TTC but not "in the mood"
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Elizabeth - May 11

Anyone else not feeling like having sex, but really wanting to conceive?! I had a m/c in March after being off of Ortho-Tricyclen for about a month. I REALLY want to try again, have had a normal cycle, have the ok from my Dr. but have absolutely no sex drive. No problems with my husband, we are happy, 100% in love, etc. He has to be getting miserable...or will be spending alot of time in the bathroom soon. Any advice, suggestions, thoughts? I'm not into anything "kinky" at all...but could use some ideas to get my sex drive back. THANK YOU LADIES!!! Baby dust to all!


ria - May 12

after my m/c i was not in the mood at all but if you try maybe setting the mood and start off slow maybe with a little passinote kissing and on the neck you might get you in the mood


Nicole - May 24

Hi Elizabeth, I also had a m/c in March and dh and I are starting again to ttc. Baby-making sex just isn't the same is it... I've tried watching movies or reading books that have passionate, sensual scenes, (not porn) just nice arousing scenes, and I've bought some nice underwear that make me feel sexy. Anything to keep some excitement in our sex life! Good luck to you!


Sally - May 24

Hi, I know what you mean, we have been trying for 8 months and the spark has compleatly gone out, i love hubby very much but when thoes fertile days come i think to myself oh no here we go! Last month i was thinking i really cant do this anymore but after giving myself a kick up the bum, i went out got some nice new undies and a silk dressing gown and got home had a bath (shaved and plucked) and got in my new gear, hubby was due home in 30 mins, i put a note on the back door saying go have a nice bath and come into the living room. This bought me enough time to lower the lights put on music and get the wine ready (i only had a few sips but it made me feel better) He walked in the living room and i was laying on the rug all suductive. His face was a picture but the moral is, i really didnt want sex at all but once i set the mood and saw his reaction i was well worth it, he thought all his birthdays had come at once!!!! Hve you tried different rooms in the house? or even outside somewhere? You may not feel like it but once you see there reaction it is all worth it. Let me know if it works, good luck XXXXXXXXXXX


TS - May 25

You should try Progesterone cream, you can buy it at health food stores, follow the directions on the tube. It helps with many things, but most importantly for you, it can help balance your hormones. You may not have any obvious hormonal imbalances, but a low sex drive is usually caused by low progesterone or high estrogen at certain times in your cycle, it can't hurt, it is completely natural. It can also help with m/c!!!! You should read anything by Dr. John Lee, he is a "progesterone expert". Good Luck to you!!!!!!!



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