TTC for 18 months...still nothing
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angel_eyes88 - October 13

I have regular cycles of 35 days and have only been TTC with my current partner for nearly 4 months, my previous partner had a low sperm count. My current partner and I have used condoms beforehand. I don't know if it could be because i often get BV and thrush which is caused by a PH imbalance that happens every time i finish my period. I don't know what to do and it's really tearing me apart.... Can anyone help?


Lin - October 13

I don't understand. Your title says ttc for 18 months and nothing, but now you say you've only been trying for 4 months. Are you adding together all the months with both partners? If so, there's no sense in doing that. Just because your previous partner had a low sperm count doesn't mean your current one does. I say wait until 6 months, and if it's really worrying you, have him do a semen analysis. If your previous partner had a semen analysis done, does that mean that you've already had tests yourself? Have you had a blood test? HSG?



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