TTC Circle of Friends #11
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dea - September 8

Question: Hello friends! I hope everyone found your way from thread #10 and those who have stumbled upon our thread will join and share. This thread is for all things pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Feel free to vent, cry, shout or just plain pour your heart out if you need to. This thread is to help us and those around us get through what sometimes can be a very hard road to travel. TTC is easy for some, but for a lot of us it has been long and draining. I invite you to join us in sharing our ups and our downs, our smiles and our frowns and anything else. Welcome to TTC Circle of Friends! I look forward to chatting with you! BELLY RUBS & BABY DUST!


dea - September 8

Hope everyone found their way over....I forgot the (All Welcome) part. Sorry-- All ARE welcome. ROLE CALL!!!!! I am 32, TTC 2 years. Finally BFP through Follistim and IUI. EDD: 5-04-07. I am 6w0d today. This is Baby #1 for me and dh. Yeah!!


dlongen - September 8

Hi gal-pals - I am SOOOOOO elated for CC!!!! I am so releived to see the BFP for you! I knew you and DEA would hit the mark this month!!! SO, I'm guessing your EDD is also in May. As for role call - I am 35, TTC 4 yrs, BFP with Clomid, EDD: December 2nd. I am 28 weeks on Sat with baby #1. CENDY - I am excited for you. Glad you are so close and will be out of the pain before you know it. ERICKA - Nice to hear from you, and nice to hear that Sam is already in the right position. Phoebe has been dancing for me today. I think she likes Tom Waits. I was burning a CD for a friend today and she really starting cutting a rug in my belly. :-) I love that! Glad everyone else is doing well. I guess I'll send dust to the other threads for now!!! Yippee!!!


Cendy - September 10

Thanks Dea for starting a new thread! May this one be as blessed as the last! Well here is my info: TTC for #3 for 1 yr 1/2. BFP after HSG, 800mcg of folic acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Instead Softcups, 6 months on Clomid (no BFN), Ferning Scope, thousands of OPKs, and whatever else came to mind. I am due Sept 24, but have a scheduled C-section this Thursday Sept 14 to welcome Wyatt Oland Richard Hill into the world. I hope everyone that stops by our thread will stop and stay for a while. We have a wonderful little family growing and the more the merrier I always say. God Bless you all and may you all have healthy pregnancies and easy conceptions!!!! BABY DUST!


Ericka - September 10

Hello everybody. Dea, thanks for the new thread. My story; I am 30, TTC for 15 months. I tried temping, charting, opk's, folic acid, folic acid and zinc for dh, and much more but nothing worked. Started to see an RE and got pregnant 5 days after my HSG. We are expecting our first baby, Samuel Wyatt around the 28th of October. I am 33w1d today. Everything on my end is good, just extremely tired. Cendy how do you handle pregnancy and two little boys at the same time? dlongen, welcome to the 3rd trimester. CC, have you had another beta done? Sticky dust to all.


HopefulK - September 10

Hi girls, good to see your all well. Roll call - I'm 34, we tried 2 years for our daughter, who I gave birth to at 28 weeks last Nov, she lived only 7 hours. During that pg I found out I have a bicornurate uterus which causes problems with bleeding and carrying. Got pg again in Feb and had a blighted ovum so d&c at the end of March. Started trying again in July and caught again beginning of Aug. I'm now 7.3. Sticky baby dust to all those who are in the pudding club and hoping all those still trying good wishes for easy 2ww and 2 bright blue lines at the end of it. xx


dlongen - September 11

bumping us up. Hopeful -thanks for sharing. I never knew your whole history. It's been a tough road for you. I hope this one is the magic baby! Happy thoughts to you.


CC - September 11

Hi all-I forgot to post here on Friday, when I covered my other threads I post on. My bfp became a bfn on Friday. My beta level went down (from 545 to 91) and Im waiting to miscarry. Just wanted to wish all of you pregnant girls great luck, and a lot of happiness. As a habit, I will still check up on you all and read your posts..Until Im doing better and find a way to deal with this, I have to be done on this thread. You are all pregnant now, its really come full circle. Congrats again!


dea - September 11

CC: I'm soooo sorry- I wish I had some words to comfort you. I want you to know though, I will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way.


Lashunda - September 12

CC, I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you must be feeling. My thoughts will always be with you and please keep in touch if you can. Take care of yourself.


dlongen - September 12

CC- I totally understand that you need a break from this thread. I am so sorry for your disappointment. I think I said it a long time ago, but it's worth repeating...therapy helps a lot during these angry, sad and emotional times. I know i wouldn't have made it through my ectopic last year without it. I'll be sending you good thoughts and let us know how you're doing when you're ready. As my doc told me the first go-round, it is a good sign that your body can get pregnant at all. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your second time is charmed. XOXO


Ericka - September 12

CC, I'm so sorry. I also understand why you need to take a break. Just know that my thought and prayers are going to be with you. When you feel ready I hope you'll stop by and let us know how you are doing.


Tammy276 - September 13

CC- I am sorry to hear that.....I know it can be hard and a lot of us have been through it.....We are all here for you if you need us :) My doctor told me to think of it as something just wasn't right with the baby and it is natures way of telling us that...I know it isn't the easiest thing, but it will get better and you will fall pregnant again...I will keep you in my prayers.


HopefulK - September 13

DLONGEN - thanks, think we've all had it tough one way or another haven't we. I hope this is the magic one too. CC - I am soooo sorry about your loss hunny. To be so high and then go so low is totally poop. Give yourself time to greive for your little angel and allow yourself all the space to do it you require. Some women find it helpful to plant a tree or rose bush in memory of their little one, or their are places that sell little pieces of jewellery to memorialise your loss so they are always with you. When your ready you can find a way to work through this. Remember that your dh is in this as well and you can only help each other through this loss. Be good to each other. This comment won't help at all at the moment, and I want you to just store this away until you've done some of your greiving and are ready (please god you will be) to jump back on this rollercoaster, but I couldn't get pg for 2 years, then I had my daughter and now when we try it only take a couple of months and bam. So when your ready 'cos your body has done it once, it may be an easier, less rocky road for you and your dh. Here's sending good wishes and hugs to you both. xx


dlongen - September 13

HI all - Hopeful - that is good advice about memorializing the loss. My therapist suggested that to me last year, and as odd as it sounds, my DH and I went hiking and brought back a beautiful rock to put in our garden for that purpose. We have a relationship rock and a baby rock now next to it. I think it helps to have something that you can focus your grief on. Sorry for the downer ladies- hope everyone else is doing good.


Ericka - September 13

Hello all. Cendy, wishing you lots of luck tomorrow and hoping that your c/s goes smoothly. Let us know how it all went when your feeling better, but don't wait too long because I get impatient. Give Wyatt a big hug for me. Good luck.


dlongen - September 14

sending good c/s thoughts to Cendy today - hope Wyatt has arrived and all is well! XOXOXO Please send us a weblink so we can see a picture of him when you have a chance! Happy healing!



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