TTC for 2 years email is [email protected]
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sabra - November 6

Hi , I would like to invite you to visit our message board. Its small enough to give individual attention to everyone’s post yet big enough to be supportive and informative. I know that TTC is a an exciting and sometimes heartbreaking journey. It’s so much better when you have someone along. Just join in anytime I know you will love it.
when you post be sur to use the refresh button.. you WILL get replies


Trinity - November 11

Thank you! that IS a great site !! I went there and everyone was so sweet and offered alot of answers!


Anne - November 16

This is a really neat board! Everyone is so friendly send sabra an email and she will tell you all about it. [email protected]


breezy - November 17

I tried to go to that place but cant get on ? it says page cant be found ?!


sabra - February 3


sabra - February 3

try again the website is
we are always recruiting new people. Its a great board full of friends


sabra's friend :) - February 3



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