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Katt - March 7

Hi girls! My name is Kathleen and I have been TTC now for going on I'd say 4 years, 2 of them more serious and this past year has been taken even more seriously than all the other years. I am 33 and so is my dh, John. This is his first marriage and my second. We suffer from unexplained infertility, although, I am sure my hypothyroidism and his 40 million sperm aren't helping matters any. I have been visiting this thread now for almost 1 year - March 17th 2006 was my first post on this particular thread and I have come back just about every day since and I'll tell ya why... the girls here are the best! I am not saying that other threads don't have beautiful people posting, I just mean I was hooked by the sincerety and hope these girls have given me over the years. I hope that you too will find this thread as joyous as I have. I wish you all great rewards, truck loads of babydust and tons of love for the new mommies! Cyas soon. Take care, be safe and good luck!


Katt - March 7

LOL I said "over the years" I knew I felt like I have known y'all for a long time! I'll post again tomorrow. Luvyas!


Rhonda - March 7

Katt aww hun thats just beautiful.Completely well spoken.It is very touching.♥♥&
love to all of you girls.


Rhonda - March 7

Oh crap so sorry about the numbers.I was doing something else.And it posted wrong.


ROBYN - March 7

Hey katt - thanks for starting the new thread. Rhonda I have been speaking to Caron almost everyday she is seeking her 2nd opinion with a new Re on Friday and extremely nervous and doesnt feel positive that she will ever get pregnant so I am trying to encourage her and telling her to be positive. I will update you all when she has her appt.


Katt - March 7

Wow just a few posts and I have realized I have missed so much! RHONDA_ Thanks for the pics they are so adorable! ROBYN_ I haven't heard from you email wise... how u doing? Ok well tomorrow is another early day. What is it like to sleep in until 7am during the week? My body will go into shock, lol! I am so looking forward to my paid break between jobs! Oh and RHONDA_ My pups are good so far. Eyes are still white and glistening! G'Night!


1mom - March 7

hello ladies! Rhonda- i got your e-mail and i'll write you back tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to look at the pictures either. I'm just checking in here really fast. My Dh should be calling in about ten minutes. Robyn-- That's awesome that you finally quit. I can't wait until my turn comes. Katt--You are such a good writer. How are you doing? seems like your dogs are keeping you busy. Hey ladies what is that page again that i made to show you my pictures? I know brooke and robyn had one too and i'm pretty sure katt did. Does anyone remember the name i used for myne? I can't log in and i wanted to add some pictures. I think it was windows something. So i still haven't started my period. It's starting to mess with my head. I don't have soar boobs but i keep getting those light cramps like when i have been preg before. I think it's just all in my head because i want to be. So i'm supposed to hear my results from my bw within the next two weeks. I'm kinda nervous. I want them to find something so they can fix it but on the other hand i would rather there not be a problem. I'll check in tomorrow.


PoohBear - March 7

Hi ladies. Glad to hear everyone is doing good. Katt- A beautiful start to the new post. Your words are always so uplifting and inspiring to read. Rhonda glad to hear the two of you are doing good. Hows everything going? Your little one doing good? 1mom- good luck. I will cross my fingers for you. Katt- How are your pups? Dh wants to get a dog in like two months but Im not sure bc he wants a Siberian Husky and Ryne would only be just about 5 months. I dont know. Well i will check in later. Love to you all.


slowpoke01 - March 7

Robyn-way to go girl. that is awesome news. i am so glad that you are cutting down on your hours. that will be a big stress off your shoulders when you get pregnant again. so glad that anthony got straight a's too. that is great. i am so glad that things are looking up for you. good luck to you.

POOH-so glad to hear from you. sounds like you have been a busy bee. so glad that your little one is doing so good and sleeping through the night that is so great. i hope that you get some "me" time in your busy schedule. take care and so glad that you posted an update for us.

JEN-i am doing good other than all the drama with my older sister. she is really pissing me off. she is talking so much shit telling people that i have herpes and that i slept with my uncle and countless other men and most of the ones that she is saying i dont even know who they are, and i told her if she keeps up that i will sue her for slander and defamation of character because i can prove that i have not ever had an std or any other kind of disease and if my uncle knew what she said about him he would hurt her. if she were anywhere near me i would kick her ass myself. she is such a psycho i knew better than to try to be sisters with her because she always wants to start drama. she is now talking about suing me because i told laura that my other sister died of aids. she said that was private and i should have told them that she had a terminal illness and lied about what she had and that is just not me. i am not ashamed that my sister died of aids because it could happen to anyone. anyway that is what is going on here. she is so stupid i have a letter here from my oldest sister telling me how she got aids and i talked to a lawyer and he said they could only sue me if the sister was alive and i was spreading malicious rumors and since i had a letter that she wrote me explaining how she got it then that proved it wasn't a lie. anyway i bet that your new job is really challenging. i hope that it isnt too stressful for you. how do you like it? well take care. by the way when do you go to the doc?

MELISSA-if you are reading this thread, i wish you the best of luck when you go for your 2nd opinion. take care girl and let us know what they say.

KATT-girl you made me cry. you always say such beautiful things and your words are really touching. you are a great friend to all of us as well and this thread wouldn't be the same without you on it. if you miss a day posting we feel like we have been deprived. i think that you touch us with your words more than you realize.

RHONDA-the pics are adorable. thanks for sharing them. are you still sore? i hope not i hope that you arent overdoing it. you need to rest a little girl you have so much on your plate i dont know how you do it.

1MOM- i know how you feel. when we were going through all the testing i thought for sure that they would find something wrong with me and in a way i wanted them to find something wrong with me but i am also glad that they didn't because at least i know that there should be no reason for me to not get pregnant. take care and good luck to you.


Rhonda - March 7

Hello how is everyone?I have been cleaning all morning,trying to be careful not to overdo it.I cant stand things to look dirty so i have to clean.Katt im glad to hear the dogs are doing good,im a very big dog lover.Do you have your car or do you still have to go get it?Gayle thanks for the pic of your dd she is a little doll.Christine how are you?I dont have your email addy or i would send you some pics.Sophie is doing great.She dont cry much at all.Gayle hmm maybe you are pg again,i will pray for that to be true.My fingers are crossed for you.Jamie hey sounds like you have alot going on,are you ok?Sorry to hear your sister is being like that,i know it must be hard to deal with.If you ever need to talk i am here.Im trying not to overdue it,but so much has to be done and i cant put it off until the wkend for Mark to do.But i know what i can and cant do so i am alright.I will post later luv yas.


mommy2josh - March 7

Afternoon girls. Katt thanks for starting a new thread. Sorry I've been MIA. Had some computer problems at work and honestly had no time to post from home. I missed so much in 4 days. WOW. Ok. I'll be back tonight to finish reading and to post to y'all. Love yas and miss you.


PoohBear - March 7

Hi ladies. Slow- Wow you have a lot going on. I thought that I had drama right now.I hope things get better for you. Rhonda- Im doing good. Been keeping busy and enjoying my time with Ryne as much as I can. It was hard to come back to work. At least my boss is really accepting of what new moms or parents have to deal with. On Friday I didnt have anyone to watch him and I was going to get a sub but still come in and she told me to cancel the sub and bring him in. I feel very blessed to know that my bosses care about us so much and that they are so understanding. The other teachers on my grade level call ds "Classroom Management" bc my class was so good while he was at school. Oh my email address is [email protected] I cant wait to see some pictures. I will get my new ones up soon. Hi to everyone else. I have to finish getting ready for my observation this afternoon. I hope my class behaves.


ROBYN - March 7

Ok feel bad havent read the posts today. Have been running around alot today one of the girls on my IVF thread who just got her bfp last week is having triplets. They transferred 3 and at this time all 3 implanted. Anyway wish me luck tomorrow its my RE appt and i am nervous but i promise i will post good or bad no matter what. Ok i will read your posts now love you all.


Katt - March 8

Hi girls! Another long day of work, ggrrrr! I got homelike an hour ago and I started at 5 this morning! My right wrist has been killing me these past few days, carpal tunnel acting up I am sure - oh the pain! Venipuncture procedures do not help matters, especially in any quantity! GAYLE_ I do not have a page for you except "myspace" My animals are keeping me busy and so is work. My week off will be a nice relief for me!! I cannot wait! Oh and I totally know the feeling of wanting an ailment to fix because ya don't know which is worse - I so hear ya, CHRISTINE_ Thanks for props. My pups are fine. Rascal is nearing adolescence. A lot of loud and low "NO's" going on over here, lol! Siberian Huskeys are big baby's and wonderful dogs. Very patient animals!! A good choice. My dad has a 1/2 breed huskey and she is so smart! I havea picture I'll send you. She is a wonderful dog. She loves to hunt the yard though. Kills squirrls, birds, rabbits, the whole nine! Hey she protects her master and her territory well! ROBYN_ I am reading you are cutting down your hours, that is so great! I so think work stress has a lot to do with our ttc because sleep really plays a role and work strees usually equals less sleep!! JAMIE_ Wow sounds like you have your hands full over there. I'd give her a good whacking myself if I could! I have missed what is going on with Caron, please fill me in. Oh and JAMIE_ Thank you so much. Maybe I do not realize at all. I am reading yours and other's compliments and I have to go back and reread what I wrote because I had no idea I was so compassionate. I can never talk the way I type so maybe it is good we meet here ;) RHONDA_ How do you get anything done?! I don't get my cleaning done now - I plan to bitch and main about it on my days off and try to accomplish something, lol! My car is still in Ohio. My Dad is bringing it down next weekend - St. Patty's Day. That is a great day at our house because we go all out for dinner and before dinner there is a Chili Verde cookoff downtown we go to for like lunch. It's great fun! TANYA_ girl you haven't missed near as much as I have so feel good. I am not even going to try and read everything because I am too slow, number one and number two y'all know I'd be posting on reflection for days, hahahahaha! ROBYN_ I am so wishing you boatloads of lucky charms tomorrow!!!! Well girls, it is 724 and I need to get my 2 weeks notice printed out and ready to go. I cannot believe my last day is only 2 weeks away! Okay, well I will check in tomorrow. Thank you all again for the kind words of reflection upon my post yesterday. I do love you girls. Without you I think my head would explode from internal disaster! Take care. Cyas tomorrow!!! BABYDUST to those ttc this March!


wannabeamom - March 8

Hi Girls!!! I have been very exhausted lately. I think it was a little depression. I am doing well though. You know this is such a rollercoaster we are on. I just get down sometimes and need to step back. I hope no one takes it personally when I am not here everyday. I am just happy to have a place to go to give and receive support! Thanks girls! I am on cd5. I have been taking care of my dad Fridays - Mondays. KATT, it sounds like you are doing well. Where are you at with ttc? JAMIE, I hope things get better with your sister. I am sorry about your sister. How is your new addition doing? Have you named him yet? CHRISTINE, How is your baby? ROBYN, I am praying today goes great for you. TANYA, sorry about the computer. Is everything else going okay with you? RHONDA, How are you doing? I can't imagine you have time to do anything right now. You must have great time management. Give me some lessons, please!!! KELLEY, When do you start school? Are you still shopping online like a madwoman? tee-hee! Well whoever, I missed, I hope youare doing well. Check in later.


PoohBear - March 8

Hi ladies. Katt glad to hear your pups are doing good. Wannabeamom- Ryne is doing very well. At his last appointment he was just over two months and weighed 13lbs and was 24in long. So he's a big boy but he has definately made my life more interesting. He sleeps pretty much through the night which is so nice. He's almost three months now. i can hardly believe it. How are you doing? Well I need to get things ready for class. Hope everyone is doing well. i will check in later.


1mom - March 8

Hello ladies just wanted to check in and say goodmorning. I gave in yesterday and took a test but it was a bfn. So i am just waiting for the witch to show her face. I hope i hear the sesults from my testing soon. It's driving me crazy. My dh is still doing great in the academy. He lost so much weight that he can eat what he wants now not the specific diet they had him on. He was so happy. I'm so proud of him. I'm still planning on getting my tattoo on my foot. I think i'm going to try and get it before easter so i can sport my new shoes that i got to show off my tattoo. This tattoo is the only thing keeping my mind off ttc and the fact that my husband is gone 5 days a week. when i finalize (sp) the picture i will post what it looks like.



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