TTC Circle of Friends #8
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dea - May 13

Hello friends! I hope everyone found your way from thread #7 and those who have stumbled upon our thread will join and share. This thread is for all things pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Feel free to vent, cry, shout or just plain pour your heart out if you need to. This thread is to help us and those around us get through what sometimes can be a very hard road to travel. TTC is easy for some, but for a lot of us it has been long and draining. I invite you to join us in sharing our ups and our downs, our smiles and our frowns and anything else. Welcome to TTC Circle of Friends! I look forward to chatting with you! BABY DUST!


Cendy - May 15

Hello all! Thanks for starting a new thread. I think it this one well be very lucky for you, CC and all of those who decide to share their journey with us. As for me I am doing well. I almost forgot to tell you all that my dh finally felt our little Wyatt move last week. It is amazing that he felt him at all. Everytime he would put his hand on my belly Wyatt would move. Ericka, wow 16 weeks! The four month mark! I am so happy for you!!! I am so excited to find out what you are having. Do you have a feeling on a boy or a girl yet? How is everyone? Updates please! BABY DUST!


dea - May 15

2ww now-- nothing new... ~~DUST~~


CC - May 16

STILL taking bcp's! On my last week and should get AF next week. Nothing new!


dlongen - May 18

found ya! Good luck with the 2ww, Dea. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! CC- what's a bcp?


dlongen - May 18

From the old post, I wanted to say I have read that coloring your hair is not good during pregnancy. I know certain types of hair coloring are less harsh than others, so maybe if you were doing an all natural one like Aveda, it wouldn't be a concern. I'm not really sure, though. Thanks for the info on the Bella Bands, Ericka. I ordered one, and will see if it's worthwhile for me. DEA and CC - how long have you been TTC? I don't think I know. I definitely respect your patience and devotion to the thread.


Cendy - May 19

Hey CC, Dea and Dlongen. How are you all doing? I am feeling okay. I am having trouble breathing already. Can you believe that? I am very short so the baby does not have a lot of space to grow and I start to feel out of breath after I eat or drink. I guess my lungs are getting constricted. I a crossing my fingers for you CC and Dea. I know it will happen for you both soon. Well, I have to get some sleep little Wyatt is sleepy. BABY DUST!


dea - May 19

Good Morning Ladies! DLONGEN: I am officially at two years of TTC. It doesn't seem like it has been that long and on the other hand it seems longer. It has certainly been interesting living my life in two week increments for 2 years... Also.. bcp means Birth Control Pills.Girls--- I have been having the most vivid and odd dreams this past week. Does anyone know if that's a sign of pg?? Never hurts to ask, right? CENDY: I hope this thread is my lucky one, too. CC: When do you go back off the bcp?? One more week to go and then the baby-making is back on?? Take care ladies! ~DUST~~


dlongen - May 19

DEA - ah yes - BCP - should have guessed that one! I just really think that might do the trick. I already said this before, but i was on the pill for a mo. right before i conceived with clomid. There's something about that- it gets everything nice and rebalanced. 2 yrs is a long time. I know. When I was at 2 yrs people kept telling me it would happen, and i was just like - what the f*** do you know? It hasn't happened yet! I got so angry so often - and jealous to the extreme. I went to counseling because I started fantasizing about punching pregnant women all over time (i never would do such a thing, of course!). Counseling helped me a lot. It made me realize I was complete, even if I didn't have a child. I can't really explain it. But as cliche as it is, and as lame as was when I used to hear it, I will still assert that you and CC's time WILL COME!!! And it will be so precious because of the wait. And you will be such patient parents because of the wait. You have a lot of supporters, girls! CENDY - sorry about the shortness of breath. I guess that's common. HOw big is Wyatt now? I just had my First Screen appt to check on health issues, and got to see the peanut on the monitor. I've decided she's outgrown the term bean, since she's now over 2 inches. She was moving around and I got to see her little hands and feet squirming as she woke up. It was really cool. I honestly didn't know if I'd ever experience any of this stuff, so I tear up every time I go. I'm 11 wks 5 days now and my pants are already getting tight in the waist! DUST TO ALL!!!!!!


CC - May 19

Happy Friday all! dea, I have heard vivid dreams are a great sign! I've about given up on all signs personally, but you never know! I hope its so for you!! I too am at the two year mark, give or take a few months, and dea couldnt have said it better about living the last few years in two week increments. I never thought in a million years it would take this long. There are times when I dont know if I can do it anymore, but I know if I give up, then it really wont ever happen. Its such an emotional roller coaster, one that I hope to get off of soon one way or another. Thanks for all the support. dlongen, sounds like you are doing great, and Cendy sounds like Wyatt is making her outgrow her body!! Thats cute and sweet. You are getting closer!! dea, when can you test ?


Cendy - May 19

Hi girls! How are you? Me recovering from an emotional rollercoaster this morning. My 6 year old graduated from 1st grade and I cried uncontrollably. I know it is these pregnancy hormones kicking in. They played a PowerPoint presentation of all the digital pictures they took during the school year and set it to music. It was so sweet and sad at the same time. Also, this morning my son gave his little girl friend his first gift to a girl. It was her birthday today so I got her a cute little card and some lipgloss. She just loved it and was telling all the little girls my little Dathan gave it to her. It was the sweetest thing to see. You would have had to have been there. Anyways enough of the mushy stuff. DEA, I feel the two week increment pain. For a year and a half that is what I was doing too. I don't think people know how hard it actually is to time everything just right and actually catch your ovulation. Two years is a very long wait, but I agree with Dlongen that it will be well worth the wait once you hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. Vivid dreams for me is definitley a sign of pregnancy. If you can remember details that you normally would not, I think it could be a sign of pregnancy. When will you test? DLONGEN-I commend you for going to counseling. It takes a strong person to admit that they need a little help. I know that I am all for taking meds to prevent or lessen post pardom depression. The baby blues can be very hard on some women. I know all about that. CC-Yeah, Wyatt is making himself right at home. I am looking very pregnant. I cannot wait for him to get here. BABY DUST!


dea - May 21

Hi everyone- thanks so much for your kind words. They do help... DLONGEN: It sounds like your little one is certaihnly past the bean stage now!! Yeah!! I am becoming a bit bitter about other people's ease of pregnancy. I really hate feeling that way- on the other hand there are some days that I just accept it as fate and put my strength into the Lord. Who knows--The dream stuff has me curious. It seems every night I have them... but then I start to think that I am only having them because subconsciously I know they are a sign?? Oh- the wicked games your mind can play on you. I will test next weekend if AF stays away. We'll see. CENDY: How exciting things are for you right now. Come on now-- admit it :) -- you would have been weepy with or w/o being pg!! Little milestones in your sons' lives are important. Good for you that you are sentimental. It means that you care. It does seem unfair how hard ttc can be, yet others do it so easily. DH and I went to a wedding Friday night...again had family asking about kids. I just laughed it off and told them, "What? You can't tell that I am due any day now?" Take care!~~DUST~~


dea - May 21

CC: What's new??


Cendy - May 22

Hi all! How is everyone? Me, doing well. This thread is getting quiet again. I hope all of you are doing well. I have an upset stomach, so I will close for now. BABY DUST!


CC - May 22

Hi all-Not much new w/ me. Taking my last bcp tonight, started spotting Saturday and Sunday..Called my RE's office today to make sure I shouldnt be counting those as day 1 and 2 and that I should wait for a real AF before getting an u/s to make sure the cysts are gone. Waiting for a call back now. Either I will go in soon to get u/s and clearance to start next round of injections, or wait till a "real" AF comes to get u/s and start meds. Cendy, that story you told of your son graduating was so sweet. You should be proud! I agree, the milestones, even as small as some are, are important memories in everyone's life. dea, good luck this week, I hope AF stays away for you. Please, keep us posted!!


dea - May 22

Hi girls-- Stopping in to say "howdy". I am so busy the next two weeks. But, I think that's a good thing because I won't have much time to think about AF. Of course, I'm sure I'll start temping around Thursday just to torture myself!! ~~DUST~~


Cendy - May 23

Hello all! A friend of mine just found out this morning that she is pregnant. She and dh have been married for almost 12 years w/no bc, but she has PCOS (I think that is what she had) and never been pregnant. I have only known her for about a couple of years, just as long as I have been going to school online. Well she had given up on trying after the ups and downs of Clomid trying three different times since 1999. I had been talking to her telling her to give it one last try before they started adoption proceedings. Well, this is the second month of the Clomid 100mg. She used the Instead cups and I believe the EPO. Yesterday she was officially 1 day late and the test was negative. This morning it was positive. She is so excited and worried the test is a false positive. I am telling you this story to let you know that after 12 years, and about 6-8 actively trying, my friend is finally going to have what she has always wanted, a baby. I am so excited for her that I could just cry thinking about it. There is hope CC, DEA and others who might be reading. Just don't give up on your dream because they do really come true! BABY DUST!!!!



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