TTC in November Through Friendship and Support - Part 3
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LeslieK - November 19

Our thread is a place for constant support, encouragement, friendship and solice for those who are seeking to become mothers and for those of us who are about to ~ may all of our dreams come true ~


ROBYN - November 19

Leslie - well said.


ROBYN - November 19

Good morning everyone. Well.. what a busy morning I have already had. We were at the RE at 730 in the morning didnt get out till 930. So heres the scoop. We met with the iVF nurse and did all my vitals and another medical history update, went over the upcoming HCG injection which will be given in my ass cheeks. Then the RE came in we have to meet all of them. He said everything looks awesome and you progressed quicker than we thought so it looks like more than likely we will be doing the retreival on Tuesday morning. You have 4 mature follies 2 at 20mm and 1 18mm and 19mm he said he didnt want to wait for the others to catch up because he could lose the really good ones. So he said thats it we will tell you what to do in a few hours. So I said thats all i get to talk to you for in joking manner. He said if I come to see you and its longer than this then there is something wrong. You have absolutely nothing wrong. He said my E2 levels were absolutely fine. They get concerned at 3500 mine was 1317. So I will find out in a few hours what todays E2 was. So... its happening about a week earlier than expected. We were sitting there going OMG I cant believe I responded so well to the meds. So I will update in a few hours with what the RE says. Anyway SLOW you are starting soon again awesome. KATT - my sis just found out a few weeks back she was PG and she started with some of the same symptoms. She took her PG test the day before AF was due. So ya never know. Anyway will check in a little while.


mommy2josh - November 19

Leslie, thanks for starting a new thread. I am on my way to take a shower and then topick up ds from my aunts and then go see my friend. I missed two of her kids' birthdays so now have to pick up some gifts. BTW, Robyn that's awesome news. Can you believe you are there already? Good luck honey, I hope the RE calls back with good E2 results. TTYL. Hellos to Kelley (I hope you are feeling ok), Katt, Melissa, Erin, Christine, Rhonda, Brooke, Shauna, Heather, Gayle, Jen, Jess, Tan, Lyric am I forgetting anyone? Sorry.


javidsgirl - November 19

morning ladies i just wanted to pop in and say hello wow robyn that sounds like a lot you have to go through and also sounds so exiciting to the leaps and bounds we go through to have a little muchin i know it will be worth every minute anyways today is a busy day for me so i will try to check in when i get a chance otherwise tommorrow for sure


javidsgirl - November 19

oh i almost forgot do any of lucky mums2b know what you having and have you choosen your names?


ROBYN - November 19

hey girls, just heard from the RE my E2 was 2645 so they are decreasing the meds to only 2 injections tonite. And I go back again in the morning for E2 and U/S.


Katt - November 19

Good morning girls! I hope yours has been better than mine, lol I feel miserable - I am so completely stuffed up. I woke up at 215 today and took some robitussin just so I could breathe. I am wondering if that isn't what caused the stuffiness in the first place - I mean take something your body really doesn't need, stands to reason ya might induce what you're not taking it for. Um... did that make any sense? WOW BUSY BUSY since last I visited. I had to start back on part 2 so bare w/me LOL ...WELCOMES to JAVIDSGIRL! TANYA1_ I am praying like a mad woman! ROBYN_ It took all I had not to buy the pg tests at the store yesterday. I had the box in my hand and decided if I bought them now I would only use them too early SO I am going to wait until my temp stays up a day past the average so an early pg test should pick it up - I am guessing 12dpo. I am on 6dpo today. GAYLE_ GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! Sending u/s vibes your way. TANYA2_ Your np obviously knows the side effects of vitex otherwise he/she would have said to take the rasberry leaf; however, there are other things out there that are comperable to vitex-look into them. Where do you live? JAMIE_ I know! I told my dh that quite a few girls here got headcolds or some kind of ailment prior to the +hpt... I haven't had a headcold in years! Dh says, maybe it's the flu shot or my allergy shot - I guess we'll see. I tell ya one thing - I hate not being able to breathe! ROBYN_ A week early, that is good news right?! Good luck! Thanks for the info about your sis... keep the prayer box open ;) LESLIE_ Thank you for starting the thread with such hope. May you deliver your precious little one soon and here's wishing you both healthy! Well I am off to do my betting and to make bfast and watch football! I will try to check in later. Dh is making the potato bread today for the stuffing. Didn't one of you ask me for that recipe?? Please remind me and I will email it to you.


Rhonda - November 19

Leslie you started part3 with such loving and encouraging words.Robyn im so excited for you,wow that is just wonderful and im sending you lots of luck.Katt my fingers are so crossed for you,i cant wait until you can test.I would not test any sooner than 11dpo though.And yes Tanya has done alot for me by sending me some very encouraging poems to get me through this hard time.Javidsgirl Tanya is a wonderful person for giving me so much encouragement she is a great human being she sends me poems that do give me the strength to keep pushing forward.And i do need strength.Well i hope you are all doing good right now.Hugs to each one of you.


bl - November 19

Hi girls, just wanted to pop in and say hi. DS has a cold and I have some kind of flu. My sore throat has gone away and now I just have body aches. I hope it's a 8 hr thing. Leslie, thanks for starting the new thread. Robyn, wow, one week early. That's a nice surprise. Katt, sorry you're not feeling well either. Keeping my fingers crossed for a bfp! I have 2 ept preg test and some o tests. Does anyone want me to mail them out to you? They're just sitting in the medicine cabinet! Welcome to Javids girl. Hi Rhonda, Tanya, Jamie, Jd, Heather, Kelley, Cmel and the rest of the girls!!!


bl - November 19

48 hr, not 8 :)


Rhonda - November 19

Hello girls,Brooke i think it must be changes in the wheather or just a stomach bug,it seems to be affecting alot of people.I hope you get over it really soon.


javidsgirl - November 19

thought i would pop in and say hello for a minute i hope everyone is doing well and feeling well to. sorry to hear your not feeling well katt hope you feel well soon drink lots of water and take care of yourself hun


Katt - November 20

Thanks girls! Denver is playing tonight and I intend on watching it. I know that's pretty stupid considering I supposed to get up at 330 for work but it's my team! Eh, I'll probably fall asleep by the half anyway. RHONDA_ I don't plan on testing until 12dpo as on that day the history shows a temp drop of at least .4 so if it stays up I will test. BROOKE_ That's great you offering up your test sticks.Sorry you not feeling well - it so sucks to feel like dog shit, lol! TANYA2_ I am fixing to make me some tea. Hopefully it'll clear my head. Seriously girls...holw many of you had a head cold before BFP? Out of 9 I already count 5? Where is Heather?? okay Hellos to everyone who hasn't posted yet today and to those who will post tomorrow before I do!! As for now -Wishing happy dreams with baby faries to us ttc and loaded dreams with strength robust for those about to deliver! GOODNIGHT!


ROBYN - November 20

Hey girls, well. my freaking boobs feel like they are going to fall off. I have never had this before. My ovaries feel like they are going to explode. I cant wait to stop taking all these hormones. All of sudden tonite my boobs cant even like brush up against anything. These meds simulate pregnancy signs and I havent even done the retrieval yet. Wait till they transfer it back then every twinge you think youre preggo. Anyway Katt feel better <<HUGS>> Arent you 6dpo now? Have a great nite everyone if I dont come back on. Luv to all of you.


cmelissa - November 20

Hey Ladies - Leslie thanks for starting the new thread!!! Sorry i have been MIA but i'm in Atlanta at my sisters house and dont have the time to check in as much!! My new nephew is so cute!! I'm getting lots of practice so hope i will be pregnant soon!!! I finished my last bcp last night - so excited!!! I've been taking the lupron shots a few days now and my next appt is on Saturday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this coming week!! I dont have time to read through all the posts - did I miss any exciting news - fill me in!!! Robyn wow your follies grew so fast thats great!! Any your ER is on tuesday thats right around the corner! I cant wait to hear how many eggs they retrieve!!! Welcome javidsgirl!!! HI to all my other fabulous ladies on this thread!!!


1mom - November 20

ROBYN- i'm so excited for you. Looking forward to those twins? ha ha. Katt-- I had a head cold at first too. It sucked. Hope you feel better. Thanks for the u/s vibes. Javidsgirl---I'm only 8 wks so i have no idea what i'm having or any names. My first appt is tomorrow morning though. Has anyone noticed that being pregnant turns you into an airhead. I swear i feel like i'm getting stupider each day. I just completely forget to do things or do things wrong at work and at home. Atleast i catch myself doing it but i still feel like an idiot. BROOKE---have you told anyone besides your dh yet? I have told a few people but i'm waiting to broadcast until the 3 month mark. Goodnight everyone! Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving week.



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