TTC in December Through Friendship and Support - Part 3
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kelley32 - December 14

I'll make this short and sweet ... can't remember the author's name, though ... ``There are gold ships and silver ships, but the best ships are friendships`` ... I know, LOL, a bit cheesy but I like it. Thanks to each and every one of you wonderful women for providing such a loving and caring place to come every day. Love you all!!


kelley32 - December 14

OK, so here's my update ... drum roll please .............. I' m having the baby on Monday!!! During my NST at the hospital, my b/p rose yet again and now it's at 158/111, but blood and urine are still normal. Anyway, the nurse called my doctor and he said for me to go to his office after the NST, so when I saw him, he checked my cervix and I'm only 1 cm dilated, but the baby is really low, so that's when he booked me for induction on Monday morning. I actually shouldn't even be on the pc, he said I should only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and for meals because my b/p is reaching serious levels and he wanted to induce me sooner, but the hospital is booked until Moday, and they only do 2 inductions per day because of the extra monitoring. OK, well just wanted to let you all know, sorry I can't respond to all the posts, but I really have to get back in bed. HUGS!!


J.D. - December 14

kelley-that is so great!! katt-i can't do what you emailed me about after all.sorry :-( ok check in later.


mommy2josh - December 14

Morning ladies. Thanks Kelley for starting a new thread. I am still trying to get over yesterdays appointment. So I went in and filled out all the papers and the billing clerk calls me and says " You know in all reality none of this will be covered by your insurance, not even this visit. Once we put the infertility codes on they will deny the claim" So I told her that I spoke to my insurance carrier and they told me that they dont cover fertility treatments but cover the testing. She says no they dont and the doctor will not perjure (sp) himself with putting different codes. So my mood went down hill, and I told her I will go though with this appointment. I was pissed and upset and wanted to cry. My appointment was at 6, at 6:45 I was finally called by a nurse who weighed me and took my blood pressure and asked a whole bunch of questions. She left and said that doctor will be in shortly. Right. The doc showed up at 7:40 and called me to his office. So he looked at my records and basically said you dont ovulate and we need to figure out why. He was speaking so fast that I was litteraly getting dizzy. So basically he said that semen analysis is #1, then I should go in for blood work to check if I am insulin resistent. If I am resistent then its metformin and clomid, if I am not then he said metformin will not do a thing except make me sick (loose stool and throwing up and stuff) and I will be only taking clomid 100mg. So on cd 1 I call to set up my HSG. On cd3 I need to go for FSH and start clomid that same day. If I do not get a positive surge by cd 16 then I need to go to give blood for progersterone and go in for an U/S to check for follies if any. If the HSG comes back normal, then I need to do post coital and some other test. He also said that he cant rule out endomatriosis, even if I have absolutely no symptoms, so a LAP is not out of the question. I also need to go to my doc to get a culture sample to check for infections, because if there is an infection they can not do an HSG until it is cleard, because they dont want to push any infections into the tubes and cause permanent infertility. I am just so cared that I will have no answers still after all this stuff. I mean I cant afford IVF so that is not an option for me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Why does it have to be so hard? This was a major reality check for me, when a specialist you cant have babies because you do not ovulate. He said that it was possible that I ovulate sometimes and its is possible for me to conceive because I already proved that by having DS. He also said that my progesterone levels during my miscarriage we very very low. He said that at that stage of a pregnancy the progesterone is still produced by the ovaries and he needs to know why its so low. There was alot more said that at this point I can not even rememberhalf of the stuff he said. Ok I'll be back later. Love yas.


cmelissa - December 14

Hey Ladies - I'm back so sorry i didnt post earlier! I had the ET on Monday at 1:45pm, I had 2 transfered - 1 quality A blastocyst and a quality B morula. So now i'm in the waiting game! I was on bed rest all day monday and tuesday and then came down with a cold - hope that doesnt hurt my chances..The pio shots are going much better this time around - i can actually walk. My family dog passed away this week so that was really tough and then my dad found out he may have to have his gulbladder removed after he just had that other major surgery last month so he's pretty upset about that! I had an appt today to check my progesterone and e2 levels and then i go back on the 21st for my beta!! i pray its positive this time - just worried now with my cold and never felt any implantation ?? Kelley - wow Monday!! YEah so exciting!!! Mommy2josh sounds like you got a lot of info at your appt - its good he's having you take all those tests first, its going to work out for you!! Well i still need to go back and check the old thread and catch up!! Hope everyone has a nice day!!


cmelissa - December 14

Rhonda just read on the old thread that Mark got a job!! I knew he would - congrats girl!!!


1mom - December 14

HI ladies. Wow tanya. That's a lot to take in. It was nice of your boss to send money to rhonda. Rhonda-- i hope you guys have a good christmas now. So i still didn't catch where your DH got a job at? Robyn--when are you out of the woods? Is it once they give you an u/s? Well today i am already 12 weeks! crazy how fast it goes. I'm so happy that i get to see my DH this weekend. Ok my dd is making it hard to type gotta go.


PoohBear - December 14

Well ladies just thought I would let you know the dr apt went good. I had to do a NST and I had one contraction the whole time I was hooked up. Im scheduled for my induction tomorrow but they dont know if I will get in because I am delivering at one of the busiest hospitals in the country and patients in labor are priority. ( Which I would completly expect) I kind of hope that I go into labor naturally so I dont have to play the waiting game for a hospital bed. Well enough of my complaining. Kelley- Monday wow! I cant belive that they only do two inductions a day. Of course your hospital is probably not as huge as mine and probably doesnt have nearly as many drs. Well I hope all goes well. Mommy- Wow thats a lot of testing. At least you can start down the road to finding out what is going on with your body. My best wishes to you. Well ladies Im going to go lay back down and rest. I will check in later to see how everyone is doing. Luv Yas.


cmelissa - December 14

Poohbear - gl tomorrow!!! Cant wait to see pics!!


bl - December 14

Hi girls! Christine, good luck tomorrow! Kelley, Monday is the big day. Are you nervous or excited? I can't wait to hear all about the new births. Tanya, I know exactly how you feel. I left my first re app crying because it was so overwhelming. It wil take you a few days to process everything. The thing that helped is to take one test at a time and try not to think about everything at once. Mel, yeah!! two embies, don't worry about feeling implantation. I didn't feel anything with this pregnancy. I think we have a lot of people waiting for no a/f or beta on the 21st and 22nd. I'm sending tons of baby dust to all the waiting girls. I had my ob app and everything looked good. My due date is July 8th. The peanut is an active little thing. It's always moving around on the u/s. I have to go get a bunch of b/w done. yuck. Dh goes with me to all my ob app, so it's a fun time for us.


mommy2josh - December 14

Melissa, sending you lots of implantation dust :) Also, I think the cold my actually asist you in implantation. You immune system will be busy fighting the cold and not the embrios, which are after all foreign objects in your body :) Christine and Kelley, good luck. Hopefully you will be induced and you will get to meet your little miracles soon. So exciting :) Easy and speedy delivery to both of you ladies. Gayle, 12 weeks already, that's crazy. Time does seem to fly. Did you tell DD yet? Ok, I'll be back later.


mommy2josh - December 14

Brooke, thanks. I dont know how I will deal with this.


kelley32 - December 14

Hi girls ... well, I've been sleeping on and off all day, I feel like crap because of it, I hate sleeping during the day, but when all you're doing is lying around, it's difficult to stay awake, LOL. TANYA, I agree with Brooke, try and take things one procedure at a time ... did you like the RE? I'm sorry that it won't be covered by your insurance, that must be awful. What a nice gesture from your boss to send Rhonda a cheque ... I truly believe that what goes around comes around, especially charma. CMEL, sending sticky implantation vibes your way! CHRISTINE, hopefully there won't be too many women in labor tomorrow ... are you nervous at all? DO you have to call in the morning to see if you'll get in? I just worry for myself that the induction won't work and they'll do a c-section, which you all know I really don't want. You're right, it's a small suburban hospital that I go to so that's why they only do 2 inductions per day. BROOKE, glad everything is looking good for you and the baby. Well, going to have a shower, will check back later if I can.


slowpoke01 - December 14

KELLEY-great opening.i loved it.great news you are having the baby monday let us know what happens.MOMMY2JOSH-so sorry about the horrific day that you had. i wish it was easier for each of us. MELISSA-so glad that they implated 2 that is so good.POOH-i am praying that you go into labor naturally so that you dont have to wait for a bed. good luck.BL- that is so great that your little one is so active. take care and keep us posted. well an update on me i had an u/s today and they said that everything looked good. they said that the cysts on my ovaries are gone and that was good and they said that my ovaries were normal sized and that was good. they also said that the uterus looked good and that they saw no reason why this time wouldnt turn into a healthy pregnancy. so i was excited about that. also the doc said that fertility is all about timing and not to worry if i have to have iui on christmas or christmas eve that he would be there because he knows that you cant tell your body to hold off another day when it comes to perfect timing so that eased my mind. well good luck to all and take care.


cmelissa - December 14

Bl July 8th how neat! That will be here before you know it! I got my b/w back from today - have no idea what the levels mean - they said everything is great so i guess thats good. E2 was around 2,060 and progesterone greater than 40.


ROBYN - December 14

Hey girls well alots going on this morning. KELLEY I am so excited for you and your family you must be so nervous and excited. Obviously as soon as you can you let us know everything. Cannot beleive you are already having the baby its seems like yesterday you found out I am so happy for you and your family. TANYA - I know its an enormous amount to take in and they just say so much to you did you ask questions or did he do all the talking and you listening? Get the testing done and start each step you know its going to be a slow process but this whole thing is a friggin waiting game. But once you start the testing everything can get weeded out and you can get the proper medication. I understand that you cant afford IVF but what about and IUI thats not nearly as expensive as IVF and they have great success rates i am sure SLOW can guide you with that also. I also barely ovulated once in a blue moon. Sometimes we just need a little push and once the right caring RE comes into the picture and can guide you correctly and get the ball rolling you will get pregnant. <<HUGS>> MEL awesome news on the embryos excellent quality you must be more relieved to know that they actually did make it to blast. As for the cold I wouldnt think that would affect anything and plus you wouldnt even probably feel implantation I have read that with IVF and my doc also said the same thing. Most people never know it happens. Its going to be torture for all of us LOL to go thru this 2ww with you. I hate the waiting period. The only thing that I can tell you I was absolutely STARVING more than ever as you know the pickle and juice story!! Really accept for the cramping which was on and off is from the transfer I really dont know of any symptoms that stuck out. So are you going to test early or are you going to wait?? I have another beta tomorrow morning hoping to be in the 1700's. I am 5 weeks today. Even though if I didnt do IVF and actually got pregnant naturally I would be only 3 weeks. They do things so differently. Pregnant before your actually pregnant kinda weird. MEL you are considered pregnant right now so take care of yourself and rest as much as possible. I know easier said then done. I should listen to my own advice. GAYLE have a great weekend with hubby cannot beleive your 12 weeks already as for me getting out of the woods I wont feel that way till next Wednesday when I see something viable on the U/S. Plus we know the 1st 3 months are nerve racking. If my RE never said anything to me last week on my 2nd beta I dont think I would be this crazy about all this. I would just go with the flow. But that one comment with the 5 point drop just sticks in my head. Even though everything is looking great I am still scared even tomorrow that it wont double again. Anyway my throat is killing me and I am going to rest I will check in a few. Hi to everyone luv you all.


ROBYN - December 14

MEL - I just read your post AWESOME levels the progesterone is level is great keep it rising thats a phenomenal sign!!!



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