TTC Circle of Friends-Everyone Welcome!
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Cendy - November 15

Hi all. This thread is for all those lovely people TTC, who need a place to hang out and chat about anything and everything baby related. I want to personally welcome anyone who decides to join our thread and to let you know its okay to vent your frustrations, rejoice, cry, or be in whatever mood you feel like, just as long as you are nice about it. LOL. Well have a blessed day and BABY DUST to you all!


Amy - November 15

Hi cendy I would like to join you. I have been ttc for 2 years and am currently waiting to go for blood tests. How about you? how long have you been trying?


Cendy - November 15

Hi Amy! Glad you decided to join our thread. I am 30 years old and married. I have two little boys 6 and 4, but I have always wanted a little girl and we have been TTC for about 13 months. I started Clomid last April and took it for 6 cycles with no luck. I had an HSG Sept 29 and was hoping to get a BPT that same month but it did not happen. My tubes did have blockages, but they were able to clear them with the dye. In October I got a really bad infection from what might have been attributed to the dye they push through your folopian tubes and had to be on strong antibiotics. That month I did not even bother with the Clomid. So I guess you could say I have been on vacation from BDing and am looking forward to trying this next month. I have tried so many things to conceive, but nothing seems to be working, but I am not giving up yet. This site has been a lifesaver for me. I do not know what I would do without the love and compassion of the members on this site. Everyone has been so nice to me. I hope to get to know you better. So, what is your story? What kind of blood tests are you waiting on? Are you seeing a fertility doctor or your regular gynecologist? I am seeing my gyne. Well, I will close for now. I will check back later on tonight. THROWING BABY DUST...


sherry - November 15

hi iam sherry, happy to join. i have a little girl, and had a son that passed away. iam ttc #3, and hoping it does NOT take as long as the last time. af is due in 2 days, but i know it's coming :( like i always say, i wish for those ttc#1, their BFP first, cause it's only fair, so iam willing to wait it out, with you fantastic ladies. sherry


Ericka - November 15

Hello Amy, Sherry and of course Cendy. Cendy knows my story, but I will share with you other ladies since it is short. I am ttc #1. On Nov. 17 it will be officially one year. I have a dr. appt that same day to get a referral for a specialist. DH and I haven't done any tests yet. I am now on the 2ww. I always start spotting before af around 10 dpo, which should be late tomorrow or Thursday. I gave in and tested today, BFN :(. Maybe it was too early. Sherry, I'm sorry to hear about your son. You said you hope this round of ttc doesn't take as long as last time. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take last time? Talk to you ladies soon.


CC - November 15

Cendy, thanks for the new thread!! Great name! Amy, 2 years....I feel for you. Have you had any other tests at all? Briefly, we have been seriously trying for 8-9 months, but not really preventing for quite some time before that. I have had HSG which came back fine, DH has done 1 semen sample, came back w/ slightly low motility, but his count was so high, my OB didnt seem very concerned. I have done 2 cycles of Clomid, and am currently taking a break this month from the Clomid, and will take a 3rd cycle in Dec, if I dont get pregnant this month. I am not hopeful that I will this month w/o the Clomid, it seems we will need some sort of help. If the 3rd cycle of Clomid doesnt work, then I am off to a fertility doc. This month, I am just sick of it all, and feeling so frustrated! The break is needed right now. We will still try, just not taking Clomid this cycle. Cendy, Ericka, and others here have been a dream come true for me here, and a great release and source of information. It really has been helpful to have these ladies here, to cheer and root for, to vent with, and to bounce questions off of. Amy-I think I read your post on another thread, that your doing a 21 day progest. test. Have you done any other testing?


acklyn - November 15

Hi, I would like to join your circle. I have been ttc for 17 months.I have pcos and 1 blocked tube. waiting to perform 1st IUI/clomid procedure next month on next cycle if nothing happens this month. fingers are tightly crossed. Babydust to all ttc...


CC - November 15

Sherry-I didnt see your post or your Ericka while I was taking forever to post mine. Sorry about your son, and thanks for the well wishes for all of us 1st timers (me!)


dea - November 16

Hey Girlies! Can I jump in?? DH and I have been TTC #1 for 19 months. I just had our first IUI done and am now in the dreaded TWW. DH has low sperm count and bad morphology. We feel it's his BP meds so dr. finally took him off. (It takes 60 days to make sperm-so we shall see mid-Jan...) My HSG came back fine- "Super Tubes" as dr. said. So-our challenge is the sperm. With TWO washes combined we only had 4.6 million sperm. Not the best number- but we gave it a go. I haven't been on any meds so I'm really crossing my fingers for mother nature to take her course. If not, on to the next round!! Our families have no idea what is going on or that we are even TTC. So- this website is a saving grace for me. DUST TO YOU ALL. Thanks for the "therapy".


amy - November 16

hi cendy,sherry,ericka,CC,acklyn and dea!! sherry ,im so sorry about your loss. Yes 2 years is very long!! but I am glad that we are now going for tests. Im having blood tests to check ovulation, dont know very much about it as doc did not say too much. Im going on the 28th day of my cycle as I have a 35-38 dc, although last month it was 40days and I was sure that I was preggo, cried so hard all day! feeling more hopeful today.Seems that you ladies provide and recieve a lot of support on here and that Is great. Im going for tests at the end of the month and DH is going for sperm test next week, im very worried and so is he.
Hope there is a lot of BFP soooooon X


sherry - November 16

well, when i was 18 i had a son, and he passed away from cancer last year, and that was with my ex. i met my hubby, and we ttc-ed au-natural for 3 1/2 years, (charting at home, temp taking etc.), after that we wound up going for, 1 rounb clomid, 1 round iui, which resulted in our daughter. i didn't want to wait to just try again "au-natural" in case it were to take a long time again (we had unexplained infertility. no real reason why), but we won't go the route of the clomid/iui again, till the spring, if nothing happens. i concieved once naturally with dh, but had an early miscarriage, so early, i got my + test one day, and a heavy af the next, i was confused, and the only way i knew i was in fact pregnant and it wasn't a defective test, was visitng my dr., and him checking my levels, so i did get pregnant with my hubby before the iui thing, but it didn't stick. i recommend iui to the fullest! it's terrific, fast, easy, good success rate, and not real expensive. the clomid gave me a few wacky side effects, but nothing i couldn't handle again. it was normal anyway, but it's worth it, so those who are going that route, or thinking about it, go for it, and best of luck to you!! i want to hear alot of bfp stories on this thread!!!!! thanks for the condolenses ladies. it's the hardest thing in the world, but i know he's still with me in spirit!


sherry - November 16

also, i did get pregnant with twins with my daughter but lost one early on. that was from the clomid, cause when i had my round i produced 5 mature eggs, but i didn't care, i was desperate and willing to take the risk. just wanted to add in some background. so litterally i have 3 angels :) sherry


Vanaseregwen - November 16

I just wanted to say hello to all of you ladies TTC!!! I'm 33, I have 1 son and a daughter due in about 2 months. Both were concieved using IUI. We tried for a year the"old fashioned" way got pregnant finially and had a miscarriage (that's actually how I found out I was pregnant! It was more like "You WERE pregnant"). Then it was 7 months on Clomid with my gyno. After that didn't work, it was 2 rounds of IUI with my specialist. I never really stopped trying for #2 after my son was born and went back to the specialist for IUI in November of '03. After 14 IUI attempts (4-Clomid), a HSP,(4-clomid) laparoscopy, (3-Femara) then (3-Follistim) we had decided that if #14 didn't work we would be happy with the child we have. I'm happy to say a miracle happened!!!
I know exactly what you ladies are going through. Analyzing every twitch and change in your body, wondering if it's early pregnancy or impending menstruation-or the Linguini from last night. The incredible high when you are a little late-the terrible low when that's all you are. I felt that my whole life revolved around my reproductive system and I was a complete failure month after month. Then there's the paranoia when you do concieve. Are my levels ok? Is my spotting normal? Was that a cramp or gas? I didn't tell anyone until I was over 4 months along-just in case. I can deal with my own pain, but sometimes the sympathy from others can be worse. I'm sending fertile thoughts out to all of you who are going through this!!! I can't say I know it all by a long shot, but if anyone has questions or just needs a shoulder I'll be here for you!!!!


Audrey - November 16

I'd like to join your thread. DH and I have been TTC #1 for 11 months. I know it hasn't been that long..... but it feels like an eternity. I am just starting the TWW. I am on my second round of clomid, 50 mg. I did not have an IUI. I wish I could feel something happening inside me right now. I am so scared to take a test in a couple of weeks and have it be a BFN. My husband has been frustrated with me lately because he says we should just "let it happen." and "having a baby is all you talk about...." I told him that if it was him taking medicine, pills, peeing on a stick every morning, going in for ultrasounds, and blood tests, etc he might think about it a little more too! We have a great relationship and normally he is the most supportive man in the world.... but the last couple of days he has driven me crazy! It is like I have so much more invested in this than him.... even though he wants it just as bad as I do. Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent. :)


Amy - November 16

Audrey, I know what you mean about DH, mine was like that, just saying 'it will happen' and dont obssess and stuff, it has taken 2 years of TTC to move forward and get tests done. I know DH is scared because he has told me that he so much does not want to let me down and that at times had made him seem a bit disinterested. As we know, men tend to deal with things differently dont they and your DH is prob secretly worried, but cannot show emotion as hes a male!!


CC - November 16

Good morning ladies! Its so nice to read everyone's stories. Its always good to know I am not alone in my struggles and I feel just like a lot of you do. Vanaseregwen, I could have wrriten your whole post, those words are exactly how I feel each month. Congrats on your little blessings! Dea, good luck this month, I will be rooting for you..I think I will end up w/ IUI, so it was good to read your post Sherry, and all the positive. Amy good luck w/ your blood test and DH's sperm test. My DH was really nervous when he had his, but its better to know then not, and that way you can work on the problem, instead of just wondering if there is one. Audrey, I think all DH's go through that phase yours is in. I think its really hard for them to see the disapointments just like it is for us. I think my DH has run out of things to say each month, and now he just gives me a sad look and tells me he is sorry and hugs me. I hope at least one of us has a BFP this month, we need to encouragement!!!


CC - November 16

That last sentence should have read "We need the encouragement"..There is something to be said for proof reading before you post!



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