TTC but not getting periods regularly! HELP!
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Kelly - November 2

DH and I have been ttc since Mar 05. I stopped taking bcp mid March and did not get AF until June. AF came again in Jul but was late, (cycle about 40 days), came again in August (cycle about 35 days) and now have not had AF since. Have seen the Dr. and I am not pg. :o( I am going back there today to have a progesterone in oil injection to start AF. Will this be a false period? Will I ovulate after this flow? Has anyone here had this injection to jump start AF and do you know about ovulating after? I will see if the nurse giving me the injection today knows but I am so impatient now. I'm just so disgusted. It was hard enough trying every month only to be disappointed, but now I'm not even getting AF to continue trying! Anyone with a similar story, I would be so happy to hear from you!!!


elkay - November 2

Hi Kelly. I feel your pain. I got off bc patch in June and had AF, then skipped July, AF in August, then finally had another one on Oct 20th, after getting 2 BFP with a HPT and a blood test. My second blood test last week turned up negative, so my doc said I prob m/c. She was going to put me on progesterone, but now she wants to wait to see if AF becomes regular. I'm trying not to stress too much b/c I know it will happen at some point. Let me know what you doctor says about a false period/ovulation after getting the shot. All I can say is, take a deep breath and enjoy the "trying" part.


Mega - November 2

Hi Kelly. Yes, your story sounds similar to mine & probably a lot of other ladies on this board! I was on BCP until Aug. 2004, I had AF just before my wedding (9/18/04), perfect timing! That was probably a 32 day cycle, not bad. Then the next month it was a little longer, then even longer the month after that, etc. til I was going 75 days or more b/twn cycles. My dr. finally dx me with PCOS. Now, this doesn't mean you do have PCOS, but it could be a possiblity for you. Anyway, with such long, irregular cycles you're most likely either not ovulating, or ovulating very sporadically. Has your dr discussed what he/she wants to do after the progestrone shot? Maybe put you on Clomid. That might something to discuss. The progestrone shot will force your body to expell the uterine lining which has been building up quite a bit since it's been so long since you've had AF. I've only taken the shot or Provera to bring on AF so I can begin a new cycle of Clomid. That shot won't make you ovulate per se, but it will start your cycle anew & if your body is ovulating on its own maybe next cycle will fare better for you. But I'd still discuss Clomid or Femara with your dr. Sometimes though the body just needs a few months to readjust after BC. Your dr will probably also want to run some b/w, check your hormone levels before prescribing Clomid. Good luck! You did the right thing seeing your dr. I waited much longer than you to get help. That's time I could've used. Oh well, hind sight. We're TTC #1, too. Baby dust!


Kelly - November 4

Hi Elkay and Mega. Thank you so much for your responses. My Dr. did bloodwork on me last week to test thyroid, insulin, and prolactin. She says all is normal with the results so most likely not PCOS. However, there is no real explaination about the irregular AF cycles. I had the Prog. injection on Weds. so now i'm just waiting. It was an RN who administered the shot but I asked her about AF after the injection and she says that it is to renew my cycles so, if I am ovulating regularly then I should ovulate this month. My dr. has decided that if we are not pregnant by the end of the year she will refer me to the endocrinologist. I'm hoping that it will happen soon. When i was 17 I got pregnant for my son. I was not trying of course, but now that I am an adut and I am married and own my own home I'm having problems. It figures!! :o) Please kep me updated on your progress and I will do the same!


elkay - November 4

Kelly and Mega I wish you both luck. Hopefully the next time we are on this site it will be to find info on OUR pregnancies.


Mega - November 4

Thanks Elkay & Kelly. Babydust to all of us. That would be great--I'd love to read in the next couple months that we've all had those beautiful BFPs. kelly, some RE's will see you without a referral, at least they will where I'm from. IMO, the sooner you can get in to see a RE the better. As for me, I'm almost done with my 2 WW after my first IUI. Hopefully AF will stay away. I'll keep you all posted. Keep me posted too. Have a great weekend!!!


Kelly - November 9

So I finally started AF 6 days after receiving the POI injection. I'm glad that it worked but HOLY COW!! It is so heavy and painful!! I'm hoping that this will be the jump start that my needed to get itself back to "normal". I'm thinking that I will start using an OPK to see if I am ovulationg. I just worry that I will be wasting alot of money. Does anyone know which cycle day you are supposed to start testing? I'm also wondering if I should start it a few days later than the norm since my cycles (when I was getting AFon my own) were normally 31 days or a little longer? What do you think?


lilly - November 10

I am so glad to find this thread, i have been going through the exact same thing over that last several months. First off in jan i went off bcp to try and get pregnant, got my first BFP in march...was soooo excited, however i m/c in june at 14 weeks. that was a realy rough time for me, i decided after that m/c totry again right away, got AF exactly 4 weeks after the m/c, then no AF for 4 months. went to the doc who started mt on provera for 10 days. 3 days later i have AF, really excited about that but also scared, i am scared to be dissappointed again (sounds stupid i know). Im just really scared. it helps to read your stories that are simialr to mine. Good luck to everyone and lots baby dust. Keep posted how you ttc turns out!


Jane - November 10

It is very common for your period to stop after the pill for up to a year and it then could go back to mormal again. it happens to many women. a gynacologist doctor friend told me when i was freaking out about my period being late and not being pregnant. he said he saw it happen many times and the women went on to concieve. i would ask your doctor to take a test to rule out possible medical problems and maybe get a ovulation monitor or test strips to see when you are ovulating. you may just have to wait it out. have sex 3 times a week or more to try to cover all your bases.


Jane - November 10

you are supposed to test 14 days before your period is expected, so with a 31 day cycle day 17 would be about when you would ovulate. type ovulation test kits into google there is a set you can get 25 strips for 16 dollars or 50 for 30. have sex at least every two days a week before you think you will ovulate (day 17). start testing when for ovulation the earliest you think it can occur until it happens. and really put an effort into trying the next two days. you're odds are best if you start trying the week before but you're most fertile days are the day and the day after the strips detect it. it test for a pre ovulation surge.



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