TTC but not enough SEX?!?!?
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BabyGirl_685 - March 12

Hi ladies!
I have PCOS and I've been TTC now for 4 years now.
My partner is a lot older than me, (he's 34 and I'm 21). I've read about how some of u ladies have sex EVERYDAY just to optimise ur chances. However I don't have that option cuz my partner doen't have it in him. We have around 2-3 times a week. It's not that he can't get it up but its more like he can't do it every single day. Do any of u ladies think I still have a chance if we time it correctly around ovulation? Is there any treatment for him out there? Viagra is out of the question cuz it for those who are impotent and as long as u are able to maintain an erection u don't need viagra. So can anyone out there help me. I just wana be pregs so much!!!


carrot top - March 12

Hi BabyGirl, My hubby and I have been married for 5 years. I'm 25 and he's 26. Until this month, we were lucky to have sex 3 times a month... never mind a week! It was so frustrating. We both have very low sex drives so it takes a lot of effort to get into it. This month we decided that enough is enough. We have been trying for 3 years and we both want a baby SOOOO bad. So we decided that whether or not we wanted to, we would have sex every second night. It was hard at first and now we are finding that it is getting to be quite enjoyable!! LOL! We haven't skipped a day so far this cycle! It’s the most sex we have EVER had in one month! So if you are having sex 3 times a week thats not bad, that's about every second day. Just try to not clump those 3 times together, leave a day between. This way, as my Doctor told us, there is always sperm present. I hope you get what you want soon! Good luck! And tons of Baby Dust!


TTC#[email protected] - March 12

If you chart and use OPKs you could time your 2-3 times a week during your most fertile time.

Im an everydayer & i'm hearing that that is not so good for me & my dhs male infertility factor.
Good luck


ginger6363 - March 12

hi babygirl, I would suggest you chart and temp and use OPKs. My dh and I are not big on having sex every day or even every other day. Usually, we would have sex 3-4 times a week and only when I was fertitle (I was temping and charting). We tried for nine months before I fell pregnant.


BabyGirl_685 - March 12

Hi ladies!
Thanks so much for your responses! it makes me feel a whole lot better. I think my partner is at that age were he doesn't need to have sex every single day, but we both want to get pregs so badly! I'm glad to hear that it is still possible to get pregs with having sex a lil as 3 times a week. i've just read how so many ladies and their partners try every single day. That would be impossible for me.
So carrottop, TTC#3 and ginger... tell me about yourself and your TTC journeys? Anyone else is welocme to join!
Sweet baby dust to all!


TTC#[email protected] - March 12

Come on over to the thread 2ww no more.. There are alot of ladies pregnant there & there are about 4 of us still ttc..


mrose - March 14

babygirl, dh and I have the same prob, I'm 22 and he's only 23....but we normally only have sex maybe twice a week. I'm on my 4th round of clomid, and my dr wants us to have sex every other day starting on cd10, we tried that for the first three rounds, didn't work so well....we just weren't in the mood, and dh couldn't get the job I talked to my dr about it at our last appt, and he said aslong as we have sex three times a week, and space those three times out, then we should have our bases covered...b/c sperm can live from2-5 days, normally about 3 days in you, and dr says it's better not to have sex EVERY day, b/c it lowers the amount of sperm that is used each time...anywho, I hope this helps! goodluck!


emeliz - March 14

i got a pos. w/an OPK (+ have other signs of O such as pain, etc.), and had sex soon afterward. i seduced DH, who hadn't been in the mood. it was a lot of work for me, but we ended up having fun. this morning before i went to work, i felt like maybe we should have sex again just to "seal the deal." he wasn't in the mood at 7 am. so i didn't push for it. we've had fights when i tried in the morning before, so it's not worth it to me. but am i wrong to feel this is hurting our chances? does anyone know--should you have sex the next day too?
also, does anyone else here feel a tad resentful that all DH has to do is have an orgasm and ejaculte, and 1/2 the time you have to coax him to do the deed!, while and we're here constantly charting and seducing? i read in TCOYF there was a husband who got enthused about charting w/his wife. DREAM ON!!!


emeliz - March 14

p.s. just to balance out my negative, frustrated energy, i will say that i'm lucky to have a true DH who wants children and is excited to become a dad. there are a lot of men out there who act allergic to children ;)


Shauna - March 14

Hi there BabyGirl...My friend is 29 and her dh is 43. They only have sex during the ' right ' time to conceive and they have had 3 boys. Her dh sounds similar to yours. So there is hope. cheers


sososleepy - March 14

My dh does not want me to post to this thread... enough said? Aren't guys just too sensitive sometimes lol?



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