TTC in October Through Friendship and Support ... Part 2
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kelley32 - October 16

Hi girls ... hopefully some of my baby dust will rub off on all of you wonderful, deserving friends. I have never met a more loving or caring group of women and I sincerely hope that we can continue to build our friendships and support one another during this trying journey.


PoohBear - October 16

Hi ladies. Sorry its been so long. Na- congrats on the +. Im so happy for you. Cmel- Im praying for you. Leslie- I know what you mean about the showers. Mine dont start until Nov. I dont really get along with dh's mom because of a lot of reasons and not really looking forward to that one. Kelley- so glad that you and your dh are connecting again. We just decided to stop until after baby because of the risk of going into pre term labor. Dh is a paramedic and lately he's ran on a lot of pre term labor calls that were because of bding so he doesn't want to take any chances. Did your dr do a u/s to determine that she was in a breech position? I dont go back to the dr until Oct 31st and their not doing an ultrasound. I will be 32 weeks at the apt and Im worried about the postion he's in. To me it feels like he's still laying horizontally. Well I hope all of you wonderful ladies have a nice day. I will be checking back in a lot today. I love our fall break. Two weeks away from the students. Well talk to you all later.


1mom - October 16

GM ladies. NA CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!!!!!!!!!!. Nothing new here. Hope everyone is doing good. BABY DUST!!


Rhonda - October 16

Hello ladies,how are you all doing today?I still have a kidney infection despite taking antibiodics and drinking tons of water.Im very miserable.kelley hopefully baby will turn in time for her big day.My sister had a baby vaginally that was breech.Everything will be okay.I will find out what im having on the 2nd of nov.I will be 24wks then.kathy how have you been doing?Robyn is your kitten over being sick?I bet he is really growing.c-melissa im praying everything goes good and soon you will have a beautiful baby growing inside you.Did they get everything cleared with your dad?I hope so.Parents are a precious thing,i only have my mom alive and she lives with me and Mark because she cant take care of herself and taking care of her is just like taking care of a little kid,but im glad to do it.Mark goes to see his dr tomorrow,his foot is getting better but he is still having pain with it.I cant wait until he can find a job.He has a cyst on his other foot and he dont know if they will want to remove it or not,it has growed a small amount.And it is causing some pain.Katt how does that pet finder work?We have got to do something with all these dogs.I once again put up a sign advertising them but nobody has called about any of them,it is too hard to take care of them and im so tired of worrying about these dogs.Im still waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.Tanya are you feeling better?I hope you are.Brooke im glad you like your pericing.NA im so glad you are pg and i know you must be so excited.Once again congrats to you.Poohbear your dr should do at least one more u/s to check your babys position and check the weight.Most of the time they turn before birth,sometimes the dr can reach up in there and turn them before you deliver,it will work out.1mom have you been doing okay?Anymore trouble from that nosy lady you work with?Jamie and JD how are the both of you doing?What happened to NB is she doing alright?I dont remember seeing her on here for a while.Im glad the new thread is going the other one was kinda long,kelley you did a fantastic job starting the new thread.I would not know what to say lol i would rather leave that up to the rest of you.Did i leave any body out?I hope not.well baby dust being scattered all across this wonderful thread to all of you.hugs going out to each of you.


bl - October 16

Hi ladies! I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Kelley, thank you for starting the new thread. I hope that baby dust rubs off on all of us! Rhonda, I'm sorry you stil have that kindney infection. I'm glad Mark is feeling better. Tanya, how was your b day celebration? Melissa, How are you feeling? How many more days till the beta? That would be the best present ever! Christine, enjoy your time off. Leslie, I was the same way about showers. I had one at work and the one with family and friends we did a co ed party. My mom even rented a margarita machine. It was nice that dh took some of the attention off me! Well, temp is still down so the double bding is still on. I find if I jump dh, it seems like less of a chore to him. Ah, the things we do to ttc!! I hope one day we will look back and laugh at all of this. :) Hi to Robyn,Katt,Jamie,Jess,JD,Gayle.


cmelissa - October 16

Hey Ladies - Kelley thanks for starting the new thread - we sure needed it! Well my butt is starting to feel a little better now - my dr. said we could do the shots a little higher up so that has really helped - supposedly the pio shots get absorbed better. Pooh i bet the baby showers will be so much fun - i cant wait for that day and to register!! Rhinda hope your kidney infection clears up soon those can be painful! Well my dad has surgery Wed, for another biopsy but they have to cut him open 6 inches - yikes i know and then once we get those results we will know more. My beta is on saturday anxious and nervous at the same time - i find out the day before my b-day so my b-day will either be fabulous or a tear fest :(. well hope everyone is having a great day!!


bl - October 16

Melissa, we posted at the same time! Saturday is getting close, I'm feeling anxious for you!!! A good anxious!


sweetsouthernbelle - October 16

hey ladies im actually finding more time to get to computers and type a little to you guys....i think i need to take a moment and truely thank you ladies for being there for me....i know when i met you guys i was already preggy but having you guys to lean on made it alot easier on me....its like being back in highschool on here....hehe....i love you guys and i truely appreciate all of the help you guys have given me...and i hope i've done the same for all of you guys i've tried my best.....and im always around...well at least when im on here...if you guys ever need any help with anything just email me or something and ill be super happy to respond....well i cant really type long cause im fixin to go get my little man some diapers....i love you guys,,,,hugz and lotz and lotz of babydust to you guys....Jess!!


ROBYN - October 16

Afternoon ladies, I found you I just need to read up on the posts but... I finally got AF believe it or not I am so excited. The RE called today to discuss the Prometrium and they said since I hadnt gotten AF I was supposed to go on Wednesday take a progesterone/estrogen check and they were just gonna start the IVF protocol but now I got AF so I made a phone call and they wont return it till tomorrow after 1pm. So next is B/W and U/S well IVF here we come YEA!!! Ok I will read up at work tonite LUV TO ALL OF YOU


Katt - October 17

hey girls - OMG I have soo much reading to do! I GOT LAID!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Just had to share and I think it';s perfect timing so who knows! I'll catch ya later...Seriously girls take no offense to my absence as I miss you SOO much it's just hard to sit still right now and do anything...not smoking = busy work! LuvYas! I will catch up soon I promise!


J.D. - October 17

Katt!!!!!!!! That was me that sent you that card,I didn't know if you would remember me or not,I should have signed it J.D. instead of Jen. oops!!


Rhonda - October 17

Alright katt way to go.


Rhonda - October 17

Robyn so glad af finally arrived,now you can get everything going.Best of luck to you.


mommy2josh - October 17

Evening girls. How is everyone. Katt, so happy for you girl. Did it happen on its own or did the little blue pill work? Which ever way I am sure you are relieved and the timing might be right :) Robyn glad that you are ready to get this show on the road. Melissa I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya. Anyway. My party was a blast. It started with chocolate martinis, followed by presents. I got a $250 gift certificate to and lots of cool little presents which have a meaning to them but I wont get into that. So presents included a coffee cup and saucer from Tiffany & Co., a silver bookmark from Tiffany & Co., a pair of wool sucks (my friends attampt at humor), 6 cd's of Andrea Boccelli (yes I am an opera and classical music fan as much as a metal fan) and ( I am leaving the best for last) I got a pink rabbit vibrator (just like the one on Sex and the City if any of you are fans of the show). Girls I was cracking up, poor dh almost had a heart attack when he saw it. The vibrator made it all around the bar. LOL. If some of you do not have on of these I suggest you get one. I seriously thought the a G spot was something people made up, but I got to tell you G spot is real and oh my god. Sorry if I'm being a little too open. Anyway it was great fun, but since AF was still around on Saturday I didn't have birthday sex :( On Sunday my family came over and we stuffed ourselves with BBQ, later on in the evening my BIL and SIL came over and guess what? She is 2 1/2 months pregnant. I wanted to cry. My BIL is 10 years older then DH, which makes him 55 and my SIL is 33. Oh well. May be one of these days :( Anyway. I'll be back in the AM. Love ya all.


bl - October 17

Robyn, glad to hear a/f showed. One step closer to ivf! Yeah.Katt, good for you for getting some. You deserve it! I'm sure the quitting must be really hard. Hang in there. Tanya, your b day sounds like fun. Oh,and the presents too!! I don't have the rabbit but have something similiar. Have to say it's pretty dusty with ttc and all!! Maybe I should dust it off for old times sake! :) Jess, sounds like your doing well with motherhood. Thanks for the sweets words. I too love the ladies here. I think we would make a good Oprah show about fertility and support and they could bring us all together to meet! Wouldn't that be great. I'm surprised that there isn't more awareness about the topic since it affects so many women. Maybe people don't like to talk about it! Not me,I'm very open about my struggle so far. Anyway, have a great night ladies.


ROBYN - October 17

Hey girls KATT - YEA!!! I am happy for you guys with or without the pill??? TANYA - glad you got great gifts for your b-day and glad you enjoyed the new toy LOL!! RHONDA - that really sucks about the kidney infection is there any you can see a urologist maybe some meds that will be ok for you to take?? I had a kidney removed when I was a baby I was born with 3 and one wasnt functioning so they took it out. But... my whole life on my left side I get pain and a lot of UTI's. So I completely more than understand that pain its awful. As for my precious kitten he is doing great and absolutely hilarious and a handful. I promise soon we will get pics of him and the house. BROOKE I agree I am not ashamed of what my situatin is and I am also very open about it you are always surprised to hear how many people are also going thru what we are all going thru. CMEL - girl my fingers and toes are crossed for you. No matter what the outcome (which will be positive) we are here for you!! Anyway gotta get back to work I will check in later. CYAS


kelley32 - October 17

Good Morning ... KATT, how wonderful for the both of you!!! You must be so happy ... there is nothing in the world like having sex with your husband, I'm so happy for you. Glad to hear that the no smoking is going well ... just remember that it gets a bit easier everyday, and don't cheat because it just puts you back to square one again. Is DH going to quit? It took my DH 7 months to quit after I did, and honestly I'm not even sure if he has really quit or not, but I haven't seen him smoke in a while now. It's his b-day today ... I got him this Columbia jacket that he's had his eye on for a while, and I'll stop after work and get a small cake, it'll just be the 3 of us though, nice and quite like I like it. ROBYN, so happy that you got AF and that things can get rolling now. It seems like such a long road, you must be very patient. TANYA, the party sounds like alot of fun, and nice gifts, too. BROOKE, how are doing? Hi RHONDA ... hopefully you are feeling a bit better. Hi to everyone else, and have a great day!!



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