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amygirl - April 17

Anything, I'll do anything-
Temperature charts, Tes-Tape, litmus paper,
Abstinence to maximize sperm count,
Lying on my back with a pillow under my behind and
my legs up like a beetle,
Vitamin A, Vitamin E, zinc, manganese,
Anything, I'll do anything-
But please-oh please-don't ask me to just relax.Lets all form a circle of prayer for each of us a bfp within the year.


mommy2josh - April 17

LOL Amygirl. Thanks for starting part 2.


amygirl - April 17

Thanks mommy2josh lol i hope i did ok with starting are you all doing this week so far?i have had such a busy week like you would not beleive.


NicoleM - April 17

TANYA, ROBYN, and RHONDA - thanks for all the positive thoughts and good wishes. You all are so sweet! I'm pretty sure I can't be pg b/c we didn't bd on my fertile days since I had that vaccine. It would be awesome, but I feel like she is coming any minute - all crampy like. ;o) AMY - LOL! I like your opener and do keep you girls in my prayers. Have you tried doing the "bicycle" after bd yet? If not, you haven't tried everything yet... (wink, wink)! DH was cracking up when I did this - you know laying on my back after bd and hiking my rear end up and doing that bicycle exercise in the air... someone told me it had worked for them. They said it was good for helping the little swimmers get upstream. I may try it again now that we're starting clomid.


ROBYN - April 17

Amy - hilarious opener to the thread thanks for starting a new one. TANYA kick DH off the computer and spend some time with us LOL. Nicole your welcome. RHONDA - i hope you feel better. Amy - i do have to ask whats your story with ttc? I dont remember if you posted before sorry (: I am starting my 2nd IVF cycle we got pregnant on our 1st IVF cycle but lost the pregnancy at 14 1/2 weeks and had to terminate on the 20th of Feb i had no amniotic fluid which was consistent with no kidneys developing with the baby. It sucked because the baby was still alive but had no chance of survival so we did a D&E and I am on my way to the start of the next cycle which actually starts this friday. We have frozen embryos so this cycle is a frozen one. Well anyway enough these girls have heard this story a 100 times.


amygirl - April 17

LOL so glad my opener was alright.Robyn this is my original post Name: amygirl | Date: March 30, 2007, 13:15
Answer: hi i am new name is amy and i am 34 yrs old my dh is 38 and i had a m/c 2yrs ago when i was 13wks pg.For unknown reasons the babys heart just stopped beating.We have ever since been ttc with no luck.I live in Illinois.Can i join your thread?Nice to meet all of you.
I figured i would just find it and repost it by copy instead of having to rewrite it all out.


J.D. - April 17

tanya, i like to know about that diet also. my email is [email protected] and welcome amygirl !!


ROBYN - April 17

Ok now I remember you wow you were as far along as I was when you lost your baby I am terribly sorry. I am 38 and Dh 34 we live in South Florida. And you are very welcome here but there rule is you must stick around LOL.


amygirl - April 17

Thanks so much Robyn,lol yea i will stick around.I dont get on the pc everyday so i will not be posting on a daily bases though.Im glad you now remember me from my original post.


Katt - April 18

Hi gilrs! Nothing to report here so I'll move on to y'alls posts... I am thinking people say, "no way" when we tell them our weight to be nice - what ya think? JAMIE_ I am gonna get the preseed from Ebay you Emailed me. NATASHA_ good luck with the chinese tea! RHONDA_ You should have it tomorrow. TANYA_ I didn't get the link. AMY_ Thanks for starting part 2, too cute ;) NICOLEM_ That bicycle sounds like a lot of jarring for those poor little swimmers. I get the theory there but I am thinking a good long incline is quite sufficient. I guess that about wraps it up and I have some things to say but Gilmore Girls is coming on and I haven't seen it in weeks cuz it hasn't been on - damn basketball! Luvyas all!


NicoleM - April 18

I know KATT - you see how crazy and OCD this ttc thing makes us? I mean this is what I was thinking when I did the bicycle thing... "Well, what if my cervix is in a funny position and the swimmers can't get in? What if when I'm just laying there it pushes against the wall of my hoo-ha and nothing can get by? I'll try this bicycle thing to make sure the cervix get a good dose of stuff.... but what if the bicycle thing gets the swimmers all confused and then they don't know where to go? Etc, etc..." Insane... I know - the sad part is I am totally serious. Night girls.


slowpoke01 - April 18

~NA25~ good luck for your "O" day. ~ROBYN~ wow thats so great. the ball is now rolling for you and so glad that the shared risk kicked in. ~NICOLE~ hope that a/f shows for you soon. ~AMYGIRL~ lol i really loved the opener. it was hilarious and it hit the nail on the head because i think thats how we all feel.~TANYA~ looked at the site and it seems like a pretty good diet. i may try it if i ever get a chance to get some me time. i havent been eating much lately but still cant seem to lose weight. ~KATT~ i think people say no way to me because they are scared that i will go psycho on them. been known to thought that was cheap for preseed. ~JEN~ are you still sick? if so i hope that you get to feeling better soon. ~MELISSA~ how are things going with you? ~RHONDA~so sorry about the gas that you are having. it sounds so painfull. ~~~~~ok well i have to get off here,. i have another busy day tomorrow. i have to go pick up a horse and in 18 days have her sonogramed to see if she is pregnant and i have to pick up fil's truck from the was the fuel pump in the fuel tank going out of it. thats why it kept dying. also i have saved enough doe to pay for the sperm donor for next time so i am happy about that because now all i will have is just doc visits and hcg shot annd i already have my clomid so that will help alot.i am still saving money though because i dont want to pay anymore out of pocket than what i have to when we start back.i have also looked to make sure that our donor has some avaliable swimmers and he does so that took a big load off my shoulders.fil got the stitches out of his foot today and has to go back in 2 weeks for an x-ray to see how it is healing and then they will tell him when he will be able to go back to work. well take care all i will check back in tomorrow sometime. good luck and baby dust to all.


treysmommy - April 18

Good morning ladies. I found ya'll!!! Well, af is officially GONE!!! And hubby is gone for a week on the ship. This really sucks!!! What a great start for part 2 amygirl.. Well nothing more to report, so I'l ttyl.


ROBYN - April 18

Morning girls, all my IVF meds just got delivered its so weird to be saying that again and its so cool that its also starting again. Just looking at all these needles 1 1/2" needle for my butt cheeks again intramuscular not looking forward to those. Anyway TREY glad the witch is gone with hubby gone next week does that screw up ovulation or will you be ok?


treysmommy - April 18

Hey Robyn, no that doesn't screw up my ovulation, and I should be okay. Hopefully hubby will feel up to it when he gets back. Good luck on starting your IVF meds again. And good luck with that big a** needle also... I am sooo afraid of needles, any size scares me!!! Ttyl...


NicoleM - April 18

Hey ladies. Still no AF... weird. I'm on cd34 and either 16 or 17dpo, so it has to happen today I think... isn't 18dpo the cut-off??


Katt - April 18

Afternoon gals! I am on bosses PC, lol he's out! Eh he wouldn't care anyway; he is my brother!! I forgot to temp today damn it. I am cd7 or 8 I think. Almost time to start opking it! NICOLEM_ Hell, I am OCD anyway, heehee. Not formally diagnosed but most definitely Monkish, lol! I hear doggie can be the way to go with a tilted uterus. As far as the cervix is concerned, just remember nothing in there is actually connected and those little swimmers can swim right in to the abdominal cavity. Kinda sickish if ya picture that, haha. JAMIE_ You're too funny. I hope your mares get the BFP ;) CHRISTIE_ Just think, AF is gone, dh is gone a week so he'll be back just in time for Oing sex - YaY!!! AND it'll be fun cuz y'all be missing eachother ;) ROBYN_ I couldn't possibly do those progesterone shots. I am weak to pain. NICOLEM_ Are you sure you're not pg? Did you test just to be sure?? Ok girls I am off to lunch. Let Mr Rascal and the Sookbo outside. I'll holla aycha laters! Luvyas!!



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