TTC Buddies for 1st baby, wanna join and help eachother out?
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Carra - November 3

My fiance and I have just started to try and concieve our first baby. We have been having unprotected sex for over 2 years and I am amazed that I haven't got pregnant, although I always stand up afterwards and go to the bathroom, so that could have been the reason. I just have a feeling that it is going to be difficult to get pregnant. My periods before have been irregular, but for the past few months they have came around the days that they were supposed to, so I think that I have just been stressed out before with my job and moving into a new house. But anyway I would love to have somebody to talk to on here that is going through something similar, I'm not taking any kind of fertility drug or anything like that, just all natural. I'm not taking fertility drugs or anything because I do not want a multiple birth. I'm still young and have alot of years ahead of me to try to concieve, so I'm not too worried. So if anybody would love to join me and have fun trying to concieve then please reply. Baby dust to all of us :)


mckenzie - November 4

Hi carra i've been off the pill for 8th mnths because i wanted to get it out my system but am too is also surprise that am not pregnant.
we started trying in august and nothing yet. i too thought that maybe because of my school and work had something to do with it. Oh i always use to run to the bathroom right after sex. Since i've been trying i realize that decreases your chance. Am due to ovulate next week what about you


Carra - November 4

My last period was October 16th, so I have probably just stopped ovulating. My next period should be around the 14th of November. My average cycle length is 30 days. Yeah, I just can believe that I've never gotten pregnant in these past 2 years of having unprotected sex. Maybe the times that I did have sex I wasn't fertile enough or it didn't get a chance to make it to the cervix, I don't know lol. I've never been on the pill, because that scares me, all of the side effects of it. We just started trying in October, I actually started reading about checking your cevix and things like that. I haven't got the guts to try it myself, but I'm sure that I should to get to know my body better. Well thank you for responding, I hope that we can help eachother out and Baby Dust to the both of us.


littlenenita - November 4

Hi Carra & McKenzie, I have been trying since May/June for my first. Wasn't on the pill before that, we were just 'careful'. I've been trying to time when I ovulate, and I think I've got it pin pointed well. I bought the Clear Blue Easy Monitor and used it the first time this past month. It showed me what i thought as the date I was supposed to ovulate, so at least it's consistent with what i was thinking. I also am on no fertility drugs or anything. Just waiting for it to happen. I ovulated on Saturday October 30th. My cycles are usually around 30 or 31 days. So I am due for my period on or about Nov 12th. I'll wait with ya!


Carra - November 4

Hi Littlenenita. That's great, at least we are on the same track. Have any of you heard of this program called Femta?? It's a program that you download onto your computer and you keep track of your menstral cycles and it tells you when you are fertile and things like that, it's actually pretty cool. It's better if you have kept track of previous menstral cycles, because that gives it a better idea of when you are ovulating. I would love to get the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, but I've heard they are spendy. I know that Wal-Mart doesn't carry them. They carry the ovulation tests, but not the monitor. Does it seem to be accurate with your other ovulation signs(cervical mucus, temp, etc.)? Anyway, I hope Baby Dust to all of us.


littlenenita - November 4

Hi Carra, no I have not heard of Femta, thanks for the suggestion. I actually have been keeping track of my cycles since February, knowing that some time this year we woul dbe trying. So I have a pretty good feel for how my cycles are, and I just signed up at to track my temps all this past month. Yep, so far the monitor is in line with my all my other ovulation signs. It was expensive, but I just got a small bonus at work, so when I got it, i decided to use it for the monitor since it was 'extra' money. I like it so far. But it's only the first month. It says that it will take a couple months to get to 'know' the user, but already this month it was matching my signs, and i also used a 'pee stick' ovulation predictor kit along with it this month, to see if it was showing the right things. And already, it was. My temps go along nicely with what the monitor told me too. So I guess now it's just sitting back and waiting.
According to my chart on, I am 7 DPO today. I have had some cramps the past couple of days. I'm trying not to read into that at all though!


mckenzie - November 4

Hey i bought an ovulation kit by answers it comes with 20 strips and a cup and you could start taking it as soon as your period ends it was around $20 at walgreens


Danielle - November 4

hey there! i'm in the same fiance and i have been having unprotected sex for a year in december w/o any luck. we're both trying for our first as well. i started taking vitamins B6, E, & C to help with fertility...i read on another site that these help to increase fertility in women, i'm just hoping it works soon. it feels like i've been waiting forever, especially when i have all my friends getting pregnant and having babies everywhere i turn. i'm trying to go as natural as possible too. it's a lot harder than i thought it would be. i just wonder how some of these women just look at men the wrong way and *poof* their pg...while we sit here with our O kits and fertility drugs crossing our fingers every month in hopes that AF wont come. well good luck & baby dust to you all this month! ;o)


Carra - November 5

Thanks Mckenzie, I'll have to check that out at Walgreens. I've had some cramping today, but it's probably just the usual cramping. I'm taking prenatal pills as well, just in case I concieve. I know how you feel Danielle, my girlfriend got pregnant on the pill!!! It's amazing how some women can get pregnant like it's nothing, it's kind of depressing. I'm healthy too, so I don't understand what could be the problem.....


littlenenita - November 5

Hi girls! I just wanted to tell you that I used the Answer O kit with the 20 strips. It showed me I was Oing the same time that my Clear Blue Easy Monitor showed me this month. I have a question if anyone can help answer. I have been temping, and since I O'd, they have been going up slowly but steadily. IF I turn out to NOT be pregnant this month (I am on 8 DPO today), when would I expect to see the temps start to go down? This is only the first month I am temping, so I don't have anything to go off of.


kara - November 6

hey everyone. i just started trying for my first and i also have been really disapointed. i been off the pill since march but only trying since july or august which i know isn't long it just seems like it should of haappend since i had all my bases covered. i was using timing until then. i just seems like everyone i talk to gets pregnant the first time they tried or they were off the pill a month not even trying and bam their preganant.


Carra - November 6

Littlenenita, I'm not quite sure about the whole temperature thing. I have bought a basal body thermometer, but I've used it a couple times when I first got it. Sorry I couldn't help you out more.....Welcome Kara, we are all in here trying for our firsts and I think we are all getting frustrated with this whole 'trying to concieve' thing. I guess we just have to have a little more patience than most. They say there is only a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant each time you ovulate. My fiance and have just started trying, so I'm hopeing this month will be the month. Baby dust to us all!!!


mckenzie - November 6

hi everyone, I myself is trying to figure out the whole temp thing but i heard once your pregnant the temp peaks a highest temp and remains high for several days without dropping.


eb - November 6

Hi girls I post on another thread but I just read through yours and thought I could offer a little help. Try buying a fertility book ( Taking charge of your fertility, and Getting Pregnant, and Conception Cronicals) are all really good. They anwser lots of bbt and cm questions. Good luck.


Carra - November 7

Yeah Mckenzie, I think I've heard that too, but not 100% sure. That would be something to look into though. I had another question as well. In one of my books I have it says that a sign of pregnancy is the pigment in your areola (around the nipple) gets darker with pregnancy. Well my friend says that she didn't start noticing that it was darker until she already found out she was pregnant, but in my book it says that it happens in the first month. Lol, I'm always trying to figure out if my nipples look darker, lol :) Baby dust to us all!!!!


xrachx - November 7

hey gurls am in the same boat me nd ma fiance have had unprotected sex for 2yrs, but just started properly trying nowxxxbaby dust to all


littlenenita - November 7

Hi girls. Well, DH is going away for one night for work. I decided to take a PG test. (I broke down and bought some last night on my way home!!) Well, I am not due for my period til Friday or Saturday this week. I just took the Answer PG test, and I got a VERY faint positive.



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