TTC for 12 months......
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amanda - December 14

Ok, this is my first post but I have been using this website for a while now. This is month number 12 and AF showed up today. Next week, I am going to the doc to try and find out if there is anything wrong. My husband went for his first round of tests and has a follow up visit next month. It has been a trying year. Everyone says just relax. Easier said than done, right. I'd love to hear of some success stories to give me some hope. I know reading the other posts makes me feel like I am not alone. It seems like everyone around me is pregnant and although I try so hard to be happy around them, it is still so hard not to be jealous(I'm still working on that). Any tips or advice? I still do believe it will happen. I guess I just need to be patient.


sas - December 14

No tips or advice, But in a similar situation to you. This time last year we were so excited we were starting TTC. And now the excited has turned so sour. We did get pregnant in Jul but miscarried in Oct. This whole ttc is such an emotional rollercoaster. And yes everybody around me is pregnant i am also very jealous. Lets hope that 2006 will bring us both a baby. Good luck!


dea - December 16

Hi AMANDA- DH and I have been trying for 18 Months. My best advice- at this stage of the your own advocate. Drs. might try to tell you to wait and not rush- that you have plenty of time. Don't listen. Be agressive and informed. Ask a lot of questions. Do all the tests you can. Knowledge is power. Once DH and I "found" the problem we felt relieved because we then had something to work with. We re-set our goals and focused our energies differently. Best of luck to you.


Dee - December 16

i dont have a success story, but i am in the exact same boat as you are. dh and i have been trying for 13 months now. today af showed up for me as well and i also got some (depressing for me) news-my boss just found out she is pregnant. i am trying not to feel so jealous right now, but it's so hard...all i keep thinking is why not me?!? i am 22 years old and have a "normal" 28 day cycle, i have never been on birth control, and i am not currently taking any meds, just vitamins. i dont have any medical conditions and neither does my dh (except dh smokes)...we just cant seem to get pg. it's just really been hard this last year because almost every month one of my friends or co-workers finds out they're pg. i have only 1 friend now that isn't pg or already has a child, but she doesn't really want them so it's kind of hard to talk to her about my problems. this is just so much harder than i ever thought it would be. this ttc stuff really takes a toll on you emotionally and physically! well good luck to everyone.


Dawn - December 19

I used some natural herbs for fertility and was preg with my first child in 2 1/2 months. We had tried for over 2 yrs. I had friends that told me about it and it worked for them. I am now preg with my second and I used them again for this pregnancy. They are liquid herbs. It is formulated by an herbalist in Ohio. I just called them and they told me what to take and how much. They will ship the herbs to you. They are completely safe. Here is the toll free number if you would like to try them. It is Sunny Brooke Farm Herbs. (888) 583-3911. So far I have about 6 friends that couldn't get preg and took this and all are now pregnant or had there babies this year.



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