TTC and Weight
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Jenny70529 - August 18

Aside from pcos complications, does being overweight contribute to problems conceiving? I'm overweight--240 at 5'3--, could that be causing my conception problems? With baby #1, I tried for a year and a half, and I was hovering around 200 the entire thin girls have problems getting pregnant too? ...I don't mean to offend anyone if I have. It's just something I've been curious/worrying/contemplating.


slowpoke01 - August 18

jenny- thin girls have trouble conceiving too because i think sometimes women are too thin and their bodies have a hard time keeping up with the hormones. i used to weigh 95 pounds and couldnt gain weight i never got pregnant then i gained weight and my cycles are regular now where as they were irregular when i was thin. so i think that your weight and your piece of mind and stress all play a big role in conceiving. i am in my 2 week wait right now to see if i am pregnant or not. we will see.sometimes all it takes is just a few pounds to make us feel good about ourselves and then bam we get pregnant. if a woman is too thin sometimes they dont ovulate regularly which is a big problem when ttc


mommy2josh - August 18

Jenny, I am right there with y ou girl. I am around 205-209 at 5'4. Was the same weight while ttc #1. It also took me 18 months to get pg with my son. Now it has been 28 months of ttc #2. I truly believe that weight plays a huge role in troubles conceiving. Whether you are over or under weight. I tried starting a diet a million times, but cant seem to stick with it. I am sure you know that feeling. I am wishing you the best of luck.



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