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MommaD - October 8

Hi ladies. I just finished my last pill (50mg Clomid) and I am patiently waiting for Oday. Here's my story. I fell pregnant Aug 05. Went into premature labor with my daughter at 22 weeks and she died an hour later. (Dec 05) I had normal periods after 6 weeks and then they vanished after 6 months. The last one I had was Jul of this year. Haven't had one since. Dr checked all of my hormone levels (TSH, FSH, Prolactin, etc) and ALL of them came back normal. Had HSG done this past Jun, and that came back normal as well. Doc said the irregular periods could be due to hormones being out of whack.....Anyways, I am excited to see what's going to happen within the next few weeks and I could really use some buddies to give me some hope and inspiration. Any other ladies having a hard time TTC and looking for a few buddies? How many MG of Clomid are you taking and what else are you doing to increase your chances?


MommaD - October 9

I see I'm not welcome on this board, so I will try another website.


Lucky717 - October 9

MommaD -- Sorry no one replied. I am also on Clomid. Never had a BFP. TTC for 7 months. I am taking Clomid 50 mg. cd 5-9. This is my second Cycle of using clomid. I am not a huge fan of Clomid because of the hot flashes and nausea. I am going to try Femara next cycle if we haven't conceived this cycle. I've had all the test done as well and everything has come back normal with the exception of my progesterone levels which I am correcting with the Clomid.

Let us know your progress on clomid. Baby Dust!


tonyaandjoe - October 9

i have had a tubal reversal after 10 yrs. i am 32 and ttc also. i have 3 children and we decided to have more.i had my surgery on july 27 and i had finished my 1st cycle of clomid ithink it was 50mg. i am waiting to hear if i am pg.they haven't called me yet. i am supposed to find out today i had a blood test done. has anyone gotten pg after a tubal reversal and was on clomid


Tenk - October 9

Hi MammaD, Our youngest Kamryn passed away 03/11/06 she was still born at 38 weeks. We have been trying again since April to get a's not working this time around. She was our 4th and all 4 of them were conceived in less than 3 months of trying. I keep hearing that I'm just too stressed out (we moved from CO to NC, I changed jobs, we sold and bought a house, our middle child started K) but we are so ready to have another one. I KNOW that carrying for 9 months will be tough, since the last one ended so abruptly, but it's what we want. I will be (hopefully not) starting Clomid on the 20th if I don't get the BFP as AF is due on the 17th. So I am right there with you. ~~~Baby dust to all~~~


Boo b do - October 10

Hi tonyaandjoe, I too had a tubual reversal this Aug 06, my consultant put me on Clomid 50mg in July 06 on days 2-6 for three months, nothing happened apart from hot flushes a week after taking them, my consultant has now upped my dosage to 100mg per cycle. I have a blood test on the 21 day of my cycle to test for ovulation, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, maybe something will happen this month. Good luck to you, its refreshing to know that there is someone in the same situation as myself.....keep me updated with any news.


grad19 - October 10

Hi MommaD! I just started 50 mg of Clomid this morning. First time taking this stuff. I too have been TTC for a while now and also have had irregular periods. Every test that was done was normal. Just wanted to let you know that I'm willing to wait patiently with you!!!!


tonyaandjoe - October 10

hi boo b do, i took a blood pg test and it was negative. i was heart broken but we are going to still try. i go back to the dr. on friday and see what he wants to do i don't know if he'll try any more clomid or what. but i hope we get pg soon.


tanner789 - October 10

i too am i clomid took 50mg last month days 5-9, still ahvent gotten my period but did get bfn, they are inducing my period again this month and increasing me to 100mg. hoping this month i'll actually ovulate. mommad i hope you find your wa back here, sometimes it takes awhile for people to respond best of luck.


tonyaandjoe - October 20

i didn't go to the dr. on fri. 13 instead i go this mon. curious to see what they do.


Nadacal - October 20

Hello everyone this is my first time here. I have been on clomid (50mg) for seven months now. Have yet to get pregnant. I have just switched doctors this past week, because the other doctor did not give me any information when prescribing clomid. Just told me to take it and he wouldnt see me again until i was either pregnant or out of pills. Now this new doctor I like better, he is more informative. He has me goin to take an HSG test ( where they shoot dye into your tubes to see if there is any blockage). He also has scheduled my husband for a semen analysis. I have to call and make an appointment for the HSG the first day of my AF. I will let everyone know what comes of it. Its nice to talk with other woman who are going through the same thing.


heather3233 - October 20

Hi everyone, I am new to this site but it is comforting to have other women to talk too. I hope no one will mind my joining this thread. By the way what is ttc? I don't know all the quick lingo yet.
Is there anyone that concieved on 50mg of clomid the first or second time?


tonyaandjoe - October 29

i went back to the dr. he done a u/s said everything looked good. for me to come back wed. we'll see what he'll do next. if i don't get pg. in 4 months then we are going to do the hsg test



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