TTC Circle of Friends #8
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dlongen - June 30

wow- I have just caught up on all the posts. Lots going on with all of you - in so many ways. Where to begin...Ericka - I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I have said prayers for you and your boy. I hope all will be ok for you guys. I'll keep sending happy bubbles and good thoughts. Lashunda - very pretty names. As my friend Sheila says, "mama like!" CC- I am excited for you and your DH that you are making the leap to IVF. I have a friend who did that - got 3 eggs. Doc implanted 2 first try - and she now has beautiful fraternal twins. So, I so think you will be glad for the investment. It sucks that it's not covered, but I bet you'll forget all about the $ when you see that BFP!!!!! DEA - GOOD LUCK!!! You are surely a trooper going camping during the midst. I am a huge camper and I was actually camping when I conceived this baby - on St. Patricks's Day in central TX on the Blanco river! So - this is good! Clomid warnings - I felt lots of hot flashes on the clomid, and had some dizziness - just felt kinda strange. But, it worked for me, so I'm hopeful for you! CENDY- I feel guilty for not posting more too. I feel bad when I use time at work to post, and then at home, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer. But I think of all of you often - I know I haven't been a part of the thread for as long as many of you, but it's been special to me to have you all as friends through these posts. It sounds like you are just getting bigger and closer, Cendy! I can only imagine it's pretty tiring to be raising two boys and be preggers with a third! Welcome DAFFODILS- I sure hope this thread brings you luck like it did for me. HOPEFUL- glad you are healing and starting to feel like trying again. These losses are so hard. I do feel like they strengthen us somehow, though. They certainly make things more clear as to what really matters in life. Buffysmarks - see my notes about clomid above. I would just stick with it for a few more months. Just be sure you get checked regularly for cyst development which can happen. I think that's everyone - as for me, I had my 2nd Ob check yesterday and all seems well. I'm about 18 wks now and will learn the sex next fri which I'm excited enough to do cartwheels for. Dust and bumps to everyone!


Lashunda - July 3

Hello ladies, just checking in. Getting more and more anxious everyday and now that its July, UGH!! I'm having a scheduled Csect next Tuesday so I am just impatient. Hope you ladies are doing well! Take care : )


Ericka - July 4

Hello all. I want to wish all the U.S. ladies (I think we have some from out of the country) a happy 4th of July. Lashunda, next Tuesday already? Wow how time flies. Are you anxious at all or are you ready to have her out? Make sure you update us when you can. Cendy, how did the 4D u/s go? I plan to have one too. I wasn't going to at the beginning, but with the news we got I just want to make sure everything looks ok. dlongen, Fri is coming soon. Do you have a feeling about the sex? Do you or dh have a preference? CC, when will you be starting IVF? I have a friend who recently went through the whole IVF thing. She got pregnant on her 2nd try. She says it is such a financial burden, but so worth it. She was able to get into a program where they will try 3 times, if it didn't work any of those times she would get a portion of her money back. I think initially it is a little more expensive, but she was reassured that she would get something back if it didn't work. Have a great day with all the fireworks and BBQs.


Cendy - July 5

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing great! Just trying to stay out of the sun. I did have my 4-D ultrasound and it was just amazing to see my little guy. I wish I could post the pictures some how. If anyone knows how I should do this, please let me know. He is so cute and fat already. I cannot believe how he can have his little legs all the way up to his head and this be an okay position. You would think this would hurt, but the technician said that they have no sense of gravity yet and they don't feel things like we would. He was not shy about letting us confirm that he is definitely a boy. The one thing about the 4-D ultrasound is that it takes pictures of whatever is in front. So if you little, like mine, had his legs up covering his face, you are going to have a hard time getting a good face picture. We finally got a pretty good picture of his face, but if he had just moved his legs or turned his face more, the pictures would have been so much better. For $250 I got eight black and white pictures, 4 4-d pictures, a picture cd and a vhs of the movements. I think it is a pretty good deal. I am having another ultrasound on July 13 to make sure his thyroid is okay. The 4-D ultrasound was just for me to see him, but not to check everything. That will be on the next us. LASHUNDA, I am so excited for you. Next Tuesday is so close. Have you had any braxton hicks contractions? Since you are having a c-section hopefully you will not go into labor before Tuesday. I wish you much luck! DLONGEN, 18 weeks is great! I hope you are able to find out the sex on your us. Do you have a preference or have a feeling about the sex? ERICKA how are you doing? I have been thinking about you. I hope things are going well. When do you go back to the doctor or have another us? Well, I have to go for now. You all take care! BABY DUST!


dea - July 5

Whew!!! You ladies have been busy!! Life on Clomid is the same- I've had mini-hot flashes... if you can call them that. But, I am usually wrapped up on a blanket on the couch- so it's a small change for me. ERICKA: I was surprised the RE prescribed it for DH too. I looked online and as far as I can tell- it changes your hormones (same as with a woman) and has shown some help with sperm counts. So, with DH on the stuff- his counts could be better by time we are spending the big $$$ for IVF. Which is ironic of course, because they are only going to need 2-3!! Ha!! LASHUNDA: Is next Tuesday going to take forever now or what?? I hope everything goes as planned. CENDY: You have convinced me to do the 4D (once I get pg of course...) That must have been exciting. BUFFY: Welcome- hope you have a short ttc journey. Did the dr. prescribe the clomid? If not- could hyperstimulate your ovaries. I only ask because you wrote that you have been ttc for only 3 months. Did the drs. know you needed the Clomid?? Sorry if I'm being nosey or pushy. CC: I didn't get the job-- but I am completely fine with it. This way I will have enough sick days to take time for when I do finally conceive, dr. app't, labor etc... What's going on with you?? AF came and now? IVF?? Best of luck- hope the injections aren't too uncomfortable. DLONGEN: Thanks for the encouraging words. Maybe if I can get a bunch of eggs down there one little sperm will find his way! Take care all!


dlongen - July 5

Hi again - CENDY -that 4d us sounds really cool. I don't know if we'll do that or not, but I know how excited I am to see the bean this Fri -which we can record on VHS if we want. I saw on one thread where all the girls exchanged emails to share pics. That's a thought. To answer everyone, I kinda think it's a girl, but my DH thinks boy. We've had some "signs" that go in both directions. We are so silly, we lined up our 2 dogs and cat the other night and made them vote by touching their noses to the right hand for boy, and left for girl. We got 2 boy votes and 1 girl vote, so we'll see! Outsider votes are like 50/50. We'll be happy either way. CC: Keep us posted on the IVF. DEA: good luck with the clomid! LASHUNDA: OMG you are going to have a baby in less than a week! That is so awesome. Good luck with the c-s and quick recovery thoughts to you! ERICKA: Hope all is still upwards and onwards in your world. I said big prayers for you over the weekend. I have a feeling it's all going to workout for you and your bean. (I should start calling these babies grapefruits or something else by now since they're so much bigger than beans!) Love and dust to all!


dea - July 7

belly bump-- i am definately it the clomid?? or the pizza/beer?


CC - July 7

Cendy, your 4D sounds so neat. I have seen lots of pictures of them, and it really is amazing how clear they can get the features of the baby. Lashuna, are you ready ? Just a few days to go!! I wish you all the best, and please check in when you can and let us know how you are the baby are. Good luck!!!! dlongen, what are you having??!!! Thanks for the good story about the IVF couple you know, its always nice to hear the positive results. Ericka, hope you are still feeling good and your son is happy in there. Thank you also for the positive ivf story. I love to hear stories that give me hope. dea, I got so bloated while taking Clomid..To me, the injections for IUI were better then that little pill. What cd are you on now? Are you getting u/s's..Give us the details! Im still on bcp's waiting to start IVF meds. Go to the RE on the 17th for a hysterscopy and then will start the meds soon after..Its still a few weeks away and Im just trying to relax and think good thoughts. Hope everyone is well!


Ericka - July 8

Hello ladies, baby and I are doing well. I had a dr. appt yesterday. He started off by saying that I have a bunch of little nothings going on. I was happy to hear him call it a little nothing. He also said that he sees many women who’s babies have theses cyst, and all it does is make parents worry. Since I also have an elevated HCG level, he scheduled me for my 2nd u/s which will be in about a month. They just want to make sure he is growing appropriately. As for me, I'm getting a little tired of calling him "the baby", but dh and I can't agree on any names. Lashunda, this is your last weekend being pregnant. How do you feel? Dlongen, how did the u/s go? Can't wait to hear the news. Cendy, I'm glad the 4D was such a good experience. I'm not sure how you can post pictures unless we do it like dlongen suggested, by emails. Dea, sorry about the bloating. Where are you in your cycle? CC, do you think you will do the procedure this month or not until August? Have a great day.


Lashunda - July 8

Hi ladies, I'm aching everywhere so she needs to come out already. I've been hoping my water would break before Tues but I guess she's making me wait. Glad to hear you ladies are doing good.


Cendy - July 9

Hi ladies! How is everyone? I hope everyone had a great 4th! I stayed in the air conditioned comfort of my home and did not see one firecracker other than that on tv. My hubby and the boys went to a friends house camping and there was no way I was going to stay out in the hot sun and sleep on the ground in a tent. Anyways, enough about me. DEA, I am sorry about the hotflashes and the bloating. They are classic effects of the Clomid. I remember I was so uncomfortable taking the five little pills and at the end ten little pills in five days. I am sorry that you did not get the new job. Maybe it is for the best, you never know. DLONGEN, I laughed so hard reading your story about your two dogs voting on the sex of the baby! I can remember the anticipation of finding out the sex of the baby. That is all I thought about and once we knew, I really did not count the days to the next OB apt. Let us know as soon as you find out. CC, I am glad you are moving right along with IVF process. I know it will be worth all the pain and dedication. ERICKA, I am so glad to hear that the doctor was not too worried about the cyst. It is a good thing when little nothings come out of the docs mouth instead of, we need to run mroe tests. Well, are you showing yet? Feeling the baby move? LASHUNDA, how many weeks are you? I wonder if you will go into labor this weekend. I hear that a lot when people are about to be induced or have scheduled c-sections. I never have went into labor on my own though. I know you are miserable, but just think, by this time next weekend you will be holding your new baby. I am so happy for you. Well, ladies its time for me and little Wyatt to go to bed. BABY DUST! Oh, my email is [email protected] if you all want to get some kind of emailing started between us all. I could email the ultrasounds and such that way. Let me know what you all think.


dea - July 9

Hi Girls: Well- the bloating has gone "down" a bit....but I am definately feeling things going on "down there". I suspect the bloating will resume this week. CC: I am on cd 10. I have an u/s scheduled for this Wednesday. Hopefully IUI will be before the weekend. I usually "o" around cd 16 but maybe the meds will speed me up. Plus, I have the shot to get my body going! If this IUI doesn't work CC, it looks like you and I will be doing IVF together in August! CENDY: The new job thing is fine. Besides--- now when I get pg (+++ thoughts+++) I will have enough sick days to take the time. With the new job I would have had to start over. ERICKA Have you and DH come close at all with choosing a name?? I've heard that waiting until you're in total labor pain will give you an edge on chosing the name... if worked for a frined of mine!! ha!! What have you discussed thus far? LASHUNDA: Hoping you break water today--- but if not, may Tuesday go smoothly and safely for you and your little one. LADIES: What do you think, time for a new thread?? ~~DUST~~


Cendy - July 10

BABY BUMP! Dea, a new thread would be great! Why don't you start one? I will check to see if one has been started tomorrow. LASHUNDA how is it going? Any news? BABY DUST!



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