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Cendy - December 5

Hi all! How are you? I am doing okay. I have finally entered the TWW and I am already thinking that this won't be the month again. Me and DH did get in enough BDing or maybe we did. I just don't feel good about this month. I was all hyped, but now I am not. Maybe its just hormones. Molly, I would try a different brand of test. I would look to the digital kind that say pregnant or not pregnant. They are more expensive, but at lease you would know for sure. I have my fingers crossed for you. Hey CC, Ericka, Lashunda, Audrey... where are you? BABY DUST!


dea - December 6

Hi everyone- just checking in. O-ing this weekend coming up...nothing new to report. Crossing fingers for those ready to test...DUST


Christi - December 6

Guess What Ladies BFP here.......I am gonna take a nap but i just wanted to let all my ladies know that :) I'll check in later.......BABY DUST and BABY DREAMS To all of you


sherry - December 7

welp i o'ed last week, and bd as much as i could get hubby in the mood, lol. i did for some reason "o" nearly a week earlier then usual, in my 32 day cycle, might that mean my cycle will be shorter this month? i don't know. i gave it my best shot. hugs to all ttc-ers, may this month be the month for ALL! hugs, sherry


sherry - December 7

christi, congratulations!! h&h 9 months to you! this thread is lucky already!! oh and to the question on clomid, it helps with ovulation, and with producing more eggs, so you have a better chance of conception. i had 5 eggs on clomid (ouch) lol. that must be why it was such a painful cycle. now iam ttc again au-natural, for awhile anyway. god luck to all. hugs, sherry


molly - December 7

CHRISTI- congrats on the sooo excitted for you, i thought that this was alucky thread! hurry up and fill us in on all the details?? well me, i am on cd 30 today and have been expecting af for 2 days, the cramps are so similar to af i keep expected to see her when ever i go pee!! but as of now she hasnt arrived. my breasts are still tender. this morning i feel a little under the weather. i tested yesterday morning and got the BFN again!! i think i will wait until sunday to retest if i can waitthat long?? well girls take care and congrats again on the BFP. ~dust to all~


carlon - December 7

hi eveyrone.. i'm new here to this thread.. ttc for about 1 year.. started my first round of clomid on day 3 and getting IUI problay next week.. anyone else....


dea - December 7

Welcome CARLON! CHRISTI congrats!! how exciting for you! Best wishes for a healthy 9 months and beyond. O-ing this weekend...anyone else?? CENDY-- always hope til AF shows up!!! Maybe you'll get an early Christmas gift!! MOLLY- hope that BFP comes your way. DUST TO ALL


Christi - December 7

So far so good ladies..... all the blood tests say I am pg as well have to go in two more days make sure they are doubling like they should......have a A/s the 29th of dec. to see if it in the right spot (or if there maybe two) I give you all (baby foot prints) to make this an even more lucky thread I'll keep you ladies posted and thanks for all the congrats!!!!!! ***********~truck loads of BABY DUST and BABY FOOT PRINTS~************


KENAI - December 7

I am TTC and hoping for multiples on U/P clomid. I will begin this month on Dec. 25th. I am very aware of the side effects and am 34 years old, so I am more thenable to make my own choice about things. ( that was for any of those that are against it) If there is anyone else that can gtive me thier story of taking clomid and what happened for you .. I would very much appreciate it .
Thank you


Brie - December 7

Hi all. I am new to this thread. Congrats Christi on BFP! Gosh, that it is so wonderful!
This was my 3rd month on clomid (100mg). Today is CD 13. Doc said I have one good follicle and should ovulate tomorrow. Hurry up and wait!!
Hopefully I will O and this will be a lucky month. If not, I will do the HCG shot in conjunction with clomid next time. Do you think I should take the O home test tomorrow? I have no signs of Oing yet......
Baby dust to all.


Brie - December 7

Can someone tell me what : TWW means? Thanks


molly - December 7

Hi brie, kenai and carlon...welcome to this thread and best of luck ttc this month!! Brie tww (two week wait after Ovulation) that is the hardest part of the cycle tww to test and wait for af to show or not to show!! well girls good luck and baby dust to all!!


jocelyn - December 7

Hello everyone! I am new to this thread. Congratulations Christi! This is my 2nd month ttc. I just got off BCP last Oct. Up until this morning, I thought this is my month, but af came ;-(. Anyway, how long do you have to try before you can ask the doctor for Clomid? Thank you.


lori - December 8

Hello ladies can i join in.I have been ttc for 7 months now af due 10th-15th.Hoping to not get it i am 21 husband 26 waiting for baby.But it is so hard to get pregnant for me.


Brie - December 8

Well, last night I took the clearblue easy ovulation test, and for the first time, I had a smiley face! So we are having a fun week to say the least! I guess I will have to do the TWW now. Anyone else in waiting? How long should we continue to have sex after the test came back positive?



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