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Rita - August 25

HI GIRLS! I’m new to this site, but I already really like it – nice to read from people going through the same problems. I came off bc on 16th July and we really thought that we got lucky straight away, but on the 23rd August I got my af . We are ttc baby # 1 and really excited, but to tell you the truth I’m getting quite scared, especially after reading that some people have tried for 2-3 years. Well we are keeping our fingers crossed for my next ovulation (4-7 September)! It would be nice to hear from ya all going through the same thing as us. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!


leonia - August 25

hi Rita,there's no reason to get scared.there's tons of information everywhere on the net,that talks about timeframes in which couples conceive.they say a healthy couple has about 15-20 % chance of getting pregnant each cycle.i would think that if you know when you ovulate and have sex during the few days before ,during ,and a day after you'd be maximizing your chances and the percentage would be've already crossed one huge road bloack with ease ,your ovulating!!just remember rome wasn't built in a relax have fun .it'll happen.good luck ttc.


Rachel to Rita - August 25

Sounds like we are approx same cyle/time frame. We were married on July 16th and are trying right away. I went off b/c in march to get body prepped. August was our first chance and I do believe I was pregnant for a short while and had a missed pregnancy. i had spotting on the 16th, a/f was due on the 17th and never came that day which is odd as I am 28 days on the ball. I had funny little cramps all week and on Sunday got major cramps and a/f came. I went to emerge to ensure all would be okay as it was the first time I have ever had to take advil for a/f cramps (it hurt) and he figured it was a missed pregnancy at implantation due to the spotting and cramps. Happens quite often apparently. We are just going to have sex every second day from Sunday till my next period start date just to cover all the possible ovulation times without getting into sticks and temperatures just yet. I'm 27 (almost 28) and hoping to get pregnant soon as well. I have never had things easy so I can't imagine this will be any different. let's keep tabs on each other and baby dust to you as well!


Ericka - August 26

Hi Rita - I am also ttc baby #1. I was on bc for 10 years and got off it in November. Over the next 7 months I only had my period 3 times and I don't think I was ovulating. In May I began charting my temps and my cycles regulated. I should be ovulating sometime next week. I don't think you should worry about anything. You are young and like leonia said, there is only a 15-20 % chance every month. Good luck and baby dust to you.


Rita - August 26

Thank you Girls!

Thank you for your words of encouragement & advice. I guess I should just relax & take thing one day at a time. It’s just that I really want to get pg without all the hassle of charts & sticks. I think I will even stop talking about it to my DH, as he will get all worked up and will not be able to perform at a crucial time...
Rachel, we got married June 8th 2000, but decided to wait a while before we have children. We are also going to do the same as you, start trying on Sunday the 4th Sept, until af comes...well hopefully it won’t coma at all!!!
I prey that we all get pg very soon & ~~BABY DUST TO ALL~~


Start date - August 26

Hi rita,
you should start this sunday the 28th if you might be ovulating the 4th. Always start 7 days before ovulation, sex every 2 days until 7 days after your ovulation. Waiting till the 4th exactly could be too late.



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