TTC Buddies for 1st baby, wanna join and help eachother out?
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littlenenita - November 7

Hi girls. Well, DH is going away for one night for work. I decided to take a PG test. (I broke down and bought some last night on my way home!!) Well, I am not due for my period til Friday or Saturday this week. I just took the Answer PG test, and I got a VERY faint positive.


Carra - November 8

Littlenenita, you very well could be pregnant with a faint positive. I would still check and make sure after your period is supposed to come. Baby dust to all.


Carra - November 9

Hey girls, I'm due to have my period the 14th of this month, so I'm curious and nervous to see what will come of this month. Baby dust to us all!


littlenenita - November 9

Hello everyone, thanks for the kind words. I took 4 tests since Monday (yes I am obsessed, but aren't we all???) and they have all been faint positives 9i am not due for AF until Friday or Saturday so I am hopin gwhen I test this weekend the line is much darker! I have 2 kinds that I have been using - First Response and Answer Early test. They both show the faint line. But the Answer one is a little darker than the First Response one. My parents are coming over this weekend and all of my brothers, DH and I are cooking dinner for them for my mom's b-day. This was already planned a month ago. I do not want to tell anyone, including my family, untilI go to the Dr's on December 14th. I would be about 8 weeks then. My Dr said they like to see you for the first time (assuming everything was done naturally and there were no problems) between the 8th and 10th week. So of course I got it as close to the 8 week mark as possible. Then, assuming all is well, we will tell everyone around Christmas! I am just hoping that everythign goes smoothly! I know that it is WAAAAAAY early into everything.
Good luck to you all!!! And please keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes ok for me. And I will hope and prey for all of you!!! Oh-- I wanted to tell you all, I had really funny cramps from about 4 DPO to 6 DPO and then they went away. My boobs hurt (and still do) but they always do before AF so that didn't clue me in at all. I felt sick on Friday the 4th, but then i was fine half way through the day. I was out with friends Saturday night, but decided not to drink (which is very unlike me--think it was my body telling me not to drink???). Then i tested on Monday and got my first positive! I just wanted to share my early symptoms.


chanesia - November 9

hi women, carra if i didnt know any etter this could be my post i am going through exactly the same u s chart....i v e just started one i am only 21 but have been trying for 2yrs. i am too scared to go to the docs incase he tells me i will never be able to have children and that would kill me its the only thing i want.....i have just bought a fertility monitor and have started taking pro natel old are you carra xxxbaby dust to allxxxxx


kara - November 9

good luck littlenita. chanesia i know your worried you can't have kids but you also may have a problem that is easily fixed. i would use the monitor but i also suggest seeing a doctor even if you do have a issue it could be fixed. i know how you feel i feel the same way if i couldn't have kids. have you been at least keeping track of around when you should ovulate maybe you just tried at the wrong time


Danielle - November 9

hey girls! how's everyone doing in here?? congratulations on your positive results littlenenita, it's good to hear such great news! i hope everyone is doing well. chanesia, i share your fear of not wanting to find out if you cant have children. i was afraid to go to the dr's for a long time, but it's definitely good to find out what might be causing you to not become pregnant. i thought i was the reason my dh and i weren't getting pg, but my dr ended up telling me i was just fine. although it could be a possibility that my dh has a problem...he's going to the dr soon to find out if he's the reason we haven't conceived yet. well good luck and keep thinking happy thoughts! *~*baby dust to all*~*


Carra - November 14

Hello everybody, Chanesia I am 21 as well. Yeah, we have just started trying, even though we have had unprotected sex for over 2 years. I need to start going to the gyno, and get checked and if he says everything looks ok up there then it will make everything seem better. My fiance and I are kinda just taking this getting pregnant thing as: We will try to get pregnant but were not going to get too into it because if we're not successful then it would make it even harder. I've already started my cycle this month :( but there's always next month. Baby dust to us all!


chanesia - November 14

morning women , i have just booked an appointment wi gyno bowt my irregular theres a start for me... i emailed a fertility specialist in trkey and he told me that that could be the only thing that is stopping me from getting is here so going to start testing with a monitor nxt u s al doingxxbabydustxx


kara - November 17

good luck chanesia. let us know how it goes. we are all rooting for you


Emily - November 17

Hi Everyone! I would love to have someone going through the same thing to talk to as well. My husband and I have been trying for 5 months now, stopped birth control 6 months ago. We have been doing everything naturally so far and would really like to conceive this way. It is just so hard and emotional. We moved to a new home and city 5 1/2 hours from my family and friends so it has been really hard not having the support of friends and family nearby. This was a great idea to start sharing with others. I wish us all big BFP this month!



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