TTC Circle of Friends #7
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Cendy - April 5

Hello friends! I hope everyone found your way from thread #6 and those who have stumbled upon our thread will join and share. This thread is for all things pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Feel free to vent, cry, shout or just plain pour your heart out if you need to. This thread is to help us and those around us get through what sometimes can be a very hard road to travel. TTC is easy for some, but for a lot of us it has been long and draining. I invite you to join us in sharing our ups and our downs, our smiles and our frowns and anything else. Welcome to TTC Circle of Friends! I look forward to chatting with you! BABY DUST!


Cendy - April 5

My story is that I am 15 weeks and three days pregnant. I had been TTC for about 15 months when we finally got our BFP. We tried on our own for about 6 months, then we were on Clomid for 6 month and still no baby. In September of last year I had an HSG and got an infection so taking the Clomid for a 7th month was useless. We stopped the Clomid and I got pregnant in December. This is my fourth pregnancy and 3r child. I had a mc around 5-6 weeks with my first pregnancy. I was devasted. I found out that I had low progesterone level and for the following two pregnancies had to take suppliments for the first twelve weeks. I was diagnosed with Graves disease in Oct of 2004 and had a thyroidectomy that Dec. Since then my thyroid levels have fluctuated. With the Graves disease I have a higher risk of passing the disease to my unborn childs thyroid. So far my levels have not been elevated and the babies thyroid is normal. I tried all sorts of things to get pregnant in addition to what I have listed. I would be happy to share if anyone is interested. Some things I do think helped us finally conceive. Well, thats pretty much my story in a very big nutshell. Tell me yours. BABY DUST


CC - April 5

Hi all, just thought I would check in. Nice to see all the pregnant mommies doing well so far. I think you should call this thread the bfp thread since lots of vistors seem to get their bfp after posting here!! Dea, good luck w/ IUI # 2. I'll be thinking of you..As for me, doing injections that started last night, and hopefully should have IUI # 1 next Thursday or Friday. Wish me luck, I need every wish and every bit of luck there is!


Cendy - April 5

Hi all! CC-So is your dh giving you the injections? You are very brave to give yourself shots. I had to give them to my father in his last days, and I could hardly do it. I cannot imagine what it would be like to give them to myself. I commend you for you ability to do so. I have my finger and toes crossed for you next week during your IUI. BABY DUST!


CC - April 5

Hi Cendy! My DH is giving me the shots, but I could really do it myself. I am a little gun shy w/ the needle so we figured my DH could do it easier then I could! It really didnt hurt last night at all. Its getting more sore as the day goes on today but the shot itself wasnt bad. I'll switch sides every day to try and make it less sore. Thanks for the finger and toes crossings! -When do you find out the sex of your baby?


Cendy - April 5

Hey CC! I would guess we will find out within the next four weeks. I go to the doctor tomorrow, but I do not know if they will do a scan or not. I hope they do. I will keep you posted as soon as I know. I am glad you dh is helping you by giving you the injections. Will there be side effects? BABY DUST


Ericka - April 5

Hello everyone. Glad you started a new thread Cendy. I got my doppler yesterday and heard the baby's heartbeat after about 5 minutes of searching. I got it through It is $25 a month and you can keep it for as long as you like. It is very reassuring, especially when we have to wait so many weeks between dr. appts. CC, I'm so glad your IUI day is coming soon. I hope you will get the first BFP of this new thread. I'm sorry you are getting sore due to the injections, but hey, we do what we have to do don't we? And hopefully you will get what we are all praying for before the end of this month. I hope all the other ladies find their way over to the new thread. Talk to you guys soon. BABY DUST


Cendy - April 6

Hi all! ERICKA-I looked at the website and I think I will order a doppler too. Thanks for sharing the info with me. $25 is a great deal and you do not have to pay for shipping in the US. How many weeks along are you now? Well, I have to go. I hope to see more posts later. I will let eveyone know how my appointment went some time tonight. BABY DUST!


CC - April 7

Hey girls-Ericka, I read your doppler idea on the old thread. What a great idea. So nice that you can hear the baby whenever you want, and dh can get a lot of hearing time in with you. Thanks for the well wishes, I hope I get a BFP period, and if it were the 1st of this new thread, I would love to start the trend. I am so hopeful this month with the IUI that I am afraid I am really going to be crushed if it doesnt work. For now, I am trying to remain positive and not think about the "what ifs" but the "what cans". Cendy, how exciting to find out the sex, and time sure does fly. I'll be excited to find out with you!! As for side effects of the injections-I havent felt any until today, I have had a headache most of the day which I am chalking up to the meds..Otherwise, I still feel fine. (Thankfully!) Have a good night everyone!


dlongen - April 7

Hi ladies-I found the new thread-hurrah! If it wasn't for bookmarking this post, I would search for a long time to get back here! Anyways - Cendy - sounds like all is going smoothly with you-15 weeks is great! I am at 5 weeks and 5 days. I am so scared about another possible ectopic. I am thinking all positive thoughts, but it is hard not to worry. I have a sonogram this coming tues, and I am so praying that they spot this little bean in my uterus. I keep rubbing my abdomen and saying move on down, baby. Anyway - ERICKA - I am so happy to hear that all is well with your bean. How cool to hear the heartbeat! I hope I get there. CC- You win my vote for next BFP! Hang in there with the injections. I know needles suck hard. My last HCG check they had to take blood from my wrist because both arms were too bruised. I look like I've been abused! But, hopefully it is all worthwhile! My levels were a little over 1000 on Monday, so rising appropriately, but they're not checking them again until I have my sono Tues, so I'm in agony wondering if all is well. But, so far I feel great and no signs of trouble. Best thoughts to all -pregnant or still trying - don't give up! We are proof- 3 and a half yrs later - and there's a CHANCE ( that's what we're calling the bean for now). BIG DUST!!!!!!!!!


Cendy - April 7

Good morning all! How is everyone this fine Friday? TGIF is all I can say! Well, I had my OB apt yesterday and it went great! The doc measured my abdomen and told me that I was measuring perfectly. I only gained half a pound which is shocking since I feel I eat everthing in site. The doc could not find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler so they had to do a scan! It was not one of the high powered ones so they could not tell the sex yet, but my baby was higher up than I thought it would be. She was moving so much. My boys were really mello and moved just little. This little thing was all over the place. We could see her heartbeat really good. The doc pinpointed where the baby was and tried to use the doppler again, but she had moved again. It was so amazing to see my bean at 7 weeks 4 days to yesterday at 15 weeks and 4 days. She is perfectly formed with all her parts. Now she just has to gain some weight and fill out a bit more. I am scheduled for my us on April 27. The next three weeks are probably going to be the longest ever. CC-I was hoping you would not have any side effects with the injections. Maybe the headache is just stress. I do think your IUI will get you that BFP! You will probably be the first on this thread to get one. DLONGEN-almost 6 weeks, thats great! How far were you with the eptopic? I am sure your bean has implanted where it should. I think it is good that you are rubbing and talking to your belly. Its a good way to start the bonding. It sounds like your numbers are good. I hate it that you have to be stuck so much. It would have been nice of them to put in a central line or something so that you would not have to be stuck all the time. I know they are sticking you so much to make sure they catch an eptopic sooner than later. I know that is not going to happen in this case. Have you had any ms? I hope you do not. Well, I have to run! BABY DUST STORM to you all!


dea - April 8

Hey all! Thanks for the new thread CENDY. Glad everything is going well. ERICKA: with a doppler do you not sit and listen forever??? I certainly would! CC: Good luck with the IUI. Whelp-- I've been arguing with the ins. company about BOTH IUI's and even the friggin' PCT. My dr. office uses a "male infertility" code (sperm). So, the ins. company claims that it doesn't have to cover it because the "gender" doesn't match the insured! What a bunch of a$$holes. I finally got it straightened out...but JEEZ! Does someone out there in the insurance world actually think that conception happens w/o a man and woman? Anyway- I need to remind my dr. billing office to code it differently. Like I'm not already stressed and emotional enough. Everytime I see an envelope in the mailbox from the insurance company I want to vomit (on them). At least I know know that an IUI costs, $300. Only news on the baby front: I will be o-ing some time next week. I've got the preseed ready and waiting... Take care ~~DUST~~


Ericka - April 8

Hello everyone. Dea, I'm so sorry your insurance is giving you such a headache. I can't even imagine the frustration you feel. At least it is all worked out now. Well, you will be oing this week and CC will be doing her IUI. I'll be thinking of both you guys. I try not to over use my doppler because I don't want to run out of the gel. I did record the hb so whenever I get the itch to hear it I listen to that. It is such a great device and so comforting. Especially since I've been spotting, it is nice to hear the hb and know everything is fine. Dlongen, I know everything will be fine. Your hcg levels sound great. I don't think they would be rising that nicely if it was an ectopic. How far along will you be when you go in for your scan? I'm wondering if they will get to see the heartbeat. Cendy, I'm 11 weeks today, yay!!! I think my m/s is starting to go away, even though I still feel queasy from time to time. Have you had any interesting new symptoms that I have to look forward to in the upcoming month? Have a great weekend.


Cendy - April 10

Hello all! How is everyone? I just finishe finals for my two classes and I am exhausted. I am so glad those classes are finished. The only thing I can report which is very exciting I hit the 16 week mark and I felt the baby move for the past few days and really know it is her or him moving instead of my mind playing tricks on me. Since this is my third baby you start to feel them earlier each time. Well, I finally give up and am going to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow or I guess later today. BABY DUST!


dea - April 10

nothing new--- bumping us up!


Lashunda - April 11

Hello ladies, just dropping in to say hi and to bump us up : ) Good to see everyone's doing okay. Everything's good my way. Almost to the 3rd tri for me. Just a couple more weeks. Weird how time flies!


dlongen - April 11

HI all - sorry for the delay in posting. Have been swamped lately with school and work and also some ms. I am anxiously awaiting the sono today. The ectopic happened at 7 wks last year so I'll be very happy if I can make it over that hump. I asked my doc if we could check my levels again in addition to the sono in case it's too early to see something. DEA: So sorry about the insurance problems. They really are assholes. I will have fingers crossed for your O! Cendy & Ericka - sounds like you guys are truckin' right along. I have just started to feel some ms, so hope it won't be too bad. Certain foods and smells are really grossing me out (like lady's perfume in my office-GAG). Luckily, the stuff I'm craving so far is all healthy - can't get enough celery, tomatoes or basil. I'll post tomorrow and let you all know about the sono today. DUST!



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