TTC for 2 yrs. w/ PCOS..HELP PLEASE!!!
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Mrs. Atacador - January 14

I am 22 and me and my husband have been TTC for 2 yrs. now with no luck I have been threw a million test and also was on clomid for over 6 months with no luck. I am VERY depressed and try not to be becaus I know that doesnt help along with stress but I dont know how to stay positive anymore. Me and my husband also found out about 7 moths ago that my husband has Diabeties (which runs in his family) and he has a low sperm count with low mobility. So now I am even less hopeful that we will conceive. We go to see a fertility specialist ont he 19th of this month but I dont know if anything good will come out of it. I was presc. Metaformin awhile back and thought it was crazy seeing its the same medicine my husband takes for his Diabities so I didnt take it and now I have found out alot of women that were on it have gotten pregnant so now im kickin myself in the a$$!!! If anyone with PCOS has gotten pregnant could you please help me to know how and what to do. I am starting to give up but I DEPREATLY want a child and so does my husband. Please ANYONE help!!! Thank you...


Mrs. Atacador - January 14



star_4_baby - January 14

mrs-i feel sorry for you....but the good thing is that you are still young.You just have to get meds for that.and do you have irregular periods? because it also means that your harmones are imbalance which will not help you concieve but with the help of medication that too can be solved...all i will say to you is that be patience...about your husbant i am sure dr can help him too with his sperm count..GOOD LUCK
I am 27 and recently tcc have a mild case of pcos and harmones are all messed up and so far just taking meds for my harmoes but without any luck not pregnant yet..but see people like us who have problem have to keep lot of patience....BABY DUSTS


Mrs. Atacador - January 14

Star 4 Baby...Thank you for takin the time to read my story. I appriciate your advice. I REALLY do try to stay positive and be patient but its VERY hard ( as you already know) I know I am still young and I hear that alot from people. In my head I know that but in my heart I think I will never be a mother. Before I found out I had PCOS I always had irregular periods but I would always get my period just at different times in the month. Then one day I couldnt stop the bleeding so I went to the doctors and they gave me a depo shot (since I wasnt ttc anyways I never thought anything of it) I only took it that one time and never got a period after. It was almost 10 months since I didint have a period so I went to see a doctor and they put me threw all kinds of test and once they found out I had PCOS I started takin provera to regulate them. It has helped but I still get my period at all different times in the month. But at least I get it. But is it true that you can bleed and not ovulate like produce a mature egg? Thats one of my worries. Because when I get my period I am happy cause I think ok at least Im ovulating but then I heard that you can bleed and not have mature eggs. Well again thank you for your time...Mrs. Atacador



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