ttc for 2 years finally going to the doc
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UnLuckyLady1903 - April 20

hi im 19 and i have been with my df for 2 and a half years i was on the depo shot from jan 04- jun 04 since i have niot been able to become pregnant. i finally decided to get myself to the doctors because no matter what any body says its not normal to be trying for so long. my df is also going to the doctors this week about it he is asking for sperm motility and quality tests we wont be getting these tests for another 6 months seeing as i live in the uk. i have no idea at what may be wrong i use to use bbt and it was showing no great thermal shift from pre o to post o i would have a dip around day 21 and then the temps would more or less be the same as pre o.i have used opks but i have irregular cycles, i do get ovulation pain but that doesnt mean anything its so heartbreaking not knowing what is going on with your own body. i really regret ever going on depo provera i really do blame it for all my problems. month after month i went through so many pregnancy tests seraching various sites trying to find out why i hadnt conceived. i have not yet found the support i was searching for. i have been to various forums and been turned away for not been religious or in my 20's or 30's and treat like a total idiot and nobody understands the pain because they say oh you're young you will get pregnant or you have plenty of time but i havnt if there is something wrong. and so i decided to seek help and try get some support. theres not a day that goes by without me thinking of babies and a family. what else rips my heart in two is i have a friend who is 6 months pregnant with her 2nd and she is younger than me and she laughed at me when i told her i couldnt conceive. also i have a sister in law who is a nasty peice of work she had an abortion 1 year ago and now she is pregnant with her 2nd and she tells me not to have children. i just want to strangle her she is a horrible woman. i just want to know why all this has happened to me and i should be in my peak of fertility it sure doesnt feel like it. for all who have read this its coz you are going through the same thing or you are offering support, well thankyou and i wish you all so much good luck dont worry we will all have our babies someday even if the pregnant sister in laws of this world make us feel bad or the supposed best friends that like to rub their joy in your face dont worry it will happen to us one day. and i will update you all soon enough when i have seen my gp

thanks for listening


MuzikGurl - April 20

hi rachael! I have just one question at ur age why did you wait so long to see a doctor? I understand u are fustrated and everything, but at the same time every month that passes you can't belame anyone but your self for taking forever to seek help. I myself am 23 years old and I have very irregular periods ( i would go 2 years without one) and was dx with PCOS given bcp to regulate me periods but only worked for a month or two. I then didn't do anything for a year until I met my husband and we discussed about having kids..I wasn't even sure if I could have them. All this time that passed me by I knew something was wrong back when I wasn't having regular cycles like my friends and when they did come they hurt so bad and were heavy...but I didn't do anything about it when I did have time. Now, at age 22 after I got married my husband and I despriately wanted a child but we couldn't. I regret not getting help. I comend you now for getting help now but, at the same time are you seeing a doctor? This site is only for advice but not to subsitute a doctors ruling. I believe u said u are seeing a gp really u need to see an ob/gyn or an RE. I am now after a year of meds and trying and timing and everything I am now 23 years old and thankfully approx. 5-7 weeks pregnant. But to my understanding I could have prevent some of the problems I have today if I sought out help earlier in my teens and not just blow it off. Some issues I know I couldn't help but I could try to manage them better...the sooner the better, right? Well, best of luck with you and wish you all the hope!


ciara - April 21

hi Rachael. I'm from the Uk too and its sooo fustrating trying to get help here on the NHS. MusikGurl, are you from UK or US? Here we have to go to the GP first to get tests and then if the GP thinks there is something wrong then he will refer us to a specialist - we can't approach them ourselves, even then you won't get referred unless you've been trying for a year. Unless you go private which is beyond most people's means, you really can't demand things from your doctors - the NHS is really overstretched - too little staff and too little money. a lot depends on where you live and who your doctor is and you don't get any control like you do in the states. People wait up to 2 years here just to get an operation! i get so jealous when i read all the US posts where you can demand things from your doctor. Rachael i am going to the doctor next month (3 weeks just to get an appointment!!!) - keep me updated with how you are getting along. good luck with everything.
MuzikGurl - it's so great that you got pregnant with all the difficulties you went through, it just shows that you should never give up on hope. congrats! :-)



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