TTC for do you check cervix, positions, etc.
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carra - November 14

Hi, we are trying to concieve our first baby and just started recently. I'm 21 and in good health but have been having unprotected sex for over 2 years now and surprisingly I haven't ended up pregnant. Although I've never layed there afterwards. Does anybody know any tips to getting pregnant as far as sexual positions and checking your cervix manually?? Or does anybody know any books that I could pick up at the local library about checking your cervix and getting pregnant tips?? Any information to help would be great. And for any of you that are in the same situation please join and we can talk with eachother and help eachother out.


eb - November 14

There are lots of really good books. One is called Getting Pregnant another is Taking charge of your fertility. Hope that helps.


carra - November 14

Thanks eb, I'll have to check that out.


rach - November 15

hey i am in exactly the same psition, but i dont have a reg. cycle do u..i have just bought a fertility monitor becoz i heard they were good and tell u when u ovulate etc..what cd u on am on cd 7 now my last cycle was 70 daysxx


Sara - November 16

The website is really good about giving you all the info you need about ttcing.Good luck and ***baby dust**!


carra - November 16

rach, lately i have been having somewhat regular periods, but usually they aren't. I am on my 5th day of cycle 11/15/. Yeah, I have bought one before, but I think that I started taking it too early. Wow, 70 day cycle is shocking. My longest cycle was about 58 days and I have no idea why it did that, it had never happened before, but I think that I was stressed with my job and bills and things like that.



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