TTC IN 2010!!!
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wantababysobad - October 9

ok let me try again


wantababysobad - October 9

Hey Melip82 looks to me like you read everything correct you are on 14dpo and am 15dpo just that am on CD29 when do you think is a good time to take a PT


melip82 - October 9

If you are 15dpo then it should show up on a test by now; go get a test if you are ready! I suppose I could test too...but I am holding out because I hate to spend money on a pt and then get af. I HATE that =(


wantababysobad - October 9

I know how you feel where i live a first response PT is $57.00 we have some cheaper ones for$20.00 but they dont work as well as the expensive ones i think i will hold out till monday what do you think


melip82 - October 9

You want to make sure you are not jumping the gun, so if you wanna wait then you should wait. That is alot of money!


hsg123 - October 9

Hello Ladies,

AF arrived yesterday:( with full force. I haven't had this heavy period for a long time... Maybe it's from the HSG test? Not much cramping though... Very light cramping before she showed.
At least the 2ww is over. That's the worst part! I will start clomid on day 4. I did 5-9 until now. Let's see if it makes any difference.
I was thinking about seeing an RE. My insurance manual says they cover treatments (except IVF) after 1 year of ttc. How do they determine when did I start? I should call them and find out. I'm 36 and I don't really want to wait any longer. I think IUI would be the best option for me. Although it's a bit hard for me. Both me and my dh had previous marriages. He has 3 kids with his exwife. She had PCOS and after years of ttc she had IUI. I don't know how many rounds she had, but she did get pregnant. with triplets!!! They are 9 now.
So, because all of this my husband is a little hesitant about IUI. He is crazy about his kids but I understand if he doesn't want to go through this again. Triplets are not easy.
I really don't wish to have triplets, but the IUI might be my only chance so I def want to try it, only a few percentage of women get pregnant with multiples, right? Well, I will do a few more cycle of clomid and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I won't need IUI.


melip82 - October 10

HSG- How long have you been trying? I understand your husband's concerns! Maybe you should make an appointment with an RE to discuss options and voice your concerns. Maybe he/she will be able to come up with a plan that will suit the husband. I hope you two find a happy medium!


melip82 - October 10

Here I am on cycle day 36 and I think af is on her way. I swear I feel like I have had pms from hell for like a week straight! I think she will show up either tonight or tomorrow first thing. My breasts have been swollen and sore the past few not as bad...but I have a mild backache. Good thing I haven't bought a test yet, I knew she would show her stupid face soon. If by some reason I don't start tomorrow I will definitely be inclined to buy a test!


ingenue - October 11

Melip82 and wantababysobad, what r ur updates?


elliemae - October 11

Hello ladies!!!

hsg123~ I just got done with IUI. Depending on the meds you use, if any your chances are different. Wtih natural(non medicated)cycle the risk is the same as BD. Wtih Clomid it is slightly lower, about 20% rish of twins and with injects the risk of twins can be up to 30%. It also depends to how you respond to the meds. The risk of triplets or more is only about 2%. Of course a lot of it depends on the number of follies you have. If you have two follies that risk is lower than if you have more.
I agree it is time for a specialist/ RE. If you need a referral to one then your regular OB can do that. Good luck. I hope you can get things worked out so you and DH are both happy.

Mel~ Sorry you feel like AF is just around the corner. I know that it is tough. FX that she does not show for a LONG time.

AFM~ I had my IUI yesterday. RE was impressed with DH's count. A "good "sample is 11 million. DH's was 83.6 million. with 82% motility. Now it is the very long TWW.


melip82 - October 12

Ingenue-Still waiting for af. Omg..I had such bad cramps hormoes were flustered..I felt like I coulda killed someone. I even cried in the shower and had a pity party for myself...and af hasnt even come yet! I keep thinking she is gonna be here ANY second. I feel so freakin emotional and tired. I don't know what to think at this point. I'll see if she comes today. The cramps subsided and my breasts dont hurt as much. Just a little on the sides. If af is gonna show she better hurry up cause I am sick of being put through torture.

Ellie-Sounds so promising for you! Your husban'd count and motility are pretty awesome. I think you have as good a chance as anyone...can't wait to hear about that bfp ;)


melip82 - October 12

BTW...I am cycle day 38. If I make it to 40 I am either pregnant or I didn't ovulate at all. That would suck. =(


wantababysobad - October 12

Good morning all sorry i took so long to get back to you ladies well af showed up yesterday morning and heavy like hell i might add so am on CD2 i will be starting clomid tomorrow on CD3-7 100mg i hope and pray i get pregnant this time

Melip82 fingers crossed for you


melip82 - October 13

Hello girls! I started spotting last night and af came this morning. I am glad it is here because my hormones have been out of control the past week or so. So things of the agenda for this month: buying a better thermometer that is accurate!,ovulation strips,buying progesterone cream, continue taking prenatal vitamins, get my partners sperm checked out. I think that's it. I am excited to try the progesterone cream as I know I have a progesterone deficiency. Hopefully it will make a difference! Good luck to everyone else. Here's to another month! ;)


Jen30 - October 29

Just wanted to update you all.... I gave birth to boy/girl twins 7 weeks ago after clomid/hcg unprescribed at home.... it can happen :) We are wanting to try again asap.... I swear it was the Hcg shot which did it for me as clomid alone didn't work. This time I found a UK based website and got the clomid and Hcg shots from there!

Babydust to you all.


jayton - October 30

Ok so i just did a pg test ,the ones tht show the plus sign well thehorizontal line was really dark and defined , but i could see a space in tht line where the vertical one would be, it was almost as though the line was there but was clear.,could this mean im pg?



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