TTC Circle of Friends #3
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Lashunda - January 12

AHHH!! Cendy, Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you (believe it or not, I have a big smile on my face). Wishing you a great 9 months with nausea and all!! LOL! See, there's still hope for everyone so please don't give up you guys. This is going to be a great year for you all. Take care!


Cendy - January 12

It is official! The test came out positive!


d - January 12

Congrats Cendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


d - January 12

Congrats Cendy!!!!!!!!!!!wooohoo!!!


Cendy - January 12

Hi all! I am sorry I could not post more last night. I did have the blood test and it was positive. I am not even late yet. I cannot believe it. I am not sure what all had to do with me getting pregnant this month. The UTI was probably a result of the pregnancy though. My OB changed my antibiotics to a more baby friendly medication and I am hoping to get my HCG and progesterone levels today. My guess is that we will have a September baby. If my +OPK was on Dec 30 and my BFP was on January 11. That is 13 days after the OPK and I guess it would be about 11 DPO that I got the BFP. That just seems so early to me. Or maybe I am farther along than I think. CC, how long is the Clomid supposed to stay in your system after you quit taking it? I was thinking it stayed with you for a while. What if its twins? Well, ladies, thanks so much for listening to me all this time. I know I can be a little obsessive at times. I can't wait to share with you this new journey as well. BABY DUST OUT!


dea - January 12

YEAH CENDY!! I am so happy for you! This has certainly turned out to be a lucky thread! Who is next?? I volunteer! HA!! ERICKA?? CC?? How about all of us! Healthy nine months and beyond Cendy- you deserve it!


Cendy - January 12

Here is a recap on my TTC road to BFP. Tried for 6 months on our own with no help from the doctors. Then 6 months of Clomid. The last three months back to on our own. I have my HSG done 09/29/05 which show some blockage but they were able to make my tubes spill over. This month, I did not tell my DH I was Oing. I just nudged him a little. I have been taking 800 mcg of follic acid for what seems solid year now. I used the ferning scope but not this month. I also took 3000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil tablets each day up till my O. In addition to BDing, we used the Instead Soft Cups to keep the swimmers in place. The only really thing different about this month is my husband arched my back which he never does during BDing and I think that helped with conception. I guess I have coved just about everything. If any of you have any questions, I would be happy to answer any. I am still waiting on my test result figures. It is killing me. I will post again later. BABY DUST OUT!


Cendy - January 12

Oh, I forgot one thing. I have been using Menocream which is herbal progesterone cream since my O. I think it is helping too.


CC - January 12

Cendy, it's all excellent news!! I am really so happy for you! (hope you have a healthy pregnancy, but also hope you get the little girl you want!) Dea-I started AF a few days ago, and waiting to see a RE, so I dont think I will be getting BFP anytime soon..You go woman, its your turn!


Hopeful - January 13

CENDY - just wanted to add my congratulation. So good to get good news. Lots of sticky baby dust to you. x


Cendy - January 13

Hi all! Thanks for all the heartfelt congratulations. I am so happy. I don't think I could put on a frown if I had to. I told everyone at work yesterday, and I got good responses except of course to one of my bosses who lost a baby just before Christmas. I could not bring myself to tell her in person so I sent her an email Her father is another of my bosses and I don't even think he said congratulations. I feel bad for them, but how do I not act excited about my own pregnancy. I am trying not to be loud about it, but thats hard when you have been trying for so long. I got my HCG and progesterone levels back yesterday. Since I am not even late and we caught this pregnancy so early my HCG level is on the low side at 30.3, but I had it taken again this morning to make sure the numbers are doubling. My progesterone was at a whopping 29 and the doctor said I would need to be on any suppliments. I am happy and concerned my levels could change, so I will continue the Menocream for a while longer. The only real signs of pregnancy for me are very sensitive aerolas, headache, and feeling so drained that I want to go to bed as soon as I get home from work. CC, I am so sorry to hear about your AF. I know you will have better luck with the specialist. I am praying for you. BABY DUST!


dea - January 13

CC: Sorry about AF. She just won't stay away sometimes!! CENDY: I think you made the right move e-mailing you rboss. SInce her loss is so soon I'm sure it was better to hear that way. Then- she can adjust to the news and not break down or give you a negative response. I'm sure the nerve is still very raw from her loss. Hopefully- she will concieve again soon. Maybe you guys will end up pg together!! Whelp- I am well under my way during the ttw. (sucks). But I am optimistic this month. DH is more excited than I am I think. I hope he doesn't get crushed if it turned out BFN again. Hey girls-- ready for a new thread....this one is getting long. ~~DUST~~


Cendy - January 13

Starting a new thread. Hope to see you all there soon! BABY DUST!



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