TTC in August through Friendship and Support .. Part 2
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bl - August 11

It has been such a blessing to find all of you wonderful women. It seems that coming back to one thread has kicked off a lucky streak. Let's hope it continues. Here's to ttc and healthy pregnancies!!!


slowpoke01 - August 11

bl i am gonna bump this one above the other thread..thanks for starting the new one


LeslieK - August 11

Good morning everyone. Its always nice to start a new thread, much easier to find where I left off reading! Nicole- I am 24 almost 25 weeks now. I looked at your photos and I love the one of Tristen with the helmet going potty, priceless! Kelley - I'm going away this weekend but I'll try to get a site going next week. I have to confess I've hardly taken any pictures of myself but I'll see if I can get one posted soon. Denise- I love the photos you've done with all the kids and weddings. You truly have a gift. Both of your kids are going to be heartbreakers!
Well I'm off to make applesauce with my Mom today. I picked up some gravenstien apples in Eastern Washington last week and were doing our annual canning day today. Nothing beats homemade applesauce in the winter! I'll check in later today to see how everyone is doing. xoxo


bl - August 11

Hi everyone. Kelley, that's so exciting to go for the big u/s.It's so great to see all the little body parts. I know you get a year off for maternity leave, do you get any money from your job when you are on leave? Just curious how that all works. Nb, you are going to have a busy life with getting your masters. I think that's very impressive. Denise, when is your u/s today? I haven't done the b/w to recheck the liver. Maybe next week. The re said no rush. And you know how much I like getting my blood drawn! Slow, that's cute about your neice following around dh. It's funny how dh's get anxious for a little one too. Last night at dinner dh gave me $ to go shopping for myself. Just for a treat. I asked him what about all the fertility stuff and the hsg, he said he already put money away for it and it's all covered. It was such a great surprise, now I don't have to stress. He must have had a good week at work! Hi to everyone else. I hope you all find us! Happy Friday :)


bl - August 11

Denise, I just got a chance to look at your new pics. You're a great photographer. I love the one of the naked baby. How precious.


kelley32 - August 11

Thanks for starting part 2 Brooke ... and for the sweet words. We have a governement program in the province of Quebec called the Parental Insurance Program ... I get 75% of my gross salary for the first 18 weeks, then 70% of my gross salary for the remaining 32 weeks ... everyone who earns money has to pay into this program, even if they will never use it. That's one thing about my province, they really take care of their parents ... we even have $7 a day daycare, so I only pay about $150 a month for my daughter to go to daycare.


mommy2josh - August 11

Denise, wow. You are HOT and TALENTED. Does your hubby know how lucky he is? Anyway. Jamie, your niece sounds soooo cute. Brooke thanks for starting a new thread. Be back later. Love ya all.


mommy2josh - August 11

Girls, give me your e-mail addresses, need to send you something hilarious. :)


ROBYN - August 11

I found you all. Hello. Denise and Nicole you are both beautiful and so are your families. Denise what a talent you have. Tanya my email address is [email protected]. Will check in a little while. We are going to take Anthony tonite to see Talledga Nights I hears its really funny plus I love Nascar so its gonna be fun. Talk to you all later.
luv to all


ROBYN - August 11

I like the Windows Live web page we will make one and I will post some pics. Most of you saw my wedding pics so I will get some more up and some pics of us. Let you know when.


bl - August 11

Tanya my email is [email protected] Kelley, that's awsome about your maternity leave! I'll try to put some recent pics of the fam soon. I love seeing everyones families. Nb, your son has amazing eyes. Did he get them from you?


mommy2josh - August 11

Robyn & Brooke, I sent you guys the e-mail, I hope that the attachment comes through fine. That video for every woman who has ever changed a diaper. LOL, I was on the floor, almost pissed in my pants. Be back late tonight. Love yas. By the way Robyn, I am on 10mg clomid.


ROBYN - August 11

Hey Tanya never knew that Clomid came in dosages that low. I thought they started at 50 - 250. I learned something new. I wll check me email. Thanks


ROBYN - August 11

Tanya that video was hilarious i sent it to all my friends. I added you to my list if thats ok.


dmk - August 11

Wow a new thread and it's already filing up :)... Good job Brooke! Well, I started one then NB started one and we both had good luck... So maybe now that you started one it will be your turn :)! Thank you girls for the compliments on the pictures. I can't wait to see all your guy's pictures! Tanya are you going to make one? I would love to see your family! Robyn- I can't wait to see that movie! I hope you guys have fun and laugh your butts off. Leslie-I love apple sauce. How fun to make it. Do you put it in jars? Do you make different flavors? Tanya- wow what a low dosage. Does he just want to start you out small? Maybe you really don't need much help... Let's hope !!!!! My email is [email protected] . Where's Shauna? I hope she is doing ok. I had my u/s today. They tech was not very nice. When she found out how far along I was she said "we are not going to see anything this early". She did not know what my Dr was thinking. I told her I was having a little pain on one side yesterday and he just wanted to make sure I was ok. She said " Everyone has pain on one side". I asked her if she did see anything would she tell me and she said "no". She said you don't see anything till you're 6 wks along. Oh well, I guess I have to wait 2 more weeks... I waited this long right? Whats 2 more weeks...


mommy2josh - August 11

LOL Robyn, 100mg. Sorry. Going out to dinner, be back later. Hugs.


Katt - August 11

Hey girls, just got done reading the previous thread. Worked a long 11hr day today I am totally tuckered! This week has been hell on my recovery. I think I went back too soon. I tell ya my side has been hurting me over the past couple days - between my belley button and left side stiches. I don't think that is normal? My doc said I should be getting better by the day. I called OB but it's surgery day so I will have to call Monday if pains are still there. Dunno? I'd hate to get a staff infection or worse. I am getting a bit worried about it. I am supposed to take it easy this weekend according to the RN, but dh and I invited friend out to the house for BBQ tomorrow and I can't very well uninvite them now can I. So, dh is just gonna have to be very attentive is all I can say, haha. Speaking of DH I need to wake him up from his nap. Oh and get this I get to work tomorrow and Sunday! I am on call and there is a daily draw to bedone - SUCKY!! grrrah Oh well. I am gonna finish up reading and post replies...brb



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