TTC for about 7 months
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Gina - March 18

Can anyone help me out. Im 23 and my husband is 28, we have decided that we would like to have a baby, we decided that in August 2004. I went to the dr. for preconception visit, started vitamins yada yada yada. Anyway, here we are going onto our seventh month ttc. NOTHING. I started charting my temps about two months ago...going onto my third month. We have sex at the right times, but nothing.....Whats going on! I know it can take a year, but I really didnt think it would take that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Advice


Lynn - March 18

Gina, try using an ovulation predictor test in addition to charting you temps & start monitoring your cervical mucus. charting temps is great, but you usually only know that you ovulated afterwards & it's better to bd before you ovulate so the spermies are there waiting for the egg. Usually after a couple of months of charting temps, you can see a pattern and figure out the best time to bd, but if you do the cm thing as well at the OPK, you'll have even better chances of it happening. Also, it may not be you.... could be a problem with the spermies... Try putting you husband on a men's one a day vitamin & coenzyme Q10(helps mobility)... keep your spirits up, it will happen eventually!


Gina - March 18

Thanks, I just told my hubby about the vitamins and he said that he will take them!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info.


Tina - March 18

Me and my husband also been trying since Aug 2004 and still no baby. It is so frustrating. If by Aug still no baby we will both be going to the Doc.


michelle - March 19

try the sperm meets egg plan on It is a site for people who have m/c but it sounds like a pretty good idea. It says it raises you chances to 40% as opposed to 25%. Good Luck!



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