TTC in August through Friendship and Support...Part 3
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LeslieK - August 22

This thread has brought us all much needed support and friendship. May it continue and bring us all many positive results!!


ROBYN - August 22

Hey Leslie I am here. Good for you with the excerise everynight. It must make you feel good. You have a child in middle school I am just dealing with 2nd grade and not looking forward to all the work they are going to give Anthony. I agree with taking a break tonite from work also thats why I am doing it. Anyway will talk later take care. Oh... how far along r u now? I am CD25 10dpo and took the HCG trigger shot last sunday so I am still getting a positive PG test its very faint so it should last much longer. But... if it does last then we know what that means LOL. Talk to ya.


cmelissa - August 23

Hey guys!! Find the new thread!! Robyn - you could very well be pregnant!!! I find out thursday!!! Anyways hope everyone finds us! Good night - off to watch big brother!


bl - August 23

Hi ladies, I'm here too! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Robyn, enjoy your evening, you deserve it. Leslie, thanks for starting the new thread. Lots of people waiting this week for their bfp. How exciting!! :)


Katt - August 23

Found ya!! Yippy. I sent everyone another Email, lol. I sorry I so obsessed, haha;) MELISSA_ I'll be thinking of both you and your pops, always! Rotting for Thursday!!!!! ROBYN_ It's great to play hookie once in awhile - you go girl! Get some rest! WOW LESLIE_ 14 weeks really isn't that far at all! I am soo excited for you! Well I gonna take a break from this PC and see what's actuaklly going on around me, haha. I probably won't check in later as RSSN is on at 10pm and I vote after so I gonna be TIRED and in desperate need of some shut eye before the soaps wake me up at 4! So that said, I shall say G'Night!


mommy2josh - August 23

Evening ladies. Thanks to Leslie for starting a new thread. Leslie, when are we going to see your pics? Exercise is important, the more active you are during pregnancy the easier labor is going to be. I'll bet you forgot. :) Robyn, I am so happy that you made up with Jason. School started early for Anthony, our schools dont start till September 5. Anyway, no I did not get a +opk. We are still bd, but I am disappointed. My first 2 cycles on Clomid 50mg I ovulated, second one resulting in a failed pregnancy. The next 2 cycles of 50mg nothing and now 100mg no O again. Kinda frustrating. But I am serious about not doing clomid again. Melissa, I will be thinking of you and your family. There was too much bad stuff for your family lately, I am sure that good news is around the corner. Hang in there babe. Hey Brooke, how is everything? How is ds? Katt, get some rest and enjoy supernova, I might catch todays episode. Kelley, have you seen the specialist? We miss you. Denise is your m/s better? We miss you too. Hello to Rhonda, Nicole (hope your m/s is not too bad today), Kathy, Erin, Jada, Christine, did I forget anyone? Love ya, have a goo night.


Shauna - August 23

Found Yah!!! Hi all. So there is a new thread finally...we have a way of filling up the thread. Well got a friend on the phone so talk to you tomorrow.


ROBYN - August 23

hey ladies, just picked up the end of ABC's nightline and they were doing a whole story tonite on infertility and the meds. I am so pissed I missed most of it. But the jist of it was possible links to ovarian cancer from Clomid and other fertlity meds with long term use. They havent found a lot of conclusive evidence that its linked to cancer but its a possiblity. So I was little freaked out. My RE told me that there is really no chance for ovarian cancer with the meds but who the hell knows 20 years from now?? But they were interviewing couple and they all said they would and will do it again in a heartbeat (IVF and the meds). I thought it was quite an interesting 10 minutes that I watched. So I went on the website to see if they have the video its not on yet. So... Katt we tivo'd RSSN and will watch it Thursday. We just finished watching Poisden (sp) I thought it was good. Dont like movies where theres a chance of a little kid dying especially when the kids like my kids age but I had some tear jerking moments and moved on. I do believe thats all hormone related LOL. So CMELISSA your testing Thursday? Will you be late then or thats when your due? Any signs or symptoms? My fingers are double crossed for you. We have had a lot of good luck on this new thread lets see if it can continue. Will talk to you all tomorrow. I am going to attempt to go to bed like a normal person!! Luv to all of you and tons of baby dust!!!


mommy2josh - August 23

Morning ladies. Robyn, there is NO conlclusive evidence that these pills are causing long term damage, but time will tell. My doc says that there are too many contributing factors. Hope you have a nice day, must have been nice to feel like a human and watch a movie with your family. Good for your that you played hookie. Well cd18 as of 6am, there is no +opk. I am not even sure that I am upset. Ofcourse there is always the slightest chance that I missed the surge. Do any of you know how long the surge stays in our bodies? Well, gonna Google that. Katt, watched supernova last night. I thougt it was entertaining. I think Lucas is by far the most talented, but I did not like his song of choice. Though he has an awesome stage presence, he could have done a song which would have suit him better. Hated Storm or what ever her name is. Dilania (sp) loved the voice, hated the rest. She should have done a classic Leta Ford song, I think their voices are similar. And what was up with those fake eyelashes? The Australian dude was ok, a little too grunge for my taste. The first chick was nothing special, didnt catch her name, And I think I missed one or two while getting Joshua into his jammies. Hello to the rest of you ladies. Going to work, be back when I'll get to the office.


NB - August 23

Good morning! I wanted to post, and then I will go back and read everything! Yesterday I felt awful the entire day, so I went to Walgreen's on my way home and talked with the pharmacist, and he recommended "Sea Band", the motion sickness wrist bands that you wear. On the package, it states effective also for morning sickness.... and so far they work (so far)!!! It is amazing!!! They work by applying pressure to certain parts on your wrist with these little plastic button... that's it! <DMK> Go buy some! Alrighty, let me read everything now! brb!


NB - August 23

<MOMMY2JOSH> DH seems to be understanding a little better, especially after seeing how I was yesterday! I think he was just tired from being away for the weekend. He's usually not like that. <BL> I am 6.3 weeks... so, I am afraid that I will have a while longer with the m/s if it lasts through the first trimester! :( <SLOW> You never know! It could be a positive! Keeping my fingers crossed for both you and CMELISSA!! Anyone else testing soon? <KATT> I actually watched part of Supernova last night. When INXS did it last season, we watched all the time! I am not sure what happened this season, I think something else we were watching conflicted... oh well, it was pretty good last night though. <CMELISSA> I am happy Janelle won the veto also! She's a great player! Can your gyn run a blood test to see if it's a bfp? <ROBYN> How long does the trigger shot last? Maybe it really is a bfp? :) <LESLIE> Only 14 more weeks! That will go by fast, especially with all the preparing! Alrighty, off to work. Hello to anyone I might not have mentioned! I'll try to check back in after work, if I am able to get up off the couch!! :)


mommy2josh - August 23

Bump. Where is everyone today? :(


slowpoke01 - August 23

hey everyone just thought that i would check in thanks to all for the support and hoping that i get a + this month. you all are really great. good luck to everyone that is gonna test soon good luck to all that are waiting for + opk's glad that a new thread was started. take care all.


mommy2josh - August 23

Jamie, when you experimented with the opk, while you had the trigger shot in the system, where both lines really dark. I read you other thread, you have something to campare it too. Do you remember? Sending you alot of positive vibes. :)


bl - August 23

Hi everyone, I only have a minute to say hi! Melissa, were you going to test today? Sending you lots of baby dust! Jamie, I think you're really close too. Any symptoms? Tanya, is your second interview tomorrow? Robyn, I hope that line on the hpt continues to stay positive, that would be awsome! I'll be back later.


mommy2josh - August 23

Hey Brooke, how is your day going? Yes my interview is tomorrow and I am really nervous. They sent me a confirmation letter, which advised me that I should be prepared for it lo last at least an hour. OH GOD. My stomache is in knots. boy you have a good memory. Where are you in your cycle?


Katt - August 23

Hi girls! Well I got O pains today, guess that means I'll be testing tonight and temping tomorrow. Still don't think I can ttc this month, gonna call and reverify cuz ttc or not - I NEED LAID! LOL I am going nuts, haha! TANYA_ I enjoyed RSSN okay, and this is the first time I can honestly say I didn't care for any of the performances. Lukas still rocked, but all in all I wasn't impressed with anyone! Eh after hearing Lukas's originals, no coveris good enough, LOL;) ROBYN_ GF, ya gotsta vote! There's only 3 weeks left and Lukas will need votes! I counted what I got in in 30minutes last night, butI ain't gonna say cause y'all already think I've gone apeshit, lol! TANYA_ Good luck on the interview! The contestants do not get to "choose" what they sing per say...SN choses the songs and they go from there so to be quite honest, most of the songs sung arent great choices. Theres the copywrite infringement crap and all of that. I think if they all got to choose every week (all by theirselves) they'd all do originals all the time, lol! NICOLE_ I'll have to remember that wrist band thing for when I get pg. GOOD LUCK JAMIE!!! Well I am going to go read up on last night show and check Dave Navarro's blog @ myspace, it's always good. Check in later. Loveyas!



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