot then it is probably nothing to worry about.It is good for your dr to know about it so they can keep it in your file.It is very scary though.I will be going to my obgyn on the 7th,my dr is very hateful most of the time.But i dont let that ruin my visit.How is everyone doing?Love you girls and im sending you all hugs,especially you brooke(HUGS)i know you can really use them right now.We all love you very much honey.


kelley32 - September 5

Brooke, I know how hard this is for you, sweetie, but don't give up, I got pg again 2 months after my m/c and that one stuck ... most of the time, it's just a fluke when m/c happen and it's unlikely to happen again, but make sure to wait until after at least 1 normal cycle before trying again. I will keep you in my thoughts. Robyn, we download and burn movies too, hee-hee ... sometimes I feel bad about it, and I get paranoid sometimes, I'm such a goody two shoes when it comes to the law ... I don't even speed, LOL. Tanya, I'm feeling OK, thanks for asking ... starting to have trouble sleeping though, and had a strange dream ... I dreamt that I had the baby and it was the same size as Isabella (she's almost 4)!!! I remember feeling so cheated out of the whole newborn stage, and being really upset. I wonder what that dream means? OK, well have a great day and I'll try to check in later on. HUGS.


J.D. - September 5

starr-Do I know you?Where exactly do I belong?I have absolutely no idea who you are or what you're talking about.


mommy2josh - September 5

Morning ladies. Brooke, I am so sorry hon. They say that women are most firtile after the miscarriage. As long as you dont need a d & c then you could try right away. I am still hoping it will work out. I cant believe it has been almost a year since my miscarriage. Somehow we find the strength to go on and keep trying. I am sending lots of smiles and hugs. JD, tell us your story. Starr, have you ever considered that there is more then on JD out there? We dont welcome deceipt or negativity on this thread. Basically the motto is if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. Rachel welcome to our thread. I am sorry that your journey has been so hard. I hope clomid will work for you. It did not for me, but it has for countless others. Are you ttc your first or do you have kids already? Robyn, thanks for the e-mails. I was cracking up. I am as New York as they come. :) I adopted this great city and it has adopted me right back. Jamie, let us know how your appointment goes. I am crossing my fingers. Katt did you send that letter yet? Hello to Kathy, Kelley, Nicole, Denise, Rhonda, Leslie, Erin, Shauna! Love yas.



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