TTC In May Through Friendship and Support...#4
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Katt - May 18

Lay Off…I’m TTC:

I know a group of women in PC
Who have many hopes and dreams
Press on and discover it's not easy
While others shrug off ttc

Stop trying, they say, it will come
Unaware the scarring that resides
Just when we think it's all thumbs
We wind up emotionally dumb

We have our support in the mix
Husbands are not the best ear
Wanting the immediate fix
We are drawn back to our clique

Together through friendship and support
For many months past and impending
We will never pretend or distort
While we wait for the bfp report

All ttc and pg welcome here
We long to hear your stories
To offer up all of our cheer
Then drive away all that fear

Come now journey with us
On the ttc train of love
Even with a good long fuss
You will always have your trust!

by Kathleen D Kouki (c) 2006


Katt - May 18

Hi girls! I could not resist the temptation of a part 4. I hope noone was already chosen for the task. I found the poem I worte last year about us and thought I would finish May threads with it. Sorry I been MIA, so damn busy. Not getting off work until like 6 and a bit stressed out over this IUI. I am expecting a positive opk tonight!! I have a half-line so if not tonight most definitely tomorrow. Will let you know before I head out to get the washed sperm injection, lol ;) Something different about this site...hmmm? Everything is wider?? Right? Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do - I hope y'all missed me cuz I'm ba-ack! Luvyas. BRB (I won't go ape in my response, I promise...well I hope) brb


Katt - May 18

Wow, nothing like a good read before dinner, lol! I definitely like the wider view of this website - some of the posts don't look as long, hahahaha!! I am definitely ready to O the pains are getting more distinct. Oh man please don't let me be the only one posting... yikes!!

LISA_ I have a harder time with the CBE's because they aren't as sensitive or something as the Answer and I technically do not have to start testing as early as cd9 but I do and wind up buying a second box -like today!! ArrrgggH!

CHRISTINE_ I bet it's a riot watching Ryne cruise around in the walker!

ROBYN_ I like Daughtry!! He's a hottie too!! Where are you in your cycle? If I missed I am sorry. I do my best to catch up ;)

NICOLEM_ You're pretty good at those wassup summaries. I;ll remember that next time and just ask you ;) I haven't looked at the pics yet but I saved the site to my fav's. I'll look soon I promise. Sorry AF came (((hugs))) I remember I had one cycle where my temp was still high and I got flow. My dh will have to give sample at the lab too because of time constraints.

TANYA_ What cd are you on? I so do not recommend those strips. I tried em once last year and never got a positive. I think I had to wait 20 minutes for the result! I called the manufacturer and they sent me a refund check!! Never went back to using them. I totally test 2x's a day!! Today I will do it 3 times just because if it is positive before bedtime then when the RE calls tomorrow morning I can just tell him. Oh my it is so close!!

NATASHA_ I knew you were out west! Have you signed up for my map?? Looking forward to your post about the u/s - exciting!!

CONGRADULATIONS LESYA!!_ Wishing you a happy, healthy nine months!! Oh and you can get good vitamins at - cheap!!

RHONDA_ Glad to hear you are feeling better. (((hugs))) I think Rascal is growing up, YaY! I am not taking down the baracade just yet though, lol!

NICOLEB_ Congradulations on the sale of your home!! Never did like to pack though ;P My friend had to have her iud removed as it caused many issues for her. There is a patch out too. Good luck with The Pill! Sending you memory dust!!


CHRISITE_ September?? That is months away!!! Oh my, I dunno if I could do that. Talk about having a rubber dummy under the pillow, lol!


Hi Kathy!!

Well I am gonna go get dinner. I'll let you know about my IUI. LUVYAS!


wannabeamom - May 18

Katt don't be stressed about IUI. Drink a lot of water before. It is supposed to halp flatten your uterus to make it easier. I didn't drink enough the first time and it hurt like a S O B. But it is going to be done before you know it. I had a ocuple times when I didn't even feel it. They were done before I knew they started! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Katt - May 19

Thanks Kathy! I did wonder what it will feel like - I never once thought it would be painful though? Hopefully it'll be like you said, "They were done before I knew they started!" I'll take that plan, lol! Well I am off to catch up on all my DVR'd finale's Y'all have a great night. Cyas inthe morning - maybe... If it goes the way I think, I should be headed for my IUI in the morning. OK so if I don't post by 11am chances are I am getting the deed! luvyas!


ROBYN - May 19

Katt - i thought my computer was screwed up so your screen is wider too ok its not my computer LOL. Well noone claimed part 4 so it was yours for the taking and i love what you wrote. I know your nervous about the IUI but you will be fine you are such a strong person i know you will be fine and i am hoping and hoping and hoping this is all it will take for you ((HUGS)) I am finally done with the bcps and just doing injections now i started spotting today so hopefully in the next day the witch will be here but they say it may or may not show because of the injections. But i have a big appt this coming wednesday they should be giving me my final protocol. But please keep us posted on the IUI i am so rooting for you. OH we missed you this week (:


Readyfor#3 - May 19

Hello ladies! Katt, thanks for starting a new thread. The last one was beggining to turn into a novel :) I will go see a doctor next week to confirm my pregnancy and get scheduled for an ultrasound. So today was kind of weird. I did not have an apetite the whole morning because I was feeling so nauseous. However, after I ate some soup, I felt a litle better. But as soon as the food digested, I began to feel sick again. I'm jsut getting frusturated because in order to keep my nausea at bay, I have to eat and I'm already feeling like I'm gaining weight. I will try lots of water and moderate exercise tomorrow and see if that will make a difference. I'm also very tired, I just want to rest so much. However, my 3 and 1 year olds keep me super busy. Both are very energetic and I just can't keep up sometimes just from being exhausted. So I told my mom and my sistes today, and my husband told his mom. Everyone is very happy for us. I know it might be way to early to share the news, but this way I know there will be more prayers for the little one and I know in my heart that everything will be ok. Also, I think because of all the hormoned in my body right now, my face began to break out and it's irritating the heck out of me. In fact, I think I am so emotional right now that everyting seems to stress me out. I wish my DH was home more often to help me at times like this. I hope all of you are doing great. Always thinking of all of you.


Katt - May 19

Thank you ROBYN so much!! Well GIRLS_ looks like IUI tomorrow morning!!! I just got my positive opk - YaY! So the RE will call about 9ish I'dsay and i will tell him of my positive tonight (1145pm) and he'll bring me and dh in tomorrow... ops TODAY! Oh man I hope I can sleep, lol. I better because temps are important right now. My temp should drop pretty good tonight if I am to O soon. I knew mt ovaried were on overdrive, haha. LESYA_ It sounds like you stay very busy. I hope your dh is helpful ;) Wishing you all the best with your new found pregnancy. Ok keep me in your thoughts today girls... LUVYAS!!! ((((((HUGS))))))


ROBYN - May 19

Katt tons and tons of luck today let us know how it went remember keep your ass up in the air and take some pics LOL


NicoleM - May 19

Hey girls. Sorry I've been gone - trying to get ready for this trip to FL. I start the clomid today, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. KATT, I can't wait to hear how it went today - STICKY STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU!! ((((((ROBYN)))))) I'm sorry you're going through all those emotions. You know we're here for you - and I'll be praying that everything goes perfectly for you. LESYA, do you like salad? If it doesn't make your m/s worse, I know salad is great for filling you up without too many calories. Sorry I'm not totally catching up with everybody today - just got to get a move on. Love you ladies.


Rhonda - May 19

Hello girls how are you all doing?Katt you will do great with getting the iui.I know your nervous and probably a bit scared,but you will be just fine.We will all be thinking about you tomorrow.Robyn awww,sweetie i am sorry you are feeling the way you do.I understand that it would be pretty rough on you emotionally.You know how much we all love you,and we are here for you always and always.I wish i had a magical way of taking away your hurt,because i would in a heartbeat;.Your such a kind gentle person and i hate to hear your feeling so down;.NicoleM have a safe trip to FL.;How long will you be gone for?Leysa im glad everybody is happy for you and hubby.;That is great news,im sure everything will be alright.Oh btw Katt im glad you started a new thread,the other was kinda long,you wrote that poem?I loved it,your very good at writing.Much love to you all and hellos to all.


ROBYN - May 19

Nicole and Rhonda thank you so much for your kinda words. I will be fine i just think its getting real close and the reality is setting in again. I am sure these feelings are normal just anxious about wednesday appt. Rhonda how are you feeling sweety? Been thinking of you and i hope you are feeling better. NICOLE - tons of sticky clomid dust to you!! I hope you enjoy Florida there are still alot of fires here but with the rains the smoke has cleared up. How long are you coming down here for? KATT - hoping your doing well and cant wait to hear from you. LEYSA - i have no advice on the m/s i never got any with Anthony and with the recent pregnancy i never got any either. Maybe i will be lucky a 3rd time (: Anyway hi to everyone else i will check in later. Love ya all


ROBYN - May 19

I should have read before i posted i wrote kinda words i meant kind words (: LOL


na25 - May 19

Heyyyyy, how is everybody...Here is my update i went to u/s. I was only 5wks and 4 days pg on friday LOL...i THOUGHT i was im 5.5 wks...So we did transvaginal ultrasound at 5 weeks 4 days of gestation. Gestational sac is seen and the yolk sac (whichis a source of nutrients for fetus) Dr sd fetus is too small to see this early in pregnancy. Lol i am going back on this coming Friday again (i will be 6wks 4 days) to see the fetus. I was so scared LOL i asekd Dr 100 times about fetus and assure my self everything is ok. LOL...DR sd everything looks as it is suppose to be. ((Katt)) i did not sign up for your map, let me know where to do so:) SO, long ...lots of LOVE TO ALL OF YA!


Readyfor#3 - May 20

Hello everyone! I hope everyone was having a great day. Katt, I hope your IUI went well and that you are doing ok right now. Pleases let us know how things are with you. I'll be praying that those little guys will find the egg :) I'm so excited for you! Sending you lots and lots of baby dust your way. I'm hoping it will rub off! Nicole, I love salads. I am trying to eat lots of veggies. But it feels like I'm eating water :) I guess good thing there are bacon bits and fat free ranch. At least I get some flavor that way! I will also pray for you. Good luck this cycle. I remember how nervous I wass stsarting clomid. But it's also exciting. I truly hope that in a month you can tell all of us some great news :) Robyn, if there is anything that we can do to lift your spirits, let us know. We all love you very much and it's a bummer when one of us is going through a rough time. Girls, I can truly feel your frustrations and struggles. But sharing helps so much. Hope you will feel better in no time. I'm sure that everything will be ok. You are so strong and our Father does not put us through anything that He knows we can't go through. Oh yeah, you are very lucky not to have had M/S. I can't even tell you how annoying it is :) Natasha!!! So glad to see your update. Wow, it must have been so exciting to get the u/s. When are you due? What is the gestational age of the baby? Are you due in the beginning of January? I'm due January 29th. That's according to my ovulation day. Anyway, I'm very excited for you!!! I'll be praying that your pregnancy goes well!!! Well, jsut an update on what's going on it Lesya land today. Dh came home and made me take a pregnancy test!! :) I guess he was still in shock that it only took one cycle to work. So I took the test and this time the line wasa super dark. I am 11 days post ovulation today. I guess that makes me 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Still nauseous and hungry. I nap whenever I can because I feel exhausted. I hope I will start feeling better soon. But I have a feeling that things will only get worse before they get better. I havn't thrown up yet. But I know I start soon. With my first I had MS for 8 months, and with second for 6 months. I love babies, but don't enjoy being pregnant that much. However, feeling your baby kick is such a spiritual experience, so I'm glad there are some positive aspects of pregnancy. Ok, I have written wnough for today! Good luck to all and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers! See ya tomorrow!


wannabeamom - May 20

Well I have bad news. I am on cd1. :-( Damn it! So the dance begins again! Katt I am praying your IUI sticks!! Natasha, 5.5 weeks!!! Ready, congrats to you too!!! I am praying for a healthy pregnancy for both you and Natasha!! Robyn I hope you are feeling better emotionally. Rhonda, how are you feeling lately? I will talk to you girls later.


Katt - May 20

Morning Ladies! Yesterday was many things, but a successful IUI was not one of them. After two grueling hours, John could not provide the specimen! He stressed himself out to the point of cold sweats and massive anxiety issues. They even let both of us use an exam room and one of the male factor condoms - how cool is that having sex on the exam table in a Dr's office, stirrups and all, I call it kinda kinky - not for John. He got about 3/4 the way and poof, shrinks! gggggrrrrrr! So I left him to try again on his own and nothing. The RE Rxed him Cialis in the hopes that would help, but I am thinking those pills have nothing to do with it because... when we got home (4/5 hours after he took 1/2 viagra) he got me good! I don'tknow. Next cycle we are renting a hotel room!! Since I have been told numerous times John cannot impregnant me naturally I expect being 1dpo is not of any importance, lol. So this cycle is a bust. I have to admit though, we had quite the needed discussion about our sex life and other things on our way home... so as I said yesterday was a lot of things but the IUI never took place. Well let me go and catch up, looks like the thread has been slow. It is the weekend and a nice one at that. brb :)



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