TTC Circle of Friends #4
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Cendy - January 13

Hello everyone! I hope you all made it to our new thread. Anyone and everyone welcome. Please join us in our TTC journey.


Cendy - January 13

Hi all. I hope everyone is doing okay today. I am getting nervous hoping to make it through the weekend since this is when my AF would have started if I had not gotten a BFP on January 11. I am taking note of every pain or twinge I happen to feel. I am trying to think positive. I should get my 2nd HCG results on Monday and the wait is going to kill me I think. I pray my numbers are doubling as they should. Well, I will keep you all posted. BABY DUST!


CC - January 14

Cendy-I bet you will be fine! Try to relax and enjoy. It seems harder when people find out so early..its just that much longer to wait before seeing the baby!! I'm excited to read your progress..Have you calculated your due date ? Sept sometime I would imagine?


d - January 14

Ladies, can you take a minute to look or pass on. I know it is not what we usually put on the board. I was not around much yesterday or today and this is why---------------------- If anyone lives in NJ or knows people in NJ. Can you please email them this link. This is my mothers dog that went missing on 1/11. My mother is heart broken. She ran out in the middle of a thunderstorm and we can't find her anywhere. Thanks for looking at this.BABY Dust To All. -------------------------------


Ericka - January 14

Cendy, keep on thinking positive and try not to stress yourself out. Everything will be fine and you will have a beautiful bundle of joy in no time. CC, sorry about AF, this was Cendy's month so I know it will be ours soon. d, I am so sorry about your mother's dog. Unfortunately I don't know anybody in NJ, but I will be praying they find her soon. As for me, I think that I am between 6dpo and 8dpo. I should be getting af around Wed and then I will be scheduling my HSG. Have a great weekend ladies.


d - January 14

I am hoping the witch (af) doesn't show her face on the 17th. So far no signs except i am very crabby. But the usual things that bother me are not this month. Ericka, thanks for you good wishes and prayers. Baby Dust To ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


d - January 14

Hi Ladies. Still nothing is huring yet. Hope everyone is well. baby Dust to all. Thanks for your thoughts regarding my mothers dog. not like the person that commented on a link that i posted since i talk to everyone on here. Thanks for understanding.


Cendy - January 14

Hi all. Thanks for all the positive vibes. I know me and the baby will be fine. I am just being a worry wart for nothing. I have been wondering if I am only 4 weeks along or even farther. Since I found out so early. My sister is already talking about me having twin girls. She just has a feeling. I would love that, but it would be a lot of work. Ericka I hope your AF does not show on Wednesday, but if it does I highly recommend the HSG highly. I had a hard time with mine, but I got pregnant within the three months afterward. They say you have the best chances within those first three months. I bet you have a better experience than I did. CC, I think my due date is Sept 25, but I will probably have a scheduled C-section a couple of weeks earlier. D, I am sorry I do not know anyone from NJ. I will be praying that the dog is found soon. Well, tomorrow would have been my AF. I can hardly believe it. Well, I have to go now. BABY DUST!


sherry - January 15

D- i hope your mom find her dog. i have been there, and it hurts like crazy, though we did get a happy ending, and iam wishing the same for her. CENDY- how are you doing? iam so happy about your bfp. this, is the start to a great year on a great thread! good luck with your pregnancy. iam on cd31, af was due yesterday, but all tests are BFN, despite the evening nausea i had the whole 2 ww, and the pregnancy deams i have been having. i have no hope, i just want the witch to come. i pray that she stays far from you all. she is a wicked witch for sure! **baby dust to all**


dea - January 16

Hi Girls: D: sorry about your mom's dog- don't know anyone but I will pray she finds him. CENDY: Thanks for the new thread!! I'm sure all is well. CC & ERICA: Hope you guys are hanging in there!! Here's my boobs/chest hurt already and I am only 4 dpo. So- am I crazy or wishful hurting?? Mine have never been this sore this early. I have a gyno check up on Wed. Maybe she will humor me and test my blood! Ha!! ~~DUST~~


sherry - January 16

welp af found me HARD!! i got it yesterday, a few hours after my BFN, and it's the most painful af i have ever had! oh well, back to the drawing board. i hope you girls have a luckier month. don't worry, we'll all get there! **baby dust to all***


Two Moms - January 16

My partner and I have been trying for almost 3 years. She was on clomid, injections in the stomach, had 2 HSG, and 11 IUI. After all of that our Dr. said he didn't recommend any more hormones for her. After spending a fortune on sperm, ultrasounds, IUI's, co-pays and medicine, it was now my turn. I had one ovary removed in 1995, but there wasn't any concern unless my other ovary had trouble producing egg folicles. I had an HSG (which hurts like h*ll, btw!) which confirmed good flow to my left tube. I am working on my 9th IUI attempt. This is my 3rd round of clomid. I quit caffeine a long time ago. When I got my period on Friday, at that moment I knew I was done trying. I couldn't put myself through this every month, being a hostage to the calendar and hormones that are making me gain wait, and seeing the let down in others faces every disappointing month. I am 37 and my partner is 38, soon to be 39. Since then I have decided that I would like to try 10 times total, which I would have 2 more tries left. If those fail, we are then going to check into having IVF. I just wanted to know if there's anyone out there in our shoes and are there any words of advice that can make this feel any better?


d - January 16

Good Morning Ladies, Sherry sorry to hear the witch showed up.------------ Thanks everyone for all your good wishes and thoughts for us. The witch(af) is due tomorrow, but my bb's don't hurt at all which is very strange. They usually start to hurt no less than a week before. I wonder..hmmmm.. could it be. I guess all this slow waiting i will have to see if it shows its face tomorrow. I sure hope it doesn't show up. and if it doesn't that a hpt will show what we all are waiting for. ---------Welcome two moms. I haven't done anything like that myself. We are still trying every which other way. I wish i could be of help. All i can tell you is dh and I have been ttc for 11 months with no outcome. Maybe one of the other ladies can help on that stuff. Baby Dust to all.


Cendy - January 16

Hi all. Sorry about the painful AF Sherry. Mine got pretty painful too at the end. Next month will be you month. I just feel it. Dea, I think there is a possibility that you could be having early pregnancy signs with your bbs hurting. On my journal, I have January 4 marked with tender BBs. My +OPK was on Dec 30 so thats about 5-6 days after. You never know you may be like me and find out a week before your AF that you are pregnant. Two Moms, I would like to commend you for you and your partners efforts during the months TTC. I have never been through any of that. I have been TTC for 15 months on Clomid for 6 of those months, had 1 HSG (it does hurt, but worth it). I have tried just about anything and everything to get pregnant, except for the routes you all took. The only advice I can give it to not give up. It will happen for you. Keep your faith and you will overcome these obstacles to conception. I sorry I could not be of more help to you. Thanks for joining our thread. We are happy to have you. Well, I am anxiously awating my HCG level results. I won't get them until tomorrow I think. I will keep you all posted. BABY DUST!


Ericka - January 16

Welcome Two Moms. Unfortunately, I can't offer too much help. DH and I just started seeing a fertility specialist after ttc on our own for 14 months. Even though I can't offer advice, I will be here to offer moral support whenever you need it. Sherry, I'm sorry about af. Mine should be showing up around Wed or Thur. I always spot before af, so that should start today or tomorrow. My boobs are hurting, I don't usually get that before af, but have a couple of times in the past. I don't think I'm pregnant since because of everything that happened with my sister in law, dh and I only bd once during o. I guess I'll soon find out. Cendy, how are you feeling?


sherry - January 16

twomoms- welcome! iam sorry your journey has been so long and painful. i don't know why God doesn't just help make getting pregnant easier for all the good mom's to be, out there, and harder for the 12 year olds, that shouldn't be having them. life is certainly not fair, but please do have hope. my friend had 9 iui's, with clomid some, and the rest injections, and her first ivf she was pregnant. therefore, to me i said to myself, i'd never do more then 3 iui's before going to ivf, cause the chances are so much better, and i looked into that option in case need ever be. it was the best thing she ever did. she was 36 herself at the time, and has a 3 year old boy now. never give up! it will happen, hopefully the hsg, will help you out, as i hear alot of women get pregnant in the months following it. i had it myself. it wasn't fun, but i took some pain meds before going. trust me the rewards will be worth all of the struggle. good luck to you. thanks CENDY AND D. i hope you both are doing well. D, let me know what happens. no af tomorrow!!!!!!!! iam so rooting for you. cendy, how are you feeling? well i hope. i hope you are right about next month. 9 months without af, sounds just heavenly right now. ouchie! ERICA- don't give up yet. the sore boobs sound good, and remember, it only takes once. sex during that time is promising, even if only 1 time. sometimes i can't get dh going as often as i'd like to, during "o" time, and iam not happy about it, but i mask it, so i have had those months to, where just for various reasons, something happens, and i don't get it, as much as i want. it could still be your month, so keep hope alive ok? best wishes to all, sherry


d - January 16

Hey ladies. I am so wanting to go test. But i have a accuclear here and that takes 50. Since i got that bfn middle of last week (must have been a bit too early). I don't want to test and get another bfn. Lots of Baby Dust to all.



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