TTC Circle of Friends #9 (All Welcome)
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dea - July 10

Hello friends! I hope everyone found your way from thread #8 and those who have stumbled upon our thread will join and share. This thread is for all things pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Feel free to vent, cry, shout or just plain pour your heart out if you need to. This thread is to help us and those around us get through what sometimes can be a very hard road to travel. TTC is easy for some, but for a lot of us it has been long and draining. I invite you to join us in sharing our ups and our downs, our smiles and our frowns and anything else. Welcome to TTC Circle of Friends! I look forward to chatting with you! BABY DUST!


dea - July 10

Hope everyone found their way over... LASHUNDA: How are you doing?? Tomorrow's the big day.... ~~DUST~~


MichelleB - July 10

Hi girls. I have been reading the threads here for a while. Hope everyone is doing well. I am 29. TTC #2. My son is 10 months old. No problems with the first one, and this is month one trying for #2. The abbreviastions are insane on this forum...i can barely keep up but lest try. I am CD13, O Tomorrow and hopefullya BFP the end of July. WIshing you all the best!


dlongen - July 10

Hi everyone! I took Fri after u/s off because I was so excited so I didn't get to post! We're having a girl! So, Phoebe Maren is on the way! I couldn't believe how big she was!!! I mean she is bigger than the baby charts say. If I counted right, she is over 7 inches long and the sonographer said she already weighs 14 oz! I guess I need to cut back on the ice cream intake! Lol! Anyway, DH was a little sad at first that it wasn't a boy, but now he's chanting, "Daddy's Little GIrl - oh man!" It is really cool to see him getting so excited. I feel like the bonding can really get personal now. LASHUNDA: my fingers are crossed for you to have an amazing experience tomorrow if you didn't already go into labor! Good luck with everything! DEA: I'm sending you lots of positive energy on the u/s and shots and clomid et. at. DUST!!! CC: SAME FOR YOU - please keep us posted on the IVF start and progress and that whole experience, which I think is just so amazing. You girls are gonna get pregnant any day. I just feel it! CENDY: I did about the same for the 4th- can't handle this TX heat right now. My brother and his family are visiting right now and we went to Schlitterbahn yesterday (a huge waterpark), and it was insane. I floated the lazy river for the most part, and drank a ton of water and lots of sunscreen. Still, it was exhausting. No naptime this weekend and I'm regretting it! Now I have to work and head out to a conference this Wed so it just gets more tiring. Maybe I can take a cat nap at my desk today without anyone noticing??? ERICKA: I'm glad that the doc said "little nothings." That's got to be a relief. Our bodies are so darn weird - I think we grow bumps and weird stuff all over and most of the time (knock on wood) it's just skin - nothing to fear. So, keep thinking the good thoughts. I bet you guys will start to think of all kinds of names. I had fun looking up names and all their meanings. Are you guys more classic, or more eclectic? Welcome Michelle - hope you get preggers quick. I always here the 2nd one is easier so good luck. Bye to all for now. Thanks for starting a new thread, DEA. ~BABY DUST!~


Lashunda - July 10

Hi ladies, just popping in again. Congrats on your baby girl dlongen : ) Well, tomorrow's the big day. I can't wait. I don't even know if I'm going to sleep! I was hoping my water would've broken by now but I guess she's making me wait since she's coming out earlier. Anywho, I hope you all are doing well and everything goes good with those who are trying. I'll check back in when I can. I can't believe I've been on the site for 10 months!! Take care ladies : )


CC - July 10

Hi all..DLONGEN, congrats on your daughter!! Thats such an exciting time, when you can find out what you are carrying..ERICKA/CENDY, glad you guys are still doing well.. ERICKA, I have thought about you and your son a lot and I am so happy that you have such a great attitude. I think thats really important to you both. DEA, please keep us updated on your Clomid progress w/ u/s, etc..MICHELLE, welcome and good luck to you this month! LASHUNDA, you have less then 24 hours!!! Im thinking of you a lot, and your daughter, and hope everything is wonderful for you both tomorrow. Please post when you can, we will be looking forward to your update. Hope everyone else I failed to mention is doing well..No news for me..Will start meds (besides bcp's) in a few weeks for IVF. Hugs to you all!


MichelleB - July 11

Lashunda, good luck today. Chances are you will not read this until you are home with your baby so Congrats too! I assume you are being induced. Dlongen..a girl! We let it be a surprise, well actually we had no choice in Canada where I am from. They will not tell you the sex. I am guessing you are about 20 weeks. I love the name Phoebe. I havent heard it used is a long time..very unique. We named our boy Kiev (like the city in Europe). At first I said no way, but hubby called him that for 9 months straight when talking to my tummy so it kinda stuck. Well, off to workout. Kiev is asleep. TTYS. PS Where are you girls from? Where do you work?


Cendy - July 11

Hi all! Thanks for the new thread Dea! I appreciate it. It was time for a new one. LASHUNDA, I am so excited for you! I know what it is like not to be able to sleep the night before your C-section. It is so nerve raking that you just cannot sleep. With my first, I took Tylenol PM, but still could not get a good night's sleep. I hope you are doing well. If you put the baby on the hospitals website, please let us know so that we can see her pictures. Welcome MICHELLEB, I hope your TTC journey is a short one. I love your little boys name. It is very unique. I cannot believe in Canada they will not tell you the sex of your baby. Will the sonographer even look so you can guess? I live in Tennessee and work for an accounting firm. CONGRATULATIONS DLONGEN on baby girl Phoebe Maren! I know you were hoping for a girl and you got her. CC, I am glad you are doing good. You have such a great attitude. Well, I have to go now. You all take and I will post later. BABY DUST!


Nickih - July 12

Hi everyone,
I am brand new to this forum, but I have been following it, and so far have got some great advice. I just wanted to run something by you all, I am currently in the dreaded 2ww-about 4dpo (have been ttc 2 years) and I know that is probably hard to know the answer to this, but normally I get sore bbs after my temps go up, but this cycle they were sore right on ovulation. Infact I was almost tempted to give up BD cos I was sure that once sore bbs arrived O was over. The only reason we kept trying was cos saliva ferning and cervical position were telling me something different, and temps were still really low. I have read that some women get sore bbs at ovulation, but this has never been me until now. When I say sore I mean want to cut them off cos that would be less painful sore. Like I said I am 4dpo, and they dont hurt so much today. Its hard to get in mood to BD when your chest feels like its gonna explode, but glad we did now that I know that was when O was. Have any of you had a similar experience?


Cendy - July 12

Hi Nickih and welcome to our thread. I got sore breasts around O time and that was one of my signs that I was Oing. I also used the ferning scope, OPKs and even tried to track my temps. Have you been taking any kind of fertility drugs like Clomid? I had sore breasts on it as well. How are you predicting you O? What methods are you using? Taking progesterone at all. That can make you have sore breasts. I wish I could have been of more help to you, but I think your sore breasts is a good sign. BABY DUST!


Nickih - July 12

I am not on Clomide or progesterone. Basically I am temping, using the ferning microscope and checking cervix position etc. I am using fertily friend too, and according to that I am at 4dpo. All my past charts show that I dont get sore bbs until the temp rise which would be progesterone related I know, but the soreness before the temp rise is a new thing for me. Surely it would be way to soon to be pg related, especially if it started the day of ovulation?


Cendy - July 12

Nickih, I am not sure if it would be too early or not. According to my records,with my current pregnancy, I Oed on Dec 30 which was cd 15 and my bbs started to get tender around 5 and 6dpo. I got a +HPT 11 dpo. It was 5-6 days before AF was due. I think your soreness is a great sign that you could be pregnant this month. Keep us posted. I am so excited for you. BABY DUST!


dea - July 13

WELCOME NICKIH and MICHELLEB! It's nice to see new people chatting with our little thread. MICHELLE: I hope your journey is a short one. NICKI: Have you or dh been tested at this point? DH and I are officially at 25 cycles. Myabe this will be the one for us both! Sore bbs sound good at 4dpo. Keep watching that temp... LASHUNDA: Hope you and your new arrival are safe and healthy! DLONGEN: How exciting!! A Girl!! Congrats! I love the name too. CENDY: Anything new to report?? CC: Do you know when exactly you will start meds?? My deal--- today I had IUI #3 done. This one was meds assisted. I was thrilled this morning when the nurse told me that DH's count was 12.9M and motility was 68%!!!! I am sore in my mid-section which is the same as last time. Yesterday they did a u/s. R ovary was 22x24mm and the L was ~15m. Plus- My lining looked really good. The technician told me "Clomid likes you". So- I am praying to God that this one works. If not- on to IVF. On Sunday I start the meds for the lining (Progresterone). One pill inserted vaginally a night! Did you guys have to do that?? Interesting what science has taught us... BTW: I personally think the increase (nearly double) in DH's sperm count has to do with him taking Clomid- Hmmmmm.... not just for ladies anymore! Take care all ~~DUST~~


CC - July 13

Welcome Nickih and Michelle. GL to you both. Nickih, one thing I have learned over the years is each cycle has its own personality. Hopefully, what you are experiencing are positive signs for you! Thinking of you Lashunda and am looking forward to your post!! I hope everything went beautifully for you! Dea, yay, IUI sounds like it went really well today. You know I wish you tons of luck, and Im sure your dh taking the Clomid improved his results. I did have to take the progesterone suppositories. They were yucky and didnt really like them. Wear panty liners because they will leak! Hopefully we see a bfp soon from you and Nickih (and Michelle!) You guys are all in the 2ww (or Michelle should be soon)..Hope everyone else and all our pregnant ladies are well. Dea, I start ivf meds on 7-26 or 7-27 (I dont remember which)..still taking bcp's!


Cendy - July 14

Hi all! Hows it going? LASHUNDA, I hope you and baby are doing well. I too cannot wait to read your post. Well, today I went for my fourth ultrasound. This one was to check his thyroid and anything else. He is perfect. Just perfect. He is measuring a week ahead of schedule at a whopping 3lbs 9oz. He has hair. I was afraid he would not, but the tech said he has some. Also, he had the hiccups and I finally realized what the little sudden movement was all the time. It was him hiccuping. He is also breach or transverse (sideways with he his to my left). Since I am having a c/s they are not worried about him turning. We scheduled a date for our c-section. It will be Sept 14 at 7:30am. I am excited to get the date set into place. Now I can try to plan around this date. I cannot believe that is exactly 8 weeks away. DEA, it sounds like you are having better luck this IUI go around. I am glad your doc prescribed Clomid for you dh. Has your dh had any side effects from it? I am so glad his count was up this time. I am praying that this time is the charm. CC, I am thinking of you as well and praying that the IVF drugs and procedures give you the result you have worked so hard for. Well, I will go for now. You all take care! BABY DUST!


Nickih - July 14

Thanks girls, I appreciate your help. I know you're right, every cycle is different (curse it!) Everytime I experience something new I think "this is it this time! " I'm starting to get used to it though. Am 2 years down the track of ttc and am seeing a specialist next month if am not pg this month. DH and I have had all tests done. 6 months ago he had low sperm motility and count (about 20million) but got checked again last week and his count and motility are way up (about 192 million) so we are really hopeful now. In Australia, Dr's wont refer you to specialist unless have been ttc at least 2 years. (sometimes they make exceptions after 1 year if tests show problems). Anyway, I am now at 6dpo, and the weird thing is my sore boobs have completely gone now. I am encouraged by this, but have been doing this long enough now to know that it probably doesnt mean anything! Oh well, will just bide my time and wait to see if AF comes in the next 10 days. I HATE this waiting arghh!!!! Thanks again and goodluck to you all, fthreads like this are a tremendous help : )


Ericka - July 14

Hi ladies. Lashunda, I'm hoping everything went well on Tuesday. I was thinking of you all day. I hope you and your precious daughter are happy and healthy. Cendy, 8 more weeks...where has the time gone? I'm glad the u/s showed such good news, now you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without that weighing on your mind. How far along will you be when you have the c/s? I thought we were only a month apart, but I guess it is more like a month and a half. Dea, I'm so thrilled your IUI went so well. Your dh's numbers are great. I know how hard it is to be optimistic after so many disappointments, but everything sounds like it is in your favor. When do you go in for testing? CC, thank you for keeping my son in your thoughts. I try to keep positive, but every once in a while it hits me and I break down. There is not much I can do so there is no point on dwelling on the negative. Are you anxious about IVF? You are starting the meds soon, so the day will come before you know it. Welcome Nickih, I know the 2ww in the cycle I got pregnant was pretty different than my other ones. I was feeling things early that I didn't usually feel. I usually O'ed on or around cd 25 and that month I o'ed on cd 16. I don't know if what I was feeling had to do with me finally oing around the time I should or if it was the pregnancy. I hope you get some good news this coming up week. MichelleB, welcome to our thread, I hope your journey is a short one. As for me not much to report. My belly getting bigger and I am feeling him kick more consistently now. I can also see my stomach move when he kicks. Besides that, nothing new to report. Baby Dust!!



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