TTC Circle of Friends #8
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Cendy - May 23

Hello all! A friend of mine just found out this morning that she is pregnant. She and dh have been married for almost 12 years w/no bc, but she has PCOS (I think that is what she had) and never been pregnant. I have only known her for about a couple of years, just as long as I have been going to school online. Well she had given up on trying after the ups and downs of Clomid trying three different times since 1999. I had been talking to her telling her to give it one last try before they started adoption proceedings. Well, this is the second month of the Clomid 100mg. She used the Instead cups and I believe the EPO. Yesterday she was officially 1 day late and the test was negative. This morning it was positive. She is so excited and worried the test is a false positive. I am telling you this story to let you know that after 12 years, and about 6-8 actively trying, my friend is finally going to have what she has always wanted, a baby. I am so excited for her that I could just cry thinking about it. There is hope CC, DEA and others who might be reading. Just don't give up on your dream because they do really come true! BABY DUST!!!!


Cendy - May 23

I almost forgot to tell you that she is going this afternoon to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Please say a little prayer for her if you have a moment. I am sure that she would appreciate it.


Lashunda - May 23

Hello ladies, just peeking through to see how everyone's doing. Had appt yesterday and everything was fine. I'm having a scheduled c/s on July 11th and I'm excited. My due date was the 16th but I do have a feeling she'll be coming early. Anywho, still waiting for the BFPs! Just to let you know that you're not waiting alone : )


CC - May 23

Cendy, what a great story!! Please let us know the outcome of her tests w/ the Dr! How exciting for her!! Those stories are always great to hear to those of us still struggling. Good to hear from you Lashuna, July 11th, thats right around the corner! You must be getting excited!!


Cendy - May 23

Hi all! LASHUNDA are the docs making you have a c/s? I just wondered because even though my doctors knew that I could not have a 10 pound baby, I had to go through the trial of labor for my insurance to cover a c/s. July 11 will be here before you know it. Is that date close to your due date? Maybe you won't even have to feel any contractions if she waits till your scheduled date. Are you all ready for her to come home from the hospital? Nursery and baby showers completed? CC, I am glad you like my story. Of course I will keep everyone posted on her progress. I have been trying to get her to join our thread, but she works a lot and does not have time. Maybe now that she is preggers, she will slow down a bit. Well, gotta go! BABY DUST!


Ericka - May 23

Hello Everyone. Cendy that is a wonderful and inspirational story. It just shows you that you should never give up. Tell her our thoughts are with her. Dea, how is the end of your 2ww treating you? This is the worst part because you are so close to being able to test, but if you do it this early you might get a false negative. I read about your vivid dreams and I think that is a good sign. I know I sure am having a lot. I'm hoping the days pass quickly for you. CC, when will you be getting your u/s? I know the injections are not pleasant, but hopefully they will lead to something wonderful. Well I just wanted to check in because I'm going to be MIA for a while. My dad is having his gall bladder removed tomorrow and on Saturday we leave for our cruise to Alaska. We won't be back until June 3rd. On June 5th we find out the sex of our baby (hopefully), but that is going to be a very hectic week because we will be moving the following weekend and I imagine we will still have tons of packing to do. I'll try to do a quick post after my u/s and I hope to read about all the BFP's after we are settled in our new home. Baby Dust.


dlongen - May 24

Hi ladies- DEA - I totally think the dreams are a sign. I have never had more vivid and crazy dreams than since I've been preg. I had a dream a while back that I had a baby, but it was a gerbil, and I would hold it, then let it go and it would run along the baseboards. It was very strange. :-) LASHUNDA- Very exciting that your DD is so soon! Good luck with everything. ERICKA- enjoy the cruise! I can't wait to hear what your u/s shows. CC- I've got fingers crossed for you for no cysts and a clean slate for baby-making. CENDY - I cry all the time lately. If I had a little one giving his 1st girlfriend gifts and graduating little school, I'd need a bucket to catch the tears. My best friend told me I better get used to not having fun for the 1st five years last night. It really pissed me off. She said I would be the kind of mom who never wanted to leave my baby with anyone. I couldn't believe how mean she sounded! She's been my BF for over 15 yrs! I know it's because she's depressed-living in a remote city trying to finish her degree, and she's projecting her negative stuff onto me, but it still really hurt my feelings. Oh well. We can't all be angels all the time, I suppose. DUST to all! Happy Memorial Day-enjoy the long weekend and lots of BDs for DEA and CC!!!!


CC - May 24

Ericka, happy vacation!! Enjoy yourself. You have an exciting/busy week when you come back, but they are all good things. dlongen, your BF does sound jealous and that is hard to deal with. Just try to be happy with what you have been given. I understand the jealous feelings, but it isnt fair to project that on you. Its a time to be happy!! Still no af for me and my spotting has now stopped. Guess she is coming on her own time and I just have to be patient. dea, how you are doing/feeling?


Cendy - May 24

Hello! I wanted to update you all on my friend. She went to the doctor and they confirmed that she is about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. She told me that the Instead Soft Cups and the Clomid really made a difference this month. If you have not tried the Instead Soft Cups, I suggest you try them. After 7 years of Clomid on and off, dealing with PCOS, she is finally preggers! She is on cloud nine and told anyone who would listen that she is expecting. Her advice to all TTC is not to give up. Keep trying no matter what. ERICKA-Have lots of fun on your trip. You never know this might be the last on you get to take alone with your dh before the baby gets here. CC-I pray your u/s gives you the go ahead to start the injections. DEA how are you holding up during the tww? I know you are dying to test. When will you this weekend? I am rooting for you! DLONGEN-I hate it that your bf is being so negative. It is hard to leave your children in their first five years, but you get accustomed to it and in the end you have to let them go. I do not think it is a bad thing to keep your children with you all or most of the time. I am that way with my children. I will not just let anyone watch them. When they went to kindergarten, I cried, but not as much as I thought I would. I think I might more with my second son, just because I do not think he is as prepared to leave me as his brother was. You do cry more when you are expecting, but it just depends on the situation. I think you will do just fine with your child. Maybe the friend is jealous. Does she have kids? Anyways you just be happy and don't let her negativity rub off on you. Okay, I have to get off my soapbox now and get back to work. You all take care! BABY DUST!


dea - May 25

Mornin'. Thanks for all your support- the TWW has been OK. Temps are still up (actually higher than norm) but I am not going to read into anything. :o) CENDY: Thanks for the story about your certainly does give me hope! ERICKA: Have fun in Alaska-- I've heard that is a fantastic cruise! DLONGEN: Try not to get too down about other people's comments. I agree that she is just projecting her negativity. And- don't be afraid to voice your feelings to her. She should know that she hurt your feelings. Besides all that... everyone knows that the first fews years change your life. Isn't that the point?? Instead of fun with just you and DH-- you now get to have fun with DH and a child. Even better- if you ask me! ~~DUST to CC~~ ~~Belly Rubs to the rest!~~


dea - May 27

bump- temps going low-- probably not pg this cycle.... Happy Memorial Day everyone! ~~DUST~~


Cendy - May 27

Hi all! DEA, its not over till the fat lady sings and the fat lady is your AF. I am still rooting for you. When is your AF due? Are you late yet? When wil you test? Well, today I saw my first signs of my breasts starting to leak. I know this may be more information than some of you want to hear, but it happens. I hate it that I already have to go out and get those pads to put in my bras. It is such a pain. Well, I want to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day Holiday. You all take care and be safe. BABY DUST!


CC - May 28

dea, Im still keeping it all crossed for you. You never know...Please keep us posted. I start my 1st night of shots tonight. Cysts were gone, (WHOO HOO)..Cendy, thats such a great story about your friend, and I bet she is on Cloud 9! I know I would be, thanks for the pick me up! I'll keep you all posted on my follicle progess (grow follies grow!) Dont go back to the RE for a u/s until Friday...Have a great rest of the long weekend everyone!


Cendy - May 31

Hey ladies! How are you all doing? I am doing okay. Very tired and already ready for the summer to be over. The hot sun is too much for me. CC-I hope that your follicals grow as you want them to. I am sprinkling baby dust all around you. DEA-How are you? Have you tested? Anything to update? How is everyone else doing? Well, the thread is getting quiet. Ladies please post if you can. BABY DUST!!!!


CC - May 31

Dea, any news? Cendy, are you not normally a hot person, or because you are pregnant now? I love the heat, but with the added weight and lump of a baby, its hard to imagine how much I would really love it, if I were really pregnant during the summer. How are you doing otherwise? Are you through with school ? Can you believe Lashunda is about to have her baby..Honestly, it doesnt seem that long ago that we all met on the original, old old thread...It just amazes me!


Lashunda - May 31

HI ladies, just peeking in again. CC and Dea, still on the TTW? Hope everything turns out okay. I know what you mean about the old thread. Seems we have everybody except Indie, I wonder how she's doing. All is well this way, nothing much going on. Come on BFPs!!



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