TTC & bd'ing every day question.
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Jen - March 15

I've been bd'ing everyday since Friday. Last night I noticed a slight odor with my discharge. I noticed the same thing last month & I thought it was a bacterial infection so I called the doc and they called me in Metrogel. I think it's wierd that now I'm experiencing the same thing this month. Can semen make your discharge have an odor? I have no other signs of an infection just this slight odor? I mean we've had sex every day for the 5 days in a row?? any help?? or simular experience?


June - March 15

I highly doubt semen has anything to do with the odor. Some women during their fetile time has a certain odor to their discharge. Some have none. Your body changes all the time. -


d - March 15

Jen. I have heard that when semen and vaginal fluid mix it will cause a chemical reaction which in turn might give of a smell and you will probably notice this when his fluid is coming back out of you. A couple of woman have asked that very same question. If I find any info on it I will post it for you.


d - March 15

Jen, Do you get the odor after sex or is it all the time. I guess that would be the main question. If it is only after sex it might be what I said. I have read on woman asking that very same question and most woman ask their doctor too and the dr reassured them that it is nothing. If it persists I would consult your dr.. Wish I could be more helpful on this topic for you. Good Luck in TTC.


Jen - March 15

Thanks alot guys! It just started to notice it last night. And today I can smell it? So I guess it's all the time. I was fine before, that's why I think alot of bd'ing has something to do with it b/c it happened the same time last month. Yeah... any info is great. I guess I will wait it until next week so see if it goes away. It's so fustrating and so gross? I don't want to do anything that would effect my environment. I really hope this bd'ing pays off this month. So yeah any info you get let me know. Again... thanks so much.


SashaP - March 15

I get the same thing when I bd alot. I never had an infection before but 2 days after I'm done bding it's gone. I think everybodies body reacts different to have that much sperm in them. I tell myself it's sperm overload. So your not the only one. Good luck and baby dust...


Lilu - March 16

OMG... thanks! SO... I will just watch it and it should go away.



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