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tanner789 - November 1

i have been ttc for just about a year, and was recently referred to a fertility specialist, havent been to the appt yet, but have been very upset about not being able to concieve and that my dream may never happen. what i would like to poll and know is how do you ladies handle it that have been ttc for 2 yrs and over, how do you keep up the faith, whats your history and what have you tried so far that hasnt brought you your dream yet, what number baby are you trying for. looking for a lil faith from the ladies who have been trying the longest b/c if anyone understand how i feel its you ladies that have been at this much longer than me. thanks to those who reply


Chrystina - November 2

I'm 21 and I've been for over 3 years now and lately I've been not thinking about it. It's only just recently that I can't stop thinking about it. I'm currently on Clomid 100mg but I don't think that it'll work. I was told the next time I go to see my Dr he'll put me on Metformin, so I really can't wait! It's getting a bit frustrating at times but I think reading up on it really helps, so I can maximise my chances.


mommy2josh - November 2

Tanner, dh & I have been ttc #2 for 30 months. Though it doesnt get easier getting a BFN every month, you learn that some things aer out of your control. What keeps me going are the girls on this site. We keep each other sane and make each other laugh. Dont worry about the RE appointment, at least he/she will tell you what is going on with your body. I myself will be taking a trip down the RE road in December. Meanwhile, find a thread on this site where you will be comfortable and you will find your strenghth through the strenght and knowledge of others. Please feel free to visit me and my wonderful ladies at the TTC through Friendship in November thread. Best of luck to you on your journey.


mommy2josh - November 2

As not to confuse you the actual name of our thread is TTC in November through Friendship & Support part 1 :)


Tink - November 2

welcome tanner! i am 33, have been TTC #1 actively the last 18mos, but we were off BC for the last 5 years, and had decided if it happened, it happened. it obviously didn't. i've done 4 mos clomid only, 2 IUIs with clomid and am doing IUI #3 with follistim shots tomororw (the IUI tomorrow). i've done all the testing, 2 sperm analysis, die test for tubes and just had a lap 2 weeks ago for endo. it is a hard journey and my age scares me. i am healthy and athletic, and never had any medical problems. so it is heartbreaking that i can't conceive yet. i've wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. i just will keep going for a few more cycles and try and have faith and hope that something will happen when the time is right. I know there are many out there that have been trying much longer than me and been through much more, so i just look to them for inspiration and strength.


tanner789 - November 3

thank you all for replying i look forward to sharing my stories and such with you girls as i'm hoping some of you can get me throught this journey as you have. best of luck to all of you



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