TTC in December Through Friendship and Support
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PoohBear - December 1

"In ordinary human life, when we are determined to do something, we maintain our determination for five minutes and then all our determination is gone. If we try to achieve determination on our own, it will not last. But once we know what the soul's willpower is, we see that it lasts for many years, even for a lifetime." Without each other I dont think that any of us could get through the ups and downs we've all faced. Here's to more mommies to be for the women who I feel deserve it the most!


PoohBear - December 1

javidsgirl- Have you tested agian yet? Robyn- Im so glad ur prog levels are going up. Tanya- When did they induce u? If I dont have preclampsoa then I know I am borderline. Kelley- I hope that you are feeling better soon! Leslie- Good News!!! I have a feeling there will be a little one soon. As for me I got to the dr today and hopefuly get my bw back. That will determine what will happen with me. I will try to post afterwards. My apt is at 9:30 Arizona time so if I dont post for a couple of days I could be in the hospital. I will let you know as soon as I can. Hello to all the other wonderful ladies that I forgot. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


javidsgirl - December 1

poohbear i haven"t retested yet my doctor told me to wait a few days then do a test then follow it up with a blood test after that .


javidsgirl - December 1

morning to all the lovely ladies of this thread


ROBYN - December 1

Hey girls, POOH - ok I was actually brought to tears readjng that it was so well said. I hope you will be ok and dont wind up in the hospital pls post as soon as you can <<HUGS>> BROOKE - the shots are ok some nights arent bad and some really hurt. Last night really hurt I think Jason accidentally moved and I felt the needle move and I screamed so my butt is pretty sore but if I am not pregnant than I only have 6 days left if I am then its 12 weeks. Maybe I should hope for the 12 weeks and suffer. Kinda weird also my cramping has stopped I know thats mainly from the procedures. For the past couple of days I have been a little light headed here and there, been having some bad headaches and woke up with a stuffy nose so I hope I am not getting sick. Oh, yesterday when my nurse was taking my blood I asked her to throw in a pg test she said I cant its way too early try and be patient its not that much longer. Well girls if I am not pg next Thursday I am really really going to need your support I will be very upset. I know I shouldnt be thinking this way but its the way I am feeling right now. I need to positive but have gotten nothig but negatives for so long. Also the IVF seems to be effecting me more than any cycle that I have done previously because of whats involved. When I was just doing Clomid with injectibles it was like ok todays a positive surge have sex for 3 days and cross your fingers. Well as we know with IVF its so much more involved and the RE gave me such positive vibes last Saturday that I just dont want to be let down again. Jason says that hes keeping himself preoccupied because its also driving him crazy with the waiting game. Anyway I love you all and I will check in a few. Anthony has a Patriotic play at 1030 this morning so I am going with my mom to see him with his first little "acting" part. I will talk to you all later.


mommy2josh - December 1

Morning ladies. Christine, thanks for starting a new thread and for the beautiful words. I actually got induces a day before my due date, so I was about 40 weeks. But I was borderline for 2 weeks before being induced. :) Leslie, I am so excited for your girl. Make sure Alex will let us know as soon as the baby comes. WOW. Time really did fly :) Kelley how are you feeling babe? Ok I'll ba back in a few. Love yas.


LeslieK - December 1

Thanks for starting the new thread Christine. I hope you get good news from your doc. Well, I made it through the night w/o going in to labor but I had lots of lower back cramping and I'm spotting from whatever she did to my cervix yesterday so that's good. We will do some big time walking and stairs today somehow. The weather is finally clearing up here so I should be able to get out. I'm hopefull for an early Dec. baby. I'll keep you guys posted. Love to all...


PoohBear - December 1

Good news. Bw came back normal so no preclampsia. My bp was still way too high. My dr said that if it hadent gone down when he took it while I was laying down then I would of had to go to the hospital. I also had no protien in my urine and he said that was good because if there was any I would of been at the hospital. SO now I have to lay down more and make sure my bp doesnt get too high this weekend. I have another apt on Monday to see how everything is going. Tanya- the dr said that she wants to get me a little farther along before we talk about inducing unless my bp doesnt cooperate. Well ladies I need to go lay down. I will try to check in later. Lov ya all


mommy2josh - December 1

Leslie, great news. I think you labor will kick in over the weekend. Good luck. I am wishing you an easy and speedy delivery. May be a boy? :) Christine, awesome that b/w came back normal. Good luck. I'll be back later.


bl - December 1

Christine, thanks for starting the new thread. I'm happy to hear your b/w came back ok. Just try to take it easy. Robyn, try to stay postive. I'm sure you want to protect yourself and be pleasantly surprised by a bfp. Either way, we're all here for you. I can't imagine all the stress you must be going through. Has anyone heard from Kelley? I don't think we've heard from her since the last dr app.. I'm starting to worry about her!


Katt - December 1

Afternoon girls! Christine thanks for starting the new thread with such optimism!! Sure hope it rubs off! Not much going on w/me today. I am figuring out that maybe my temps are higher due to those Chinese herbs since that is the only thing I have done different and my low temps are almost always under 97 and lately they're all above 97. I kinda remember the accupuncturist mention something about increasing my temps. Eh who knows. OH, GIRLS_ I have invited a friend from one of the nursing homes I frequent to our thread. I hope you do not mind as she has been TTC for awhile and has gone through clomid and other things, she seems to know a lot not to mention she is just as frustrated as us ttc. She's great y'all will love her. I hope she shows ;) I have a bit to catch up on so I'll be back!


Katt - December 1

TANYA_ I think you may have misinterpreted my idea on the bed as I agreed it would be wierd and would keep it made up ;) Our weather is nuts too these days. 70 degrees and sunny. Today, however, there is a lot of high mph winds that would literally blowa child away, hell it almost pushed me on the burm of the hwy! RHONDA_ I couldn't have said what you said any better - you are so sweet! LESLIE_ YaY 2cm!! I am so so excited for you! Can't wait for pictures. Sending you a delivery truck, haha! BROOKE_ All I can say is Clomid makes me stupid, lol! CHRISTINE & LESLIE_ Wouldn't that rock if you were both delivering simultaniously?! It is getting interesting ;) ROBYN_ I am so here for you! (((HUGS))) You'd think though that a doctor would know better than to over exaggerate a positive outcome especially in his line of work, that said, maybe this is it?! I am definitely rooting for you and as I said, I am here for you if you need me ;) KELLEY_ how are you feeling these days? It's getting close right. You, Leslie and Christine are all pretty close in delivery dates! HEATHER_ Where are you? How are you doing? Any m/s yet? Hellos to Jamie, Erin, Tanya2, Chrystina, Kathy, Shauna, Melissa, and anyone else I missed! Cyas later! BABYDUST


ROBYN - December 1

Hey girls not a lot going on Anthonys play was so cute he looked so nervous I was so proud of him his first speaking part. Of course took tons of video to watch. Leslie I am so happy your dilating obviously its any minute now for you. I do hope Kelley is ok. KATT - thanks I know you will be here as so will everyone else. I also chat on an IVF thread and one of the girls just did her first IVF cycle and found out yesterday she was pg so I felt a little more positive after hearing her story. Anyway I will check in later hi to all of you.


sweetsouthernbelle - December 2

My gosh ladies how you all have been sooo busy....i've been a busy little bee myself...i went back to work part-time...its the pits but i have to have some way to help take care of my family....speaking of family my little boy is getting soooooo big i need to put up some new pictures hes a doll....i can let you guys see one new pic of him hes sooo cute it was taken on turkey day...
forgive the austin name in the link its my nephew but he wasnt in the pic...if there is any slash's erase them cause there are none ok girls i love you guys ttyl....Jess!!!!


ROBYN - December 2

Jess - he is so handsome what a cutie pie. Glad your doing well sorry you had to go back to work. Take care.


javidsgirl - December 2

well looks like a bfp for me i poas this morning still postive so i guess now it is just convincing myself it is real you know. i can't beleive after all the crap my body put me though this month i am finaly pg thanks to our ever loving god who i will thank everyday for the rest of this pregnancy and everyday for the rest of mylife all i ask from you ladies is just to keep me and this little bean in your prayers plz prayer that i will get to hold this precious gift from god


mommy2josh - December 2

Tan, great news. Crossing my fingers for you that all goes well and that you have a healthy 9 month. :) Katt I personally dont mind another person joining our thread, I hope she comes. You know all are welcome. I understood what you said about the bed, sorry if my follow up post confused you :) Robyn, everything will work out great. I just feel it. Jessica, little man is gorgeous. Just want to pinch those cheeks. Who watches him while you are at work? Anyway, going to start the laundry, be back later. Love yas.



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