TTC in August through Friendship and Support .. Part 2
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dmk - August 12

NB- Oh my gosh you must be SOOOO tired!!!! That sucks! How often do you have to be on call? Hopefully ds takes a really long nap for ya today! My dd got a REALLY mean email last night from her 3 close friends from school. Her best friend goes to a different school. Anyways they wrote this email together saying they did not want to be her friend anymore. One of the reasons is she does not agree with them having a myspace. These girls are 9 and say where they live. They have also made comments about her modeling and her good grades. She was a huge mess last night and cried for about an hour... I had her call her best friend and that made it much better for her! Even though my dh told me not to I emailed the girls back. They know me, I was the classroom mom. So anyways I just told them to please stop emailing my daughter mean emails. And that she was very upset. I also told them I would print out the letter and show the principal. I know I should have stayed out of it. I'm just getting so tired of them being mean to my baby girl... I am though going to let the principal know about them giving out information on myspace... So scary.


Katt - August 12

Good Morning girls! I sit enjoyinh mt first cup of coffee anticipating work, gorcery shopping and light house cleaning - oh joy! TANYA_ When I was in NY I never did get to go to the Bronx Zoo. DH (bf at time) mentioned it but we never went :( ROBYN_ I thought 8Below was great! It was an emotional roller coaster especially for us animal lovers. Tissues are a must as I actually broke down crying at one point! I got so into the movie I was pissed off at some of the characters and even covered my face when I thought something bad was gonna happen. But it's amazing how domesticated animals can survive in such conditions - I think it was 175 or more days in Antartica. I loved it and could watch it again! YES, I VOTE - I give Lukas about 20 clicks every Tuesday. It only takes about 10 minutes cuz ya gotta enter those blasted character codes, like at ticketmaster? Wishing you positive opk soon, ROBYN. I always tested pos in the evenings. NICOLEB_ Be sure to eliminate the dashes, that might be the problem. Oh and Congradulations on your promotion!! KATHY_ Let me know how the clomid turns out for you. DENISE_ I think you meant me when you were talking about "on call" - I am a bit worn out and I get the pager most of the month as theother girl had it covering for me when I went to Ozzfest and the surgery. But we usually alternater it every other week. I hate that little black noisemaker - it's the worst part of my job just to have to carry it!! WOW, DENISE, kids can be so cruel sometimes! I think I may have done the same thing. Messed up they're posting stuff on the messed up! Well girls my cup coffee is gone so I guess that means I better get ready to hoof it outta here. I'll try to check in before the cavalry arrives! Love yas!


LeslieK - August 12

good morning all- just a quick post before we leave for the weekend. (I'll be back tomorrow night) Denise- my dd has had a lot of those kinds of issues in the last year or so too. I cannot stand this age that they are in as far as with each other. Girls can be so mean to one another. I know exactly how you felt when you wrote back...I never did that but I did get my dd to write back to one of the girls on IM who was giving her a hard time at school but then IM'ing her at home like nothing had happened. She finally stood up for herself and confronted her and the girl totally backed off and apologized and we never had any problems from her again. This was after I consulted with her 6th grade teacher about what to do as I felt they were bullying my dd and one of her friends. It was all around the attention my dd was getting for being a good athlete, which she started to feel that she should step back in pe and other things just because other girls were jealous. Hang in there and encourage your daughter to stand up for herself and maybe treat her to something fun like a pedicure or something, a Mom and daughter day. Okay...I've got to sign off and finish packing. I hope you all have a great weekend. xoxo


dmk - August 12

Katt- Good luck with entertaining today. You can drink right? Have a BIG one if you can... Leslie- Thank you SO much for your advice. It was perfect! I hate to have her feel like she should not try so hard with her school work to please her peers... Peer pressure is so hard. You're right she needs to know she should stick up for herself!


ROBYN - August 12

Good afternoon ladies, <NICOLE> I cant believe at 9 they can be so cruel. Anthony just turned 8 I dont know how I would handle anyone picking on him. Personally I would probably want to kill the little shits (joking) but I think you did the right thing. I would have to stand up for my baby at his age. What are 9 year old children doing on myspace?? Obviously parents arent monitoring what there kids are looking at on the internet. I have parental controls on the internet and on the TV. All the movies I let Anthony watch have been watched by me and DH so I know whats in them. Then I decide if Anthony can watch it. He is a mature 8 year old. I discuss alot of things with him. He is not allowed to watch any movies with sex in them. Hell... I still get embarassed. Anyway KATT you are so freakin funny. I dont know just something about your posts always get me laughing. Well I am glad your a Lukas fan. Something about him is hot!! I dont know what it is but I like him. See I knew 8 below was a tear jerker. I cant watch it. I love animals too much. I cried during March of the Peguins. Leslie have a great weekend. Anyway getting really crampy today. I will test on the monitor in a little while, but my OPK stick said negative when I woke up. So as of now looks like I will be at the RE office at 0700 hrs for another U/S and estrogen check unless I get the positive surge by then. Well hello to everyone TANYA,JADA,WANNABEAMOM,SLOW,DENISE,KELLEY sorry to anyone I may have missed I will check in later. luv to all of you.


kelley32 - August 12

Hey girls ... I just have a quick sec, but I wanted to tell you all how wonderful I think that you all are, and how even though I don`t post so often, I think about you girls alot. Have a fab weekend!! XXOO


Katt - August 12

DENISE_ I bought me a 12pk of Coors LIght, I won't drink it all in one place, I promise, lol. ROBYN_ I try my best to stay positive in everything. I still don't get how my Moms and Dh say I am a negative person...I am not so sure they know the difference between reality and negativity, haha. Anyhoo, DH just got home from getting a tattoo - it's huge! A dagger going through a skull w/tribal around the wrist. Its a forearm tatt. Looks good. It'll take me a few days to get used to it since his arm was bare before, lol. I best get to checking the bank and Emails as I need to put the corn in the sink to soak and wash/wrap the potatoes for grilling. I got pork ribs and chicken quarters. Don't think I am gonna do the ribs on the grill, I tend to overcook and they get dry. I'll cook the chicken out there - last time though I set one of the quarters on fire, LOL! It was a sight - I freaked out cuz I don't have grilling utensils and I am like screaming for Dh. Needless to say I would up eating the charred one. IKt was still tasty. Ok girls. I will defnitely check in in the morning. Y'all have an awesome weekend. Cyas Love YAs and babydusts! BTW, KELLEY_ THANK YOU! and thank you to all of you for showing your support even though I am not ttc right now. Love you gals!


bl - August 12

hey< i just wanted to pop in and say hi! I'll catch up later, we're super busy. I just can't go without letting everyone know I'm thinking about all of my girls!!!


ROBYN - August 12

Hey girls I made a live space account theres a few pics on there.


mommy2josh - August 13

Hey girls, just a quick note. Be back in the morning. We had a great time in the zoo, but I have a migrain from hell. Robyn just a quick question, how did you add photos. My retarded computer doesn't let me. LOL. Love ya girls. Good night.


ROBYN - August 13

Hey Tanya, I went to photos and to edit but Jason did all of it. I will ask him exactly what to do. Glad you had a good time at the zoo take care of your headache.


ROBYN - August 13

Good morning everyone, I had to check in before I go to sleep. We just got back from the RE's office I have 5 mature follicles thats the most ever. She said they look great and were very mature. So at 330 I get the results of my blood work so I am sure i am going to have to use the trigger shot tonite. Well just had to share some good news. Good night and will check in later.


NB - August 13

Good morning girls! I never did get back on here yesterday! DS never did take a nap! :) So I went to sleep when DH got home last night about 9 and slept util about 8 this morning, with no calls last night. Yea!!! <DMK> I am usually on call every 5-8 weeks, depending on the schedule. It does suck! That is just terrible about dd and the email, how is she doing? My Space can be very scary for the little ones! <LESLIE> I hope you had a great time this weekend. <ROBYN> Did you end up getting a positive surge? <KELLEY> Good to hear from you! <KATT> How did your bbq go? My parents are coming over this afternoon for one. How are you feeling? <BL> Hey! I know what you mean about not being able to pop in and say HI! When I woke up this morning, I felt terrible for not checking in before going to bed last night, I was just soo exhausted! <ROBYN> Great pics!! I loved looking at them. Anthony, what a cutie! <MOMMY2JOSH> Sorry you ended up with a migraine. Glad you had a great time at the zoo! <ROBYN> Great news about your follies! <MOMMY2JOSH> To add the photos to the site, click "add photos" and it will have you create an album, and then you can search your computer to add the photos that you want to add to that album. It doesn't take long at all, and once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy and quick. Alrighty girls, I need to get cleaning and shopping before my parents get here! And I think most of my cramping has finally stopped a little! Still here on and off, but not as bad, that's good, right?! I am 5 weeks today. :) (((HUGS))) NicoleB


Katt - August 13

Good Morning girls! Dag I really should still be sleeping, I am so tired. People didn't leave until 330 this morning! gggrrr. Got lots of praise for my ribs though! ROBYN_ cool space, love the pics. You look good girl! Your kids are cute too. Oh and you have an orange tabby like mine - does it chew everything up?? Mine eats plastic, sulifane, wires/cords! Darn thing gonna get electricuted one day. Some cats have hairballs, this cat has sulifane and hair-tie hurls, lol! Awesome news on the follies - maybe you're next girl! Oh shit NICOLE, I am sorry - didn't realize you were on call too, I guess Denise must have been talking about you-my bad;) I am feeling okay, thanks for asking. My belly just starts hurting after I sit too long or bend too much. Gonna ask if that is normal. It's not like a major pain or anything - just an annoying one! Man I ate way too much crap last night,,,I am fully loaded this morning, just waiting for the coffee to kick in, haha. Oh and I thought today was gonna be my day of rest and I totally forgot I got my dh tickets to WWE this afternoon. Some stupid midday show with the entertainers from Monday Night Raw... boohoo... I so don't wanna go. I have nothing to wear as I still can't fit into my jean shorts or jeans for that matter. Then after 3 hours of bullshit dh wants to go to the cingular store and get his crap transfered to his SIM card so he can put it in his replacement phone. The wresting event is at 2...HELP! Yes, I am whining - I so do not want to go. He should have invited a friend of his or something, but NO he wants me to go. Oh well I guess the bright side is muscle men in tights, LOL! I guess I'll check in later. Cyas!


dmk - August 13

Robyn- AWESOME news! Wow 5 follies! Was your Dr very pleased? I'm sure you did alot of bd last night! How cool! I have not looked at your new pics yet. I will in a little bit. Katt- How did your bbq go? I love coors light. Some times when I bbg I will pour a little beer over my chicken. No beer or wine for me now. But so worth it. You all are going to be there. Katt- They say most women get pg the 3 month after HSG. That will be right around the time you can bd... I'm sure yo hubby will have a big load for ya(ha ha)... Sounds gross I know but, good for ya eggs :)! NB- Glad you got some sleep last night. I still get a little cramping every now and then. I'm a couple days behind you... My bb's did not hurt much yesterday and that worried me. They hurt really bad in the middle of the night though. And then again this morning. I wonder why they do that. I have not gotten any m/s yet. I had it REALLY bad with my ds and dd. It was worse with my ds. I think I will feel better once that kicks in. I will know that baby is ok. Did you get m/s with ds? I can't remember when it kicks in. I think 6 weeks. Oh I loved your belly rings. That is cool you have two. I have never seen that before... If I have to get another c-section I thought about maybe getting a tattoo over my scar... Well, ladies have a great day. I will try and check in later.


Katt - August 13

DENISE_ I read on that men abstaining is a bad thing for ttc because the sperm stagnate. He has to do another SA before Sept 11. Last night we all fished out my OUIJA and I asked when dh & I would conceive and both Mat and CJ said November! So I guess we'll see. That is 3 months right? Mat and CJ were the good spirits we spoke to. If you believe in that stuff? We all had our momment of freaked-outness... as we asked when the world would end "as we know it" and of course it said 2012 the winter soltice polar shift and the end of the Mayan calendar; which by the way ends on my birthday, December 21. Am I wierding y'all out...I am sorry if I am It took about 30 minutes before we got our first one. I like getting the predictions for later validation. The Jets are gonna have a good year and the Denver Broncos are gonna win the superbowl. Well the Broncos was what I hallared after he went to the "D" and he said yes so it is an assumption, not a finished answer. I was the only denver fan in the room. Oh well, it was fun to play around anyway. I gotta pay a few bills online then get ready to go, gggrr. Looks like everyone is sleepin in... love yas!



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