TTC in November through Friendship and Support ... Part 1
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Katt - November 2

Happy November girls! I am opening this one up with a bit of creativity in the hopes some prose might swing a few more BFP's!! It's a sonnet and it is called Intuition:
I’ve learned something today
How to share and give love,
I can’t believe it’s happening
Our peace as one dove.
Flying high in the sky
As free as a bird,
Together we soar
Not saying a word.
To read the mind
Intuition is our key,
We shall grow forever you and me.


Rhonda - November 2

Hello girls,so happy to see the new thread up and running.Heather oh gosh!! so happy for you,congrats honey.Well i got enough help from east mo action agency to keep my electric on,and the rest they are allowing payments.Thank you all for the support you have been giving me,you ladies are great and i hope this new month brings lots of bfp to all you girls.


ROBYN - November 2

KATT - ok you brought me to tears what powerful words. I am sure you will continue to bring all the luck. RHONDA I glad you received assistance with the electric. If you get a chance would you email me pics of you and your family? [email protected] I would love to see them.


bl - November 2

Katt, thank your for starting the new thread with those beautiful words. Rhonda, I'm so happy to hear you worked things out with your electric.


Katt - November 2

Thank you girls. It feels so good to know I will have faithful readers someday ;) Love you all. Goodnight!


kelley32 - November 2

Morning!! Thanks Katt for starting the new thread ... and sorry about AF ... try to get on him a bit more this coming month (no pun intended). Rhonda, I am so glad that the electricity problem has been resolved, I was worrying about that. I would like to see the pics of your family as well ... [email protected] ... and since the girls have been asking, I promise to post some new belly pics tonight, as well as Isabella in her cow costume. Brooke, how are you feeling? I think my symptoms started in full force at around 6 weeks, you know ... the lovely nausea and the aching boobs that hurt to have shower spray on them. It's so strange what happens to the breasts during pregnancy ... especially the nips, LOL ... it's a bit weird to see them go from pink to dark brown, LOL!! Nature is an amazing thing. Well, nothing really new to report ... I'm going to get my coffee ... have a great day girls. HUGS!!


mommy2josh - November 2

Morning ladies. Thank you Katt for starting a new thread with such beautiful words. Sorry about af. Hopefully this month will bring better results. Hurry up we miss you. Hello to everyone else. I'll be back later.


LeslieK - November 2

Good morning all - its a rainy cold morning here in Seattle. My dh has the stomach flu so I slept on the couch last night to avoid his germs. I hope he gets over this soon. I'm not the best person around sick people, I would've never made a good nurse. I'm helping dd get ready for school, its spirit week at school and today is decade day so she's going in her poodle skirt and sweater set, sooo cute! I'm glad she feels apart of the school and participates with all her friends. Well, I've got my ultrasound today to check on baby size. I'll post tonight after I get home (appt. not til 3 p.m.). I also made a massage appointment which I cannot wait for! My upper back is killing me from carrying these boobs around :). I need to squeeze in a pedicure too because I can't reach my toes anymore and I want my feet looking better when I go into labor. I know its a bit extreme, but maybe it will help me feel less like a beached whale! I hope everybody has a great day and I'll check back in soon.


1mom - November 2

Thanks Katt!!! Hopefully this will be the month for everyone. Have a good day ladies!


mommy2josh - November 2

Leslie, good luck with th u/s. I hope that the baby hasn't grown too big. A massage and a pedicure sound good. I hope you have fun and get pampered. You dont know when is the next time you will be able to do so. And by the way, I dont think we ever saw your pictures :(


LeslieK - November 2

sorry about the picture thing...I honestly haven't taken any yet of me during pregnancy. I'm having another shower on Sunday and will try to post from there. I don't have a web site so maybe I can send them via email? I'll have my dd help, she's a wiz at these things :)


1mom - November 2

OK ladies i did it! my site is
Let me know if it works and what you think of it. Oh and sorry in advance for the picture of me and my dog. He was a little happy in the picture but i wanted to show you how big he was. Now he's bigger but i don't have a recent picture.


bl - November 2

Hi girls! Kelley, I'm feeling okay. I'm a little slow this morning. My bb's are sore and my face is a mess. My stomach hasn't been feeling well the past few days. Other than that I'm great! Leslie, I hope your dh is feeling better soon. I'm not good with sick people either. Ds is the only one I can take care of. It's rainy here too. Another shower, how fun. We'd love to see pics. Enjoy your massage. Gayle, it was great to see your picyures. DD is adorable! (and the rest of you too, even your huge dog.) Heather, I read your post on the old thread and I can't believe someone would make that kind of mistake. You're lucky that you weren't taking something that could harm the baby. Hi to everyone. I get my second beta numbers today, prob around 4 again. I'll keep you posted.


bl - November 2

Hi, I got my beta # and it's 784. I go for an u/s on Nov 16. She said there's a 50% chance of seeing a h/b at that time. Oh, that would bring me some much needed relief!


1mom - November 2

that's awesome brooke. Congrats again


lyric - November 2

Hi Ladies- I am very new here. Here's our story: DH & I have been TTC for 18 months w/ no luck. After a barage of tests I was diagnosed with PCOS. Tomorrow I start taking progesterone to get my cycle started follwed with Clomid. 50 mg. Wish me luck. Baby dust to all.


Katt - November 3

I'm Back! The following is my response for the 29th to Nov 1st, LOL - I couldn't help it, y'all just make me wanna type! I am sorry I had to do the print out thing again, I am not sure what has happened to my sleep. After I eat, that is all I wanna do is sleep! It's either that or be nauseated! Blasted Chantix - eh, but it is working! Halloween was hectic since I didn't get home until 60 minutes into trick or treat - dh didn't even hand out candy!! I caught the straglers (sp). Very long day! This will come in more than one me right ;)

WELCOMES TO LINDA!! I agree with the girls, run out right now to the bookstore and get Taking Charge of Your Fertility - It is the best purchase you'll ever make in TTC!! Major eye opener! I waited a little over a year before I made my first appt about ttc...

MELISSA_ Good luck with the insurance. I am waiting for the Nov 2nd update.

BROOKE_ Yes this ttc is HELL on Wheels flying at 100mph with too many pitfalls, haha. This may be too late, but Good luck tomorrow on the beta! Sending HIGH numbers your way!! I left that in just so you know I was sending vibes your way! CONGRATS girl! Sending duplicate vibes yo ya!! Only wishing the best ;) NATASHA_ ((((((HUGS))))))) I am so sorry. I am even sorrier because I am speechless :l KATHY_ Been missing you girl! (((HUGS))) BTW, I peeked at Dh's website last night - its awesome! Y'all did a great job in selling him. Lookin good. ((((JAMIE))))_ Great find in the prose! Love em! I am so sorry to hear about your MIL.



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