TTC in Oct. through friendship and support **part 1**
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LeslieK - October 1

I'm sending all my positive baby energy and dust to everyone *~**~* may we continue to support and encourage one another!*~*


PoohBear - October 1

Wow not very often that Im one of the first ones to post. How are all you ladies doing? Sorry its been so long. I have report cards due, parent-teacher conferences, getting registries done, and getting ready for our house warming party. Plus I had a wedding that I had to go to yesturday. Needless to say Ive been busy. Havent had much time to read all the post but I read a lot of them. Just waiting for my two week break so that I can finally catch back up with everyone. I hope all is going well for everyone. Hope the witch stays away and we have more so deserved happiness. I dont know if that made sence but I dont really make sence right now anyways. I will definately check later tonight. I will write myself a note otherwise I will forget. Again I hope that everyone is doing well and god bless you all.


Katt - October 1

Good morning gals! Guess what day it is - it's football Sunday! Yay! Since the thread is getting slower and slower over the weekends I'll just jump right in and reply...BROOKE_ I totally agree with AF calling before just coming over, lol! Well, dh is still asleep and my Moms & Pops are supposed to pop in sometime today - I hate that, I mean I don't have a time or anything. I got very lazy yesterday and accomplished ziltch (sp) so either my house is a wreck or not I won't know till the knock at the door! RHONDA & JEN_ dh often asks me why I even stick around and I am sure y'all can guess what I tell him;) As far as the alcohol etc I am using the reverse psychology method, haha. He's the type that has to prove something so I tell him he can't do it, that there's no way he can go 4 days w/o a beer! Is that mean? Not sure it's the right approach but it seems to be taking hold. He uses sports as his excuse and you see he watches sports all year round and who watches football w/o a beer? I don't. ROBYN_ It's so awesome to see you finally getting "in" after all the months. You'll have to post some pictures! GAYLE_ you are totally on the mark with the new thread idea as one month Jess started it and we had 5 positives! (I think) Yes hopefully it'll rub off! Especially since this cycle I can be rest assured I'll get some at O time! So to LESLIE_ Thanks for starting the new thread!!! I guess I'll see y'all tomorrow afternoon sometime. I have a an appt with the Alt doc at 130 and the way he runs behind I may not be in to see him until 3! Then I am going over to the Moose Lodge to check out their seems for a female to become a member it's like a $10 app fee and $20/yr dues - so it's only $30 to get started. Can't beat them apples. I hear though that it's all free weights which I don't much care for, but if their ab machine is good then I'll settle. If I don't like the setup then I guess I'll have to develope some major motivation and hop to the home aerobics! I know I know I keep saying this but I really need to start - the laziness is really getting me down! Ok off to place my bets! I'll check in tomorrow! Luv you girls - every one!


Katt - October 1

Hi CHRISTINE_ we missed you!


kelley32 - October 1

Hi girls ... thanks Leslie for starting the new thread ... I hope that it brings lots of positives this month. Christine ... how have you been feeling, besides being so busy? Have you bought anything for the baby yet? Do you know if your having a boy or a girl? Robyn, the house sounds wonderful ... did you cry at all? I cried when I walked into my house for the first time after all the papers were signed ... it's such a great feeling. I can't wait to see some pics. Katt, hoping that you get some soon ... did you pick up the magical RX? I am so tired today ... so far I've done laundry, vaccuumed, made lunch, made a chicken soup, baked cookies for DH and DD and put a roast chicken in the oven, my back is killing me. Now I,m off to clean the cat litter and some more vaccuuming. ... fun, fun, fun!!! I'll talk to you all in the morning. Boatloads of baby dust to you all!!


bl - October 1

Hi girls. Leslie, thanks for starting the new thread. I hope it brings us good luck! Kelley, I'm exhausted just reading your post!! I hope you have a few minutes to relax today. Katt, too funny about a/f calling first!! I hope you enjoy your football viewing today. I agree, it's hard to watch without a beer.Christine, will you be returning to work after the baby is born? You deserve those two weeks off! Well, not too much going on here. My spirits are good and looking to ttc in Oct. My 4 yr Anniv is Thurs and Dh's b day is on the same day. Yep, we got married on his 30th b day. It just kind of fit in with my teaching vacation schedule!! He's a good sport about it. Well, I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.


cmelissa - October 1

Hey Ladies - I'm BACK!! I had a great time at the wedding it was a lot of fun - im exhausted though since i had to get up super early to get back to VA for another follie check early this morning. Well my right ovary is more dominant which is normal they said. I have 10 on my right ovary and 4 on the left. It looks like my ER is going to be on Wed or Thursday this week! I hope its on Wed b/c i already have off work that day. I;m praying so hard this cycle will work for me!! I hope they are able to retrieve lots of eggs!!And most important i hope they fertilize!! Oh and my poor tummy is getting really bloated now - i feel so fat - ugh!! Leslie thanks for starting the new thread! Did i miss anything news over there - havent checked it yet! Hi Kelley and Katt. BL - happy anniversary this week!! WHat are you guys going to do to celebrate??Hey Poohbear great to hear from you! Welll i have so much to do here at home since i've been away for 4 days! I will check in tomorrow with you ladies!! Have a good night! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


PoohBear - October 2

Kelley-Ive been feeling good lately. Energy comes and goes as well as moodiness. Poor dh is having a rough time. Yes we know that we're having a boy and Ive only bought a few things for the baby room. My parents on the other hand have gone overboard. How are you feeling? Do you know what you're having yet or are you not finding out? Katt- Thank you. Ive missed you all too! Hope your dr apt goes well. BL- Happy anniversary. I hope all goes well and you have a wonderful time! Well goodnight ladies and I will try to check in tomorrow.


kelley32 - October 2

Good morning ladies ... BROOKE, what better b-day present than you??!!! Happy Anniversary on Thursday ... doing anything special? CMEL, glad you had a good time ... how many wedding have you been to in the past few months, seems like you always have one to go to. Christine, glad you are feeling OK ... we think we've having a girl, but she/he is always in the transverse position and the doctor can't get a good view, but I am definitely expecting a girl. I agree about the ups and downs, although my mood has been quite steady, the hard part this time around is having a 3 year old to take care of at the same time ... sometimes I just want to rest, but I can't because Isabella wants to play ... but I'm not complaining, I wouldn't trade it for the world ... I consider myself very lucky so far. It's strange how your luck can just change in a second, though ... on Saturday, we had an overpass collapse onto a highway not too far from where I work, and 5 people were killed, including the parents and uncle of an 8 year old boy, they had just dropped him off at hockey practice and they were going to visit their parents ... I feel so badly for that family, I'll be thinking about them alot today.


bl - October 2

Hi girls, just wanted to pop in and say hi! It's so quiet here today. I hope everyone is doing well. Kelley, I heard about the highway story on the news, that's so sad.Melissa, I'm glad you had fun at the wedding. So the big day is wed or thurs, you must be getting excited. I will be praying that this is your month to get prego!!! I'll be back later.


cmelissa - October 2

Hey Ladies - I had another follie check this morning and they measured 17 follies - they said they'd probably retrieve around 6-12 the norm with the dosage i'm on - im taking 2 vials of repro and 2 of gonal F. Looks like my follies are slow growers so my ER is now on Thursday which sucks b/c i will have to call in sick now and definitely will have to work on Friday. Also i just got moved to another community to sell in so next week my ET is probably going to be on Monday or Tuesday so i will have to take off for that too since my days off are changing next week to Thurs/Fridays. I'm really nervous for the ER this week - i just hope they get my eggs out safely and most importantly that they fertilize!! I'm really not as bloated as i thought i would get so thats good, hopefully i wont get overstimulated than either. If i dont get pregnant this cycle they said they'd up my dosage, but hopefully i wont need to worry about that! Also big bummer my company trip got cancelled so no Florida trip for me this month - so bummed! However they are giving us a credit so we can plan a trip another time all paid for!! Poohbear a little boy how sweet!! When is your due date? Hey BL and Kelley!


Rhonda - October 2

Hi everyone how is everything?katt i have not had time to check out pet finder yet.I have been so busy lately.I have been kind of crampy today and today is marks b-day he is the big 27 and i did not have money to buy him a present or anything but i will soon hopefully.Leslie you did a great job starting the new thread,i like it.Im hoping you all will start getting bfp soon maybe a dominoe affect will kick in"fingers are crossed"HUGS to every one.


Katt - October 2

good evening gals! Don'thave time to read, sorry! Worked long day and wound up waiting for the doc until nearly 4pm - I was afraid of that. My appt was at 130pm! Good thing I called at 1, lol just in time for my supervisor to call me out to work longer, lol. Ggggrrrrah! Anyway, My Alt doc has thus agreed with my OB - LOSE WEIGHT! Tis suspect to my infertility! So girls, forget the fluffy club we're moving on to baron pastures! Whomever is interested in joining me on this mission sign up for a free membership at - No silly's we're not "using" slim fast meals, etc just the food counter. If you're interested Email me at [email protected] and I'll walk you through becoming a weight loss buddy at their website. Oh and I got my Rx for Chantix! I am shopping round for the cheapest price and when I find I am going to get em and take em. Gonna take a lot of will power and determination to quit smokin and lose weight so I will NEED all the HELP I can get girls! Okay welp I hate to ramble and leave, but got lots to do still before my relax time begins in 10 minuted. Love yas and babydust to everyone!!!!!


slowpoke01 - October 3

hey all sorry i have been MIA-i have been so busy that i had 139 email havent been on the computer in about a week. i really missed you all. i have been out getting truck parts for a few days and have been doing nothing but running the roads. i am getting so tired of sitting in that pickup seat helped my sister move last week she left her boyfriend. if any of you know anyone that is thinking of getting marrried my sister has a brand new wedding dress for sale. it was handmade in china. it is strapless and white except the trim on the front of the dress and the train are sapphire blue. i dont know what size it is because it is wrote in chinese. she is asking $1000.00 for it it was originally a $3000.00 dress. i have it here at my house and i will have it dry cleaned before she sales it. she tried it on 1 time and thats it noone has ever worn it. it is a beautiful dress. anyway i will let you go take care.


ROBYN - October 3

Hey girls found you all. I need to read all your posts to catch up. So I am doing a quick check in. I pulled out my back from moving and I am like in a shit load of pain. We had to rush the kitten to the vet this morning. We bought flowers for the new house and he ate some that apparently were poisoinous. So never have any type of lillies for flowers because they very dangerous to cats only. So I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow I dont know if I am. I enjoy not being there. I feel like I am leading a normal life going to sleep normal hours and waking up normal hours. But anyway I want to read all your posts and I will check in later. Luv to all of you.


kelley32 - October 3

Good Morning girls ... I hope you are all doing well. Well, I'm sad again today because of the horrible news out of Pennsylvania, what a terrible monster that could do that to little girls. I hope he's burning in hell right now doomed to live the rest of eternity being agonizingly tortured for every second of every day. Sorry, had to get that out ... I'm just sickened by the fact that I have to send my children out into the world with poor excuses for people like that. Anyway ... CMEL, hoping that all goes well for you, you must be getting nervous, it's so close now. ROBYN, hope the kitty will be OK ... mine are always doing things like that too. Sorry that you hurt your back, moving is such a strenuous event. KATT, I will be glad to be your motivation and support when you quit smoking, besides, after the bay is born, I may need some encouragement also, I sometimes worry that I'll start again, and I really don't want to. RHONDA, don't let things get you down, it'll get better soon. SLOW, the dress sounds beautiful, how upset your sister must be. Hi to everyone else, have a great day and I'll be thining of you all.


J.D. - October 3

Hey katt i need to lose weight also,and i think it be good if i had a buddy for support,so i will email you later.



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