TTC Circle of Friends #5
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Cendy - January 27

Hello ladies. Here is to another lucky thread with many BFPs! I want to welcome anyone who would like to join our TTC journey and say hello to those who made it over from thread #4. This thread is for anyone and everyone who is TTC with every last breath and ouce of energy they have left in themselves month after month. This thread is not only for the ladies, you gentlemen are invited too. We welcome your happy moments, sad times, crying fits, mood swings or any other emotions you may be experiencing. We are all in this together so please feel free to join and contribute in any way you see fit. BFPs to you all!


Cendy - January 27

Hi all! For you new visitors, here is my story in a nutshell. I have two little boys, and been TTC for 15 months. I just got my BFP this month and I am around 6 weeks pregnant now. Through the course of our journey I took Clomid for 6 months, had and HSG three months ago, been using Evening Primrose oil, OPKs, ferning scope, Instead Softcups, follic acid suppliments, Menocream progesterone cream, Preseed, and anything else that I heard of that just might get a BFP. I have thyroid problems due to Graves disease and low progesterone. These trials and tribulations did not stop me from my goal and I know that you all will get your baby reward soon! Just hang in there and share your journey with us!!! BABY DUST to you all!!!!!


CC - January 27

Cendy, how are you feeling ? Lashunda, great to see your posts and that you and baby are healthy..Cant wait to hear what you are both having!! Ericka, have you done your HSG yet ?


leigh1980 - January 28

I am new to this TTC stuff and I am still very much learning the abbreviations. I stopped bcp's after my period in Nov. I had a period, Dec. 13th, and I have not had one since. I went to the dr. She gave me Prometrium. Have you girls ever heard of this? Like I said, my dh and I are TTC #1 so I am not really sure how to go about it. Is there a good website about BBT? If I have not gotten my period, how do you know when to start temping? Should I just wait until I do start and then begin temping? Did it take you girls a while to become regular after getting off bcp's? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.


Cendy - January 28

Hi all! Where is everyone? Did you all get lost looking for the new thread? CC, I am feeling okay. How are things with you? We decided on a names. What do you all think of Madison for the girl and Jayden for the boy? leigh1980, welcome to our thread. I have never taken Prometrium. I really do not know anything about it. I was on not on BCPs so I do not know how long it takes to get regualated afterwards. I don't think it takes that long though. Do you have any other reasons you think you and your DH would have trouble conceiveing? It looks like you just started trying so I would give it a few months and then go see a doctor. I think they want you to try 6-12 months before seeing a specialist. Well, I sorry I could not be of much help with the Prometrium question, but I hope you will continue to visit our thread. BABY DUST!!!


Cendy - January 28

Oh, leigh1980 there is a good BBT site, its called You can sign on for a free trial to see if you like it and then pay the membership fee. It is really cool because you can plug all your temps in and it has graphs and everything. I used it for a while, but I could never remember to temp everyday before I got out of bed. I hope this helps! BABY DUST!


Ericka - January 28

Hello ladies. Welcome leigh. I have not had any experience with prometrium. When I got off bc, my periods were about 65 days apart. I didn't take anyting and they regulated on their own in around 6 months. I have been charting my bbt for around 8 months. The site Cendy gave you is great and will probably answer many of your questions, but if you have any more feel free to ask. d & Dea, I'm so sorry about af showing up. You both were so hopeful this month which makes everything so much harder. Cendy, I'm glad everything is going well. I love those names, especially Madison. I hope you finally get your girl. CC, how are you doing? Where are you in your cycle? My HSG is Monday morning. I'm already beginning to stress about it. I know stressing is going to make things worse, but I can't help it. I started taking the antibiotics they gave me today and I have my 800 mg ibuprofen all lined up. Sorry if this is tmi, but they told me if I don't "go" in the morning I will have to use an enema. Were any of you ladies told to do this? Any last words of advice?


dea - January 28

Here I am girls- found the new thread-- thanks Cendy- I was ready for it. Nutshell story- DH and I have been ttc for 21 mths. Bad spermies only issue at this point. PCT scheduled for the 9th. Our choices for names: Boy-- Calvin Edward...Girl--Erica Lynn. We've had them since before we wed. Family doesn't even know those! (Or that we are ttc) Talk about a tough secret to keep....I never thought I would have to keep quiet this long. I figured 3-4 months maybe. Boy did I get that one wrong. CENDY: love your choices. I know a little girl named Madison- completely adorable. I'm pulling for you to have a girl. Welcome LEIGH. I was on bcp for 10 years. Periods came back norm but EWCM didn't show for almost a year. You are very early in this process so give your body time-- it sometimes comes around on its own. You can temp now but consider you first FULL day of bleeding to be day 1 of your cycle. After a few months you will start to see a pattern with your body. ERICKA: Good luck on Monday- I'll be thinking of you! ~~DUST~~


Hopeful - January 29

Hi girls, briefly my story is, ttc for 2 years (after being on pill for 15 yrs) then caught for my daughter, went into preterm labour at 28 wks due to infection and baby only lived 7 hours. That was Nov. I am no back ttc again and hoping it doesn't take as long this time. The reason we are doing this so quickly (apart from the obvious) is that I am 34 this year and it took us so long last time. I have gone back to a 28 day cycle, but don't appear to be ov yet? I'm taking red clover blossom and prenatals. Haven't tried evening primrose oil, but might 'cos lots of ladies seem to be using it. Anyway, any tips on getting ov again would be gratefully received. Good luck to us all and CENDY - So good to hear your doing well. xxxx


Cendy - January 29

Hello all! I was sure glad to see you that everyone is finding their way to the new thread. Ericka, I never heard anything about having an enema before a HSG. No one ever told me I had to "go" before I had it. I cannot see the reason for it. That part of you plumbing is not being affected. I would question them as to why I might need one. Also, I am glad they are putting you on antibiotics. I am guessing to ward off any infection you could get having the procedure. I got a really bad bacterial infection the month following my HSG and had to take vaginal antibiotics for 10 days. That month was a wash and it also started me not taking the Clomid for the three months prior to BFP. I know that you will do fine tomorrow. What time is the procedure? Please let us know how you are doing as soon as you feel up to it. You never know you may not feel a thing. That is what I am praying for. Okay Dea what is PCT? I am not a newbie, but I don't know what that is. Oh, your names are just darlin! I absolutely love them. Both my boys have two middle names, and since I get to pick the first name, DH gets the middle names. For the girl it will be Madison Mary Elizabeth and Jayden Oland Richard. What do you all think? Be honest. I know that Madison Mary Elizabeth is kind of hard to roll off your tongue. Can you all think of any two names that go well with Madison? Hopeful, I have a friend that had PCOS and has only started her AF a handful of times in her life and she is 30. Well, they are thinking of adopting a baby from China and thought they would try one last time before that put the adoption in motion. Well, she found a product called Vitex. The past two cycles, she has started on her own. She can hardly believe it. Now they have purchased the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor to start checking to see if she is Oing. She has been on Clomid before, but without the Vitex she had to take meds to start and stop her AF. I wonder if Vitex could help with your cycles. EPO is great for getting that EWCM. I highly recommend it. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what did you name you little angel? I don't want to bring back sad memories, but I just wondered what her names was. Well, I have to go now. BABY DUST!


Hopeful - January 30

CENDY - Thanks for that I'm going to do some research on Vitex. My specialist says not to try for 3 cycles at least and this is only my 2nd so I guess its nature's way of telling me to listen to my dr. Gonna keep an eye out for ov though. Fingers crossed she'll show her face. Didn't get heavy till 3 or 4 days into my af (to much info I know soz) so may be that I just ov late. Should be today so I will test later. As for my beautiful daughter, I don't mind talking about her at all she was 3lb and I named her Halle Kaitlin Hope. It was totally cute and perfect for her. If we are lucky enough to get pg again, and its a boy I'll go for Samuel Andrew Johnathon I think (all family names) and if its a girl again I am totally stumped. Hope your feeling ok and your getting all sicky at this stage now. Mine kicked in at 7 wks and stopped like clockwork at 12. I was sooo lucky. Sticky baby dust to you all. xx


CC - January 30

Ericka, sorry I missed your post and think I am too late for words of wisdom for your HSG, but you will do fine! It will probably be much easier then you thought it would be. I have never heard of the enema thing either, like Cendy said, its the wrong plumbing that they are concerned w/. I dont know, maybe if you are empty its easier for them to see everything. I never took the antibiotics, but would have welcomed them to lessen the infection chance. Let us know how you did! Cendy, I love both of your name choices, and I think the Madison name w/ you middle names is really cute and classic. As long as you and DH love them and can agree, thats all that matters! As for me, I am 8 dpo and waiting for next AF. Going to make RE appointment today, my insurance finally approved it on Friday. Have a good day ladies!


Cendy - January 30

Hi! How is everyone? Ericka how are you feeling? I hope you had a better HSG experience than I did. I am thinking of you. Please let us know how you are doing. Hopeful, what a beautiful name for your little girl. I love the names you have picked out for a boy as well. A girl here at work just named her little boy Samuel Thomas. I guess your body is following your doctors instuctions of waiting three cycles whether you want it to or not. I know it is hard to wait, but I am sure the doctor has his reasons. Did you have to have a c-section with Halle? I cannot even imagine what a three pound baby looks like. My oldest weighed 9lbs and 13oz and my youngest weighed 8lbs and 12oz. Needless to say, I had two c-sections. Well, I have to go for now. I will check in later to see if Ericka has posted an update. BABY DUST!


Cendy - January 30

CC, I did not see your post. We must have been posting together. I am so glad your insurance company has approved your seeing a RE. My insurance would not pay for it at all. You are very lucky. When is you AF not going to show her ugly face? Well, gotta go! BUNDLES OF STICKY BABY DUST!!!!!


CC - January 30

Hi Cendy, AF due to show in about a week and a half. Yuck! Not having a lot of pressure or good thoughts this cycle without the meds etc. I just know we have had so many cycles with nothing but will and it hasnt clicked yet, I dont think this month will be any different. I have to be hopeful that the RE will be the answer to my prayers!


Ericka - January 31

Well, I survived my hsg. The worst part of it all was the dye. That stuff causes some major cramping. Luckily nothing was blocked and it was over real quick. I was also real happy because my doctor performed it instead of the radiologist. That calmed a lot of my fears. I still feel a tiny bit crampy, like when af is around, and I am spotting a bit, but besides that I'm fine. I'm hoping now that everything is clean and smooth up there I get lucky like Cendy did after her hsg. Thank you all for your support and your words of wisdom. My next appt. is on Monday so we can discuss the next step. I imagine it will be clomid or something like that in order to get my cycles into a normal amount of days. CC, don't give up on this cycle. You never know what can happen. I'm glad your insurance finally approved a fertility specialist. Do you know what the next steps are? Hopeful, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. My sister in law lost her daughter last month at 38 weeks and it has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through, so I cannot even imagine the grief you have experienced. Were they able to tell you why you got an infection and went into preterm labor? I hope you have a supportive family and if you ever need any support on this end just let us know. Baby dust to us all (now we can use Cendy's since she doesn't need it anymore :) ).


kristina - January 31

hi ladies. i'm new to the ttc circle of friends. i've been ttc for 26 months now and i'm becoming desparate. apparently nothing is wrong with us-it just doesn't happen. i've been pregnant once, almost 4 years ago, then was 1 year on the pill and and been trying since. physically everything ok with me and my boyfriend and this month i'm trying bio-energy. anyone tried that? btw i'm 33 and feel like i'm running out of time. good luck to you all



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