ttc for 7months...
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~jasmin~ - May 30

ive been ttc since nov/dec,just got af and really down about it again :o( im starting to worry somethings wrong as im now into my 7th month ttc and never thought it would take this long.anyone else take a few month to concieve....


kim - May 30

jasmin,,,, hi jasmin how old are you if you dont mind me asking? dont get too frustrated just yet because the normal time to conceive is 9-12 months. good luck


~jasmin~ - May 31

hi kim,im 27,i know im probably worrying over nothing but its frustrating now and i just want a baby so much!


Jill - May 31

Jasmin, we are in the same boat...
My husband and I have been trying since November and still not there yet. And I just started af on Sunday morning, right before I leave for church where I get to meet the pastor's 1 week old grandchild. I've been really down this week, too.


kim - May 31

to jasmin, i know exactly how that feels but it dont help one bit getting frustrated its a real vicious circle to get stuck in, you r trying and nothing so obviously you goin get streesed about it, ive tried relaxation cds and spend 10mins every day in a quiet place where you wont get disturbed and think about nothing forget all your problems and just imagine floating in a really peaceful place. everyone says stop thinking about it and it will happen but thats easier said than done, babydust for you jasmin and i hope you conceive really soon. kim


~jasmin~ - May 31

thanks kim..and babydust to you jill-maybe next month for us both!


val - May 31

Jasmin, my husband and I have been ttc for 8 months now. I was wondering why it was taking so long,so we went to the doctor to be tested. My hormone levels were okay, but by husbands sperm turns out to be a little low. They said that his counts/motility were in the "normal" range, but on the low side of being normal. So now we're both taking our vitamins,and he's switched over to boxers. We're willing to try whatever it takes. I'm 25 and my husband is 29, and I never thought that getting pregnant would be an issue with us, seeing as how neither one of us smoke or drink, we both eat right,exercise and take our vitamins. At least now, I have an answer, and we're working on that. I use to sit and wonder, what if it's me or what if it's you? It's not the answer I wanted to hear, but now we can actually address the issue without my husband saying " why,do you think it's me?" Or him just making comments about how he doesn't have to wear boxers or quit smoking or anything like that because that's all crap and how I don't have the patience, and just we'll just have to try harder. Now, he's very careful about "taking care of his guys". And now we're also planning our sex more carefully around my ovulation. Because when a man has low motility/sperm count, he needs a couple days to build up the "healthy,strong swimmers". I'm not saying that you should run off and go to the doctor because something must be wrong. I'm just offering up another possibility of why you aren't pregnant yet.Don't let it get you down.I use to be that way, and I won't lie, I still do get that way. It'll happen for all of us someday when the timing is right and we least expect it.(I hope) I wish you much luck. P.S. The stress of ttc could also be another reason it's not happening.


Becks - June 1

Hi jasmin, it may help to know that you're not alone. Me and my husband are trying to conceive since oct 04 (I'm 31 and my husband is 32). Went to my gynecologyst last month, and he said not to worry, as many couples can take a year to conceive... he told me to come back after the summer.. and not to worry



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