TTC cycle buddies wanted
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cbella - March 16

Hi girls...hopefully you'll find this new thread! And if any new ladies would like to jump on-that's great too! Quick background/update on me...I have been ttc for a year now, ever since an ectopic pg in March 06. I don't o regularly, so this is my 2nd round of clomid 100. I just went to the dr and he wants to try one more month (if we aren't successful this month) before sending me to a fertility specialist. I'm on cd 15 now and thinking o is right around the corner. Here's hoping for the best!!


mother2Bsoon - March 17

Hey cbella! Thanks for starting the new thread. We are right in line with each other. Today is CD 18 for me. I got my surge on yesterday. Dh and I bd on yesterday and will do so again in the morning. I am hoping that going every other day with preseed will help us be successful. Wishing many baby blessings for us all!!!


mother2Bsoon - March 17



Meighen N. - March 17

Hi there, I'd love to join thanks! Background on me (mother2Bsoon thanks for all your support) TTC for about 1.5 years - married 2 years DH 32yrs I will be 30 in April. Went to OB everything is good with me and with DH however was prescribed clomid 50mg 3-7 for this month. My day 3 was yesterday so I took the pill at night before that an ok time to take it?? This preseed? Where do you get it? I have been looking around and cant seem to find it anywhere?


Meighen N. - March 17

Oh I forgot to ask mother2besoon...did you end up taking the baby asprin???


mother2Bsoon - March 17

hi Meighen - glad you can join us:-). I didn't take baby aspirin. I did take mucinex until the the day before my surge. I actually ordered Preseed online. I believe it is I am trying to keep to the regime of bding every other day and I use Preseed to help my dh swimmers get to the right place. Many baby blessings to you:-)


Meighen N. - March 17

How long did it take to come in the mail? I live in Canada so not sure if they even deliever here?


cbella - March 17

Hi mother2B and welcome Meighan! I took my clomid right before bed too-well 8pm, so it was a bit before bed...but it worked for me. I o'ed the first round on cd 18. This month I've felt lots of o related feelings, but my cm was short lived and temps are kinda crazy this cycle, so I don't know. Would it be too late for me to take mucinex or robitussin right now? (it's cd 16 for me) Ohh the many questions of ttc. I'm going to take an opk right now, so maybe I'll get my surge today! Have a great day and weekend!


mother2Bsoon - March 17

hey ladies, I had to run some errands. Cbella - I don't know about taking mucinex right now...just not sure what to tell you. I read that you should take it until you O or get your surge, so if you don't have your surge yet, then I would suggest taking mucinex. It couldn't hurt. Meighen - it didn't take the preseed long to get here. You can possibly pay for faster deliver. I paid for two to three day delivery. I would concentrate using preseed during bding sessions that are closer to your O. Many baby blessings!!!


mother2Bsoon - March 17

oh and cbella - I hope you get your surge today!!!


Meighen N. - March 18

Hi Ladies...Happy St. Patricks day to all the Irish:) Just a quick question I am on Day 5 (started clomid on day 3) when should I start to take the O tests? Is it 5 days after my last pill? So on Day 12?


Meighen N. - March 18

Oh and Cbella...did you get your surge?

Baby dust to you.


mother2Bsoon - March 18

Hi Meighen - you should start taking OPK tests three days after your last pill, which I guess would be cd10, if you are taking clomid cd3-7. Hope everyone is doing well! Many blessings!


cbella - March 19

Hi ladies-where is everyone else? But it's nice to hear from you guys M2B and Meighan! I got a 2nd line today on OPK-not quite as dark but we'll see what that means. We bd'd today and maybe will tonight too. I don't want to overdue it if its too early! But dh leaves Tues morning, so I'll have to get what I can! Mieghan good luck with the opk's. Here's some hints that I wish I knew when I started...use them the same time each day (preferrably in the afternoon) and don't drink too much for about 2 hours prior to testing! Maybe you already knew that, but I didn't when I first used them! M2B how are you doing? In the tww now right? Many prayers for you! I'll hopefully be joining you in a day or two :) Hello to everyone else...Cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow night, so I probably won't be able to check in till Tues. "See" you then!!
**Baby Dust**


mother2Bsoon - March 19

Don't know where everyone else is. But I hope they check in soon. Many baby blessings to you and Happy Bding!!!


mother2Bsoon - March 19

Ladies - this is a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your unselfish support and encouragement during this journey of ttc. I will be taking a brief break from posting and reading on the site. I am in the dreaded 2ww and I want to take time away and try my very best not to think about it. So, don't be discourage...but be ENCOURAGED knowing that I am thinking of you and will continue to pray for your baby blessing and most of all your health and well being. Many baby blessings!!!


Toscana - March 20

hi ladies I found u! so how is everyone?



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