TTC in August through Friendship and Support .. Part 2
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Rhonda - August 22

slowpoke i will find you all when i get my internet back"if i can"Im sure i will eventually.Thanks for your kindness i really appreciate it.


NB - August 22

Hey girls! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I have been feeling terrible, and barely have enough energy to go to work all day and then come home and play with ds. It has been just a lot of nausea, but this morning I actually threw up. (yuck). I am soo shakey, and I know I need to eat something, but I just can't. I am going to call the doctor today to see if they recommend anything. I just keep telling myself that this to will pass, and it is for a good cause. It seems to get me through. <BL> Yup, the orientation was for school. It was boring! <MOMMY2JOSH> That is great about citibank! Good luck! <CMELISSA> Sorry to hear about your dad, keep us updated, and hopefully it is nothing major. I was pissed at George for getting Howie voted off! <SHAUNA> Great to hear from you! How have you been? <ROBYN> I am sorry you and dh are arguing! My dh will do the same thing, on his days off, sometimes he will sit around and do nothing, and then other times he does a whole lot. Well, this weekend I felt terrible the whole time, and he was out of town, and when he got back last night, he looked around the house, and said, well, I thought you might have cleaned a little. I just looked at him, had nothing to say. They can be so supportive sometimes! uurrgghh! <DMK> I know what you mean!!! It is a terrible thing to have to go through feeling this way ALL DAY LONG, but I keep reminding myself that is will be over with soon (hopefully) and then I can enjoy the rest of the pg! Everything makes me dizzy right now. And everything is making me nauseas- my shampoo, my toothpaste, my dog! Everything! <KATT> DH's prolactin levels seems OK, only moderately high. Mine was 26 I believe when I first found out, and then it just started to drop on it's own. They told me since it wasn't really that high, there wasn't anything they could give me, unless it went up. It just dropped on it's own. I had another test about three weeks later and it dropped to 21, and I haven't been tested since, but I am assuming it dropped since I am pg! :) There is hope! They had told me a normal range for me was 10-15... Alrighty girls, gotta head to work. I was finally able to get down three triscuit crackers. Yea!! Good luck to all of you getting ready to test, how exciting!!! And good luck to all of you waiting to O!!! I will try to check back on later, have a great day!


slowpoke01 - August 22

hey girls just wanted to check in hope that everyone is doing good this morning. i will check back in a little while


mommy2josh - August 22

Morning ladies. CD17, nothing new here. Nicole, sorry that your dh was so insensitive. I dont think men understand how much ttc affects us, and when we do conceive, how the hormones play cruel jokes on us. I wish that my dh would feel what I feel for atleast one day. Hang in there hon. May be you can have a cleaning service come in once a week or so until you are once again feeling well enough to do the chores yourself. Robyn how are things with Jason? What cd are you on? Kelley, Jamie and Denise how are you feeling? Hello to Katt, Leslie, Kathy, Erin, Jess, Rhonda, Jada & Chrtistine. If I forgot anyone, please accept my heartfelt appologies. Love yas, will be back later.


bl - August 22

Hi ladies, it seems quiet here today. Nb, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so sick. I hope it doesn't last muck longer. How many weeks are you now? Tanya, any signs of o? Did you stop bding?How are you feeling about the interview? It's on Thurs right. Robyn, how are things with dh? I know he's usually a great guy, maybe just a lapse in sanity!! I'm glad Anthony loved his first day of school. That's so cute. Katt, are you ttc this month or do you start next cycle? Are you getting anxious to try again? Melissa, it does help to talk to friends about this ttc rollercoaster. Any new news on your dad? Only a few more days for you and Slow too. Oh you girls must be getting anxious!! Shauna, where were you for two weeks? Rhonda, i hope things are ok with you. Nothing new here. I haven't been temping, so it's been nice not to read into everything. I did check one morning just to make sure I did o! I'll be back!


bl - August 22

Oh, Denise has an u/s today. I hope all goes well for her.


slowpoke01 - August 22

hey bl i am not really anxious i just have a feeling thata/f will arrive any day now. if a/f is a noshow then i will probably test sunday


bl - August 22

Hey, Slow positive thoughts! You might get a bfp!!!


Katt - August 22

HELLOS to Kelley, Jamie and Denise, Leslie, Kathy, Erin, Jess, Rhonda, Jada, & Chrtistine! DID I miss anyone? WOW the thread is slow today...Just got in a bit ago. Lets see... MELISSA_ that's good you talked to your friend, hopefully she can be added support for you. JAMIE_ Doesn't seem like anyone wants to start a new one, lol! RHONDA_ Hope everything gets worked out, gonna miss ya girlfriend! NICOLE_ Dunno about the prolactin, all I know is his u/s and testosterone were fine so something is making his sperm count low??? Dunno, guess we'll see, he's supposed to do another count - betcha he won't do it until the very last possible day, LOL! I hope JAMIE74 is okay, her Lap was last week! Prayers to you JAMIE74! BROOKE_ I am supposed to call the OB when I O and I don't think we'll be able to try again until dh gets a mood booster as his reading on prolactin has put the fear in to him, lol. SO, we'll see what the doc says. I am on CD6/7? WIll start temping day 9 since I don't O until like 12/14. SUPERNOVA IS ON TONIGHT AT 10pm (CBS) IF ANYONE CARES, LOL! Y'ALL GOTTA WATCH AND VOTE FOR LUKAS tONIGHT... PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASS
Checkin later. Loveyas!


cmelissa - August 22

Hey Ladies - hope everyone is having a great day. 2 more days till i find out - of course i'm thinking its a bfn - since i have never gotten a bfp. I have my yearly gyn appt tomorrow. My dad is getting a biopsy Friday on the mass they found so i will know more than - so scary stuff like that can just happen randomly. Well big brother is on tonight - I hope Janelle wins veto - i'm rooting for the under dog now! Will and Boggie crack me up though!! NB - hope you feel better soon!!


ROBYN - August 22

Hey all sorry checking in so late. Trying to adjust to Anthony back at school and getting up earlier. I called out sick tonite I need a break from work I am just so damn tired. Sometimes I wish I just led a normal schedule and went to bed at night with my DH I havent slept next to him in 2weeks. It sucks. But... Jason kissed alot of ass last night before I went to work and cleaned up dinner and did the dishwasher and made Anthonys bed all while I fell asleep before work. So I gave him big kiss and forgave him. Anyway CD25 for me and 10dpo nothing exciting to report. I have to confess I have already taken a couple of PG tests. They are still coming up positive. Todays was barely visible but its still there. So i have a good feeling the trigger shot is still in my system. Yea Rockstar is on tonite thanks Katt. I havent been home to watch the episodes so at least tonite I can do that. Tanya did you get the positive O yet? I will check in a little later. Sent Jason to the grocery store and to go get 2 movies that came out today Silent Hill and Posideon will talk to you all later. Luv to yas


LeslieK - August 22

Good afternoon everybody! I hope all is going well for everyone. I had an exciting day running some errands. I found some new tennis shoes that just have an elastic band around the heel and they are a half a size bigger than my normal size. I'm determined to walk each evening, but I'm having trouble cramming my feet into my old shoes and bending over to tie them is becoming a problem! I had a scary realization last night that I only have 14 weeks left of my pregnancy!!! I have a lot to do. I've already had two people in the last couple of days ask me when I want to have my showers!!! Wow...I guess this is really happening. Melissa - keep us posted on your dad. I'll keep him in my prayers. Robyn- the first days of school are always so crazy! I just got the biggest package of paperwork from my dd's school, I'm overwhelmed going through it. Middle school is a big step! I'm glad you called in sick today, you need a break for sure. Jamie- let us know about any testing you may sneak in...I know its addicting! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you. Nicole - hang in there with the nausea. I know its awful...try any remedy you may hear of, you never know what may work for you. I hope your dr. has some more ideas for you too. Its hard to function when you feel so bad. Hello to Brooke, Tanya, Denise, Kathy, Jessica, Christine, Erin and Rhonda. Am I missing anyone?? Okay, have a great evening and I'll check back in soon. xoxo


LeslieK - August 22

okay ladies....I started a new thread just now...its got the same title, just look for Part 3. see you all there!



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