TTC in August through Friendship and Support .. Part 2
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Katt - August 11

Hey girls, just got done reading the previous thread. Worked a long 11hr day today I am totally tuckered! This week has been hell on my recovery. I think I went back too soon. I tell ya my side has been hurting me over the past couple days - between my belley button and left side stiches. I don't think that is normal? My doc said I should be getting better by the day. I called OB but it's surgery day so I will have to call Monday if pains are still there. Dunno? I'd hate to get a staff infection or worse. I am getting a bit worried about it. I am supposed to take it easy this weekend according to the RN, but dh and I invited friend out to the house for BBQ tomorrow and I can't very well uninvite them now can I. So, dh is just gonna have to be very attentive is all I can say, haha. Speaking of DH I need to wake him up from his nap. Oh and get this I get to work tomorrow and Sunday! I am on call and there is a daily draw to bedone - SUCKY!! grrrah Oh well. I am gonna finish up reading and post replies...brb


Katt - August 11

Wow I am soo glad I caught up last night and posted. I didn't have so much to read. Anyone seen JAMIE74? Her Lap is next week, I hope she's not worrying herself too much. ROBYN_ Yeah another Supernova fan! Are you voting? DENISE_ Are you voting? KELLEY_ Your mother has a valid point; but those things sure are stinky! I marked your u/s on my calander so I won't forget;) NICOLEb_ Which site, my homepage? I checked out your site again, still wonderful! DENISE_ As crazy as it is I just aint in the mood for sex right now anyway and I am not sure about the big "O", lol. JAMIEsp_ Thank you! Sounds like your dh is really coming around. That is so awesome. DENISE_ I love the pictures, you have such a beautiful family;) and your photography is awesome! LESLIE_ You are always full of great food ideas, I wish I had the stamina for it. TANYA_ My Email is [email protected] DENISE_ Sorry you have to wait for u/s - that's a bummer. Hello's and babydust to KATHY, CHRISTIE, NATASHA, CHRISTINE, ERIN, SHAUNA, MELISSA, NICOLEM, JADA, and JESS! If I missed anyone - hello's and babydust to you too! lova yas. Will check in later I am sure;)


LeslieK - August 11

hey everybody! I'm home from applesauce day at Mom's. We made about 30 jars today. My feet are killing me! We make ours with gravenstien apples (kind of sour but better than a granny smith), cinnamin, sugar & cloves. It is extra yummy, kind of like apple pie in a jar. I think I may be food obsessed right now. Luckily I'm not gaining too much weight (I'll find out on Monday for sure). I had some extra before I got pregnant and I asked my doctor if I had to gain the full 25 - 30 pounds and she said "no" as long as the baby keeps growing fine and from that monster baby on the ultrasound were doing fine. Well I'm going to start my evening taxi service here. My dd has soccer practice in a 1/2 hour so I've got to go crack the whip. Katt - hang in there this weekend and try to take it easy sometime. We don't need you to relapse here. love to you all....


Katt - August 12

LESLIE_ Wow you have had a busy day! Thank you for lookin out ;)


Katt - August 12

Well I have decided to force myself up until 11 and watch 'Eight Below' on ppv. I think I'll record it as I am watching - someday I'll figure out how to burn movies from PC. Anyway, incase I am too zonked to check back in - good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! ;P


mommy2josh - August 12

Denise, the tech sounded plain rude. Though its true that techs are not allowed to discuss the u/s with the patient, they should hire people with "people skills". Its such a sensitive field, you need techs who are sensitive to the patient. I would have told her off. ((((Katt)))), poor baby. I am sorry that you are not feeling too good. May be you can take some more time off? Hello everyone else. Sorry too tired. Taking monster to the Bronx Zoo in the morning. That place is huge. Good night ladies. (((((hugs all)))))


ROBYN - August 12

Hey everyone we just got back from the movies and saw Talledega Nights. It was absolutely hilarious. Anthony was laughing so hard I had to calm him down. I also love Nascar so I love the redneck humor. Katt hows was 8 below I cant bring myself to watch it I heard it was sad. Denise sorry your U/S experience sucked. People can be so rude. I call it job security where I work but when you deal with people on a medical level have the decency to treat you with some respect not stupidity. Hopefully your next one will be better. Leslie applesauce sounds delicious enjoy eating it. Katt I dont vote on Supernova do you? Tanya enjoy the zoo do you get a lot of hot flashes with your dosage of Clomid? On 150 I have been waking up soaking in sweat in the morning and I have been off my last dosage for almost 7 days now and we keep our place at 65 degrees. I always need to be cold. I am on CD13 no positive OPK yet possibly looking like I am heading for the RE on Sunday morning for another U/S but I still have 2 days to hopefully get a positive surge. I will check in later.


NB - August 12

Hey girls! I found you! Thanks everyone for the compliments on my pics! <KATT> I was talking about the conceiving concepts website, I wasn't able to open it... Not sure why! <DMK> Yup, you saw a belly ring. I actually have it pierced twice, once on the top and once on the bottom. Your pictures are beautiful! You take awesome pics, and your family is beautiful as well! <LESLIE> When we figured out he was on the potty with the helmet, we almost died laughing, it was the funniest, most innocent thing! He can be soo funny! You are over half way there! Yea! <BL> That is great that dh was thinking ahead! I can't believe how much some of the procedures that you all have talked about are! That is crazy. <KELLEY> That is great how they do maternity leave, and only $7 a day for daycare! We pay $500 a month! <BL> DS eyes have always been blue like mine, but have recently started turning a little green like dh. They are beatiful! <DMK> I am sorry the u/s tech was an ass. They can be soo insensitive! I hate waiting for mine as well! <KATT> Sorry you aren't feeling that great! Hopefully you get better soon. The sooner you are better the sooner you can ttc! Well, if I didn't mention everyone.. HELLO! :) I hope everyone has a great weekend! I Will check back in tomorrow, heading off to bed... Oh, and by the way, I did get the promotion, plus a 5% raise! YEA!!! :) We are very happy, a lot of happy news for us this past week! So, I am sending "happy news" dust to each of you! Good night!


bl - August 12

Good evening girls! Nb, great news about the promotion and the raise. Send some luck in my direction :) Dmk, sorry about the tech today. So much for pleasant bed side manner. You're too cute about wanting me to start the thread! If I get preg, that would be crazy!! Leslie, the applesauce sounds yummy. I love sour apples. Robyn, that's so cute that Anthony thought the movie was so funny. I can't wait for ds to enjoy the movies like that. I hope you get a surge soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.Tanya, I loved the email. I have to show dh! Have fun at the zoo, that sounds like lots of fun. Katt, sorry the healing isn't going too quickly for you. Try and take it easy, even with the company over. Dh will have to do double time! Can you rest on Sunday? I'm sure you're not into sex if you're not feeling great. Kelley, your maternity benefits are great. How can you beat $7 daycare! That must put you at ease. I hope I didn't forget anyone. I'll see ya in the morning! Oh yeah, thanks for the good s/a wishes! I guess we'll find out next week.


ROBYN - August 12

Just wanna say goodnight to all. Will speak to you all in the morning. Luv and lots of babydust. Bye


Rhonda - August 12

Hey girls i found ya.How is everyone doing?Im not doing to bad.Tanya my email is [email protected] Robyn i hope you have alot of follicles then.I hope this thread brings alot of bfp's this month.Im here for ya girls.Oh on the old thread one of you was asking us thats pregnant how far along we are(im sorry i dont remember who asked)but i am 10wks3days. - August 12

hahahhahah almost didnt find u guys ...... seems like every time i come to post u guys r on the next thread hahahahahahahaha sooooo gurls how r we all ??????


wannabeamom - August 12

Hi Girls! Just wanted to pop into say everything is ok. I started clomid last night. I am on cd4. Everyone seems to be doing very well here. It is great to see that! Have a great weekend!


NB - August 12

Good morning girls! I needed to vent really quick! I am on call again for work, and was on the phone last night from about 5:30-7:00pm, and then it was quiet until around 9pm and it did not stop until 5:45 this morning. I ended up having to sleep out on the couch because it was ringing soo much, and I had to keep getting up to take notes, etc. Then ds woke me up at 7am. So, needless to say, until I get him down for a nap... if I can get him down for a nap... I will be functioning on about 2.5 hours sleep- if I count the little cat naps in between calls! Sometimes oncall can be real quiet, and the other times it is a real pain!!! And lately, it seems it has been a pain for me! Oh well, gotta get through all day/night today, all day/night tomorrow and then Monday night until Tuesday morning at 8am. Sucks!!!


NB - August 12

<LESLIE> I am a huge fan of homemade applesauce! How fun to be able to do that with your mom! <KELLEY> Can't wait to hear about your u/s!! Very exciting! <BL> Keep us updated about your liver... I hope everything turns out to be fine! <DMK> I was wondering about Shauna too, we haven't heard from her in a while. <KATT> Sorry you have been working such long hours... Take it easy at the bbq today. <MOMMY2JOSH> Have a great time at the zoo! DS loves going to the zoo, it's been a while since we've gone. <ROBYN> That's great that he loved the movie. It looks like a funny one, can't wait to see it. <KATT> I also heard 8 Below was very sad. I'm not sure I can watch it, I am emotional anyways, and then now with these extra hormones... forget it! :) <ROBYN> I hope you get a positive surge, keeping my fingers crossed for you! <RHONDA> That was me asking how far along everyone was, I couldn't remember. Thanks though! <JADA> Great to hear from you! <WANNABEAMOM> Good luck this round with the clomid. Hello to everyone else I might have missed! (((HUGS))) and tons of babydust to all of you!!!


dmk - August 12

NB- Oh my gosh you must be SOOOO tired!!!! That sucks! How often do you have to be on call? Hopefully ds takes a really long nap for ya today! My dd got a REALLY mean email last night from her 3 close friends from school. Her best friend goes to a different school. Anyways they wrote this email together saying they did not want to be her friend anymore. One of the reasons is she does not agree with them having a myspace. These girls are 9 and say where they live. They have also made comments about her modeling and her good grades. She was a huge mess last night and cried for about an hour... I had her call her best friend and that made it much better for her! Even though my dh told me not to I emailed the girls back. They know me, I was the classroom mom. So anyways I just told them to please stop emailing my daughter mean emails. And that she was very upset. I also told them I would print out the letter and show the principal. I know I should have stayed out of it. I'm just getting so tired of them being mean to my baby girl... I am though going to let the principal know about them giving out information on myspace... So scary.



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