TTC in November Through Friendship and Support - Part 2
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kelley32 - November 9

Hi girls ... sending you all positive vibes in the hopes that you will all achieve your dream of becoming a mother ... and to those of us who are, I would like us to continue our ongoing encouragement, friendship and support.


kelley32 - November 9

Ok, well ... doc appt went really well ... she has tuned head down!!!!! YAY!!!! So a big thank you for the head down vibes. Thank goodness, because as you all know, the thought of a c-section just terrified me. She is also weighing in at 6 lbs already, so doc said that was bigger than average and if I go to term, she will be around 8 and a half pounds or so. He thinks that I will probably deliver around 38 weeks, like I did with Isabella ... so only 4 weeks to go!! 2 more weeks of work left, I am really looking forward to being able to sleep in past my usual 5:30am. KATT, I am so proud of you for making such an effort to quit smoking, and as for the weight gain, my doc told me that a few extra pounds are alot healthier than smoking ... even if you gain 10-15 or so ... and in the waiting room at docs yesterday, I read a magazine called Conceive and they said that smoking has a really bad effect on fertility, that women who smoke go through menopause an average of 2 years earlier than non-smokers ... not to mention, the raised risk of miscarriage when you smoke. Anyway, keep it up!!! TANYA, too funny ... I've got some fat in reserve, too ... especially for the winter, LOL, just like the bears do. ROBYN, glad to hear that Jason is coming home ... can you imagine what it must be like for those military wives that have to go months and months without their husbands ... I don't think that I could do that. KATT, the potato bread sounds great ... can you email it to me, my Mom loves that stuff ... oh, I really love stuffing too. Ok, sorry, but got to go for now ... will be back later.


PoohBear - November 9

Kelley- Im so glad that she turned!!!! How exciting. My next apt isint until Monday and I still dont know what position he is in. Its starting to frustrate me. I dont have an us untill the 22nd. Anyways lamaz class was fun. Dindt do a lot of breathing but we did go into great detail about the stages of labor and a little on epidurals. Next week we are talking about c-sections and watching an epidural video. Cant wait to see what I learn. The nurse teaching it may actually be my nurse at the hospital so its kind of nice getting to meet her now and hear how she feels about all this stuff. Well I gotta to get going to work. Actually I need to finish getting dressed then head to work. Was to excited to check in this morning to see what was going on that I need to finish getting ready. I wll definately write later bc my class is at a special for like 2 hours today. Well HI to everyone and I will talk more later.


J.D. - November 9

good morning girls.kelley,YAY!!! i'm so glad she turned.poohbear,lamaz class sounds fun.he will turn in time,i will send you some head down vibes now~~~~~~~~~~~~~katt and 1mom,that recipe is so easy :melt 1 stick butter,12oz. bag chocolate chips and 1 cup peanut butter in the microwave for 1 min.stir.if not melted microwave for another 1 min.set aside.pour 19oz. box of chex into a clean paper bag(whatever kind of chex you want,i like rice or corn)pour chocolate mixture on top of cereal,close bag really good and ~~~SHAKE~~~make sure the cereal is good and coated with the mixture. then pour a whole box of powdered sugar on top of cereal mixture,close bag really good and ~~~SHAKE~~~make sure the cereal mixture is good and coated with the powdered sugar,then pour into bowl and enjoy,but watch out because this stuff is very addictive!!


bl - November 9

Kelley, I'm so happy your little one has turned head down. That must be a huge relief to you!! Thanks for starting the new thread as well. Christine, ae you going to try fora natural childbirth? I'm sure he'll be head down too. Your u/s is in 2 weeks, that's not too much longer. Jd, that mix sounds soo good! I'm feeling much better today :)


J.D. - November 9

oh katt, i forgot to tell you i'm not doing so great on my diet either,but i'm still trying!!just now when i was writing that recipe i got a craving for that the holidays are coming up too.uugggghhhhhh.i have a feeling i'm going to be very,very,very bad!!


mommy2josh - November 9

Morning ladies. You've been busy :) Erin gl to dh with his s/a. My hubby will get a referal of s/a this comming saturday when we go see our regular doc. I will also be getting u/s of my ovaries and liver and kidneys as well as blood work. My doc has been awesome since I told him that I will be going to an RE. He will get as much stuff done to me as possible, so I could be prepared for my appointment. Kelley, I am so happy that the baby is head down :) Awesome news. I wish you, Leslie and Christine an easy and speedy labor. Any of you going natural? I definately will if I ever get pg. As I said yesterday, I was in an all day meeting with a client, who I am pretty close with. Her mom is a ob/gyn and an RE with 50 years practicing experience. She called me today and said "Girl you better stop your worrying. There is nothing wrong with you." She asked me if I have had a flu since I gave birth, I said yes. Both ds and I had a horrible flu when he was 22 months. She said that flu can screw up your hormones. She agrees that I need to get tested for tubal blockage and she said that food plays a big role. She said I must eat farmers cheese, bananas, raw sunflower oil. Each night before going to bed I must eat a chunk of dark chocolate and both dh & I need to take high doses of vitamin E. She said that in a few months I will see an improvement in my cycle length and should ovulate on my own, unless my tubes are blocked. Cant hurt to try I guess. Brooke how are you feeling? Are you still having brown tint? It could be left overs from implantation bleeding. The blood that never came out is coming out now. How is your upset stomache? Did you speak to your doc about it? You mentioned that ds's birthday is in February. When? Joshua's b-day is February 6. Anyway. Need to get back to work. Hello to Katt, Robyn, Melissa, Erin, Rhonda, Jamie, Gayle, Jen, Nicole, Heather, babybaby, lyric. Be back later :)


LeslieK - November 9

good morning all - I'm not doing much right now...just dreaming of making that cereal mix....wish I wasn't weighing in at the dr. today or I'd spend the day eating. I'm kind of nervous for the appt. its my first internal exam since my first trimester visit. I hope something is going on. I'm going to get a pedicure today. I didn't have time for one last week and since I can no longer reach my toes I've got to get it done before labor. It would drive me crazy to look at my toes right now. I think I may be starting to go a little nuts about everything. I made my dh shave last night and today he's headed for a haircut because its driving me crazy to see it grown out too much. Maybe its all apart of the nesting vibe. I'm going to make everyone around me nuts though too!! Kelley - thanks for starting the new thread. I'm so glad baby is head down now. Sounds like you're having a good size baby too. I'm glad work is going to over for you soon. You're going to need some extra sleep when you can get it. Christine - sounds like lamaze class was fun. It is reassuring to be around those nurses, they are so confident and encouraging. Tanya - I don't know yet if I'm going to go natural or not. I had a bad experience with my epidural when I had dd and it never really worked, so we'll just see how this progresses. If I need one, then I need one, I'm not going to beat myself up about it either way. My goal is to get the baby out no matter which way it goes. Okay, I'm off to have my cup of coffee and maybe take a shower. What an exciting day. I'll check back in after the dr. appointment.


1mom - November 9

GM everyone. I had some weird discharge stuff yesterday. It freaked me out so i think i'm going to call the dr today and see what they say. I kinda feel like i have a bladder infecxtion too so maybe it has something to do with that. J.D.- thanks for the instructions. I'm going to have to make that this year.


mommy2josh - November 9

Kelley I am sorry I forgot to thank you for starting a new thread. Thank you :) Leslie, I had a bad experience with an epidural too. It only worked for half an hour and I ended up going natural anyway. When I am on my feet all day or the weather is crapy I can still feel the epidural spot. So I will definately try to go natural. Good luck with the appointment. Hope you are 4 cm dialated so when labor kicks in you are almost half way there :) Gayle, what kind of weird discharge? Calling your doc is definately a good idea.


ROBYN - November 9

Hey girls quick check lots of reading to do already. I am at work will talk to you guys in a little while.


bl - November 9

Tanya, I think it's great that your dr will do alot of the testing before you see the re. That was interesting info that you got from your client's mom. I'm feeling better. I'll ask the dr about taking anything when I go in 1 week. I just hope it doesn't come back! The brown stuff went away. With ds, I has brown spotting the whole first tri. Ds b day is Feb 12th. Will Josh be 4? Leslie, enjoy your pedicure. Hang in there you're almost done!! Let us know how your app goes. Gayle, did you call the dr? I hope everything is fine.


1mom - November 9

Just checking in... i have an appointment at 3 to see if i have a bladder infection. I'll ask at that appt about the discharge. I had dark undies on so i couldn't really tell exactly what color the discharge was but it was darker than normal. So i hope it's just because i have an infection. i'll keep you all posted


slowpoke01 - November 9

hey all just thought that i would pop in and say hi. KELLEY-sounds like your u/s went great. wow 8 1/2 pounds that is really good. POOHBEAR-lamaze sounds really good. sounds like you learn alot about different things so that is good so that you know what to expect.JD- that sounds like it would be addicting. 1MOM-definitely talk to your doctor about that discharge. it may be nothing but it is better to know its nothing than to wait and find out its something. you know what i mean. ne way good luck to all you girls and i hoipe that there are alot of +'s this month.


iampg - November 9

woops, left message on part one

hi girls, sorry i dropped off the map there since september, i have some catching up to do with the posts. just want to give you a link to something you'd all get benefit from....the secret law. cut and paste the link. if it doesn't work, google(video) it as The Secret film TV/DVD 2006 by the way, my RE had a change of heart and offered to IUI with us (i'm 48 remember) i'm a 5 dpo after first clomid/ovidrel/dhea. the dhea is an important note - the RE said of those who succeeded with IUI, they all took dhea (over the counter) good luck to all the new wanna ttc's this month, i'll check back soon when i've caught up. does anyone hear from that jadaUK lady?


lyric - November 9

hi girls-just stopping by to say hello. nothing new here just waiting for AF so I can finally start my first round of clomid. i can't wait..sometimes I get so impatient with all this waiting..KAT- i too am trying to quit. how is it going for you? I don't smoke much but I need to quit. Started a new exercise & diet, so fingers crossed that I stick with it. We all know how those go.. :) KELLEY32 so happy to hear that the baby has turned and for starting the new thread. I am sooo glad I found this tread everyone is just GREAT here. ttys ladies


heather3233 - November 9

Thanks for starting the new thread Kelley!
It's almost Friday weeee! I have2 and half more hours here before I get to go home. I hope all of you have had a good day and everyone is feeling well...
Kelley-Im so glad the baby turned for you! 8lbs is a good size for a baby. Trust me, when they are closer to 10 like my last 2 kids going it natural isn't a concideration. lol Poobear-the classes sound fun. I can't wait to start them in a few months. Even though I have 4 kids already I have never taken a class. So I'm going to do all that stuff this time. J.D.-Oh man, a friend of mine made that stuff one time and I have been wanting to make it myself for years! Thanks for the recipe! Brooke-I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! Mommy2-it never hurts to try anything in my book. Ha! It sounds safe enough, I would do it. Leslie- I could use a pedicure too! I'm just affraid that the girl will take one look at my feet and refuse to do them! :) 1mom- you doing ok? Bladder infections are no fun. I hope your not hurting at all. HI to Slow and Robyn- I didn't read to much on you girls today. And a big hi to anyone I missed.
Not to much to tell today. I feel better then I did the past 2 days though. I have been taking my Prenatal Vit. at night but man they make me burp. lol And my clothes don't fit anymore and they squeeze my belly. I think most of it is fat but I still don't know how far along I am. My Doc. had said 11 week (this week) but I don't know how I could be that far and not know it. Either way I'm getting bigger and need pants now. Everything I read says with each pg you will show sooner, and I have. I just wish I knew where I was at. Oh well, have a good night girls and I will talk to you all dust to all of you*~~~~*



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