TTC after years on the pill.
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Gina - June 10

Hi... I was on the pill (Ortho tri-cyclin) for 5 years, I recently went off 3 months ago in March. I missed my April period (actually thought I was pregnant), then I got my May and June periods, both on schedule. I am just wondering, how long has it taken people in my situation to conceive after years of taking the pill? I should be at a good age (24), and my mother says there is no history of infertility in my family. We haven't been successful yet, but maybe I am just too anxious. If you can help with information, please let me know.


Chrissy - June 10

Hi Gina,
I was on the same pill for 3 yrs and my doctor said it could take up to a full year for everything to get back to normal. But then he said you can get pregnant right away. Its just on how your body reacts to not havin the pill anymore. When I got off my body like shut down LOL. I also got off of the pill around the same time. And I havent got a period yet sooo I dont know whats going on with me. So hopefully I get a period soon or better yet get pregnant:-) Good luck to you:-)


Gina - June 10

Thanks Chrissy... it's frustrating. My husband is in the military, and we are hoping it won't take too long because we don't him to be deployed or TDY when the baby is due. If we get pregnant sometime soon he will be just starting at his new unit when we would be due, and he would probably still around. He doesn't want to miss any of the pregnancy, either, but I guess that is something we risk with his career field. Oh well, we'll see. I hope your cycle gets figured out soon... I have never been late even one day, so it was weird for me to totally miss an entire period. The last two have come on schedule, down to the day actually. Hopefully we will both have some good news soon! :) Good luck to you too!


Chicks - June 10

Hi ladies! I don't have much advice for you, but here's my story.. I went off the pill in October of 2004. I always had a history of having too long of periods. "Normal" for me, is 7 days or longer. When I was 17, I was put on the pill because I bled for 8 months straight. I have been on the pill for 11 years (about 8 different types to be exact). I went off so we could try to conceive (I'm 28 so it's about time.. LOL!) and then I didn't have a period for 3 months. They gave me blood test after blood test and nothing showed up wrong until they did an ultrasound. It showed that I had a cyst the size of a tennis ball. So, I had to have an HSG (not an enjoyable test but not awful) where they still saw the cyst. My gyne told me that they were going to look one more time on a transvaginal exam (this after 5 months of no period and they had already tentitavely scheduled me for a laparoscopic cystectomy) and they saw that the cyst had dropped a little bit in size. So, after 7 months of trying to have a baby with no period, he put me back on the pill for two months to shrink it(obviously I was extremely upset about this seeing as we've already been trying for 7 months). I am now on my last couple of pills of the second month and I have another appointment to get things double-checked on the 20th of June. My husband has just provided a sample for testing by the doctor so I'm waiting for the results of that test. And, I wanted to say, different doctors have different opinions. My doctor says that you can try immediately after coming off the pill. About 4 of my friends have conceived the first month off the pill. I have also heard many stories of women missing one pill and getting pregnant. So, I guess it all depends on your body and the way your periods are. But, if you are missing periods and trying to conceive (maybe missing 2 in a row) my point is you should get checked and don't let any doctor tell you that you should wait until you miss three. Tell them it's not right for your body and don't take no for an answer. Good luck to you ladies and keep me up to date! Hopefully, we'll all be pregnant soon!
Take care!


TS - June 13

Chicks, you should read anything you can by Dr. John Lee, it will shed some light. I think going back on the pill after it possibly caused a huge cyst was the worst thing to do.....just my opinion.....try natural Progesterone cream, I swear it is a "cure all". Your cycle history sounds very similar to me, I was on the pill for 10 years, with no period after coming off for 18 months!!! Progesterone cream got me regular. Good Luck, I hope the cyst is gone!!!


chicks - June 13

Hi TS! Thanks for the advice.. Can you tell me though, were your tests for progesterone low through the blood? I have had 3 blood tests for prolactin, testosterone and progesterone run since the beginning of the year.. Was that recommended by your doctor because of a low level or were you fine for progesterone levels? I am just curious.. You know, this is just terrible not to have a period for a long time.. Did you ever get tested for whether you were ovulating properly before the progesterone cream? If you could shed a little more light on your situation, that would be great! You said that natural progesterone worked for you.. Does that mean that were able to get pregnant or that fixed your periods? Thanks for taking the time to write to me back and get back to me when you can! Take care!


Gina - June 13

Hey ladies... yeah, my doctor told me you can start trying immediately, they just recommend that you have two ot three regular periods first, so that it's easier to determine the due date. I am just wondering, what is it that makes it difficult to pregnant after coming off the pill? Do we just continue to not ovulate for a while? I just recently started taking my temperature to try and see when I ovulate, but I am not noticing a difference in temperature. Does this change for everyone? Keep me up to date ladies, I would love to hear one of us is pregnant! I am waiting on June 28...


Audrey - June 14

I got off the pill in December 2004, after being on it for 10 years. My first two or three periods were regular, just as if I was still on the pill... but... after that they keep getting longer and longer. I went from a 28 day cycle, to a 30, then 36, then 44.... it is crazy. I have no idea when or if I'm ovulating. Tracking temp. didn't work for me because I couldn't take my temp at the same time every morning. I am now taking an OPK test this month... I am already on day 16 with constant negatives. My doctor told me that sometimes when you are on the pill it could take up to two years for your body to kick back into gear. Geez, I hope it doesn't take that long.... but TTC and constantly getting BFN's is getting really depressing and hard to deal with for my husband and I.


Gina - June 14

I totally agree Audrey. I really hope it doesn't take us 2 years. I don't remember being warned on how much the pill can affect your body, especially if taken long term. Knowing what I do now, I never would have chose to take it, and I will not recommend it for others. I wish you the best of luck, I hope it works out really soon. We are all in my prayers!


Chicks - June 14

Hi Audrey!
Man, do I know how you feel.. We've been trying for 9 months now and I didn't have a period for 7 months after I stopped the pill and I was on it for 11 years. I know what it feels like to not know when ovulation is taking place. Of course, some women have regular periods but do not ovulate! I too am starting OPK's this month and I'm going to see whether it will work or not. This whole process is turning out to be much harder than it should be eh? My doctor says to start trying as soon as you get off the pill. I have a friend who conceived 4 days after coming off the pill. So, I guess it's different for everyone.. But I wish you and everyone else lots of luck! Hopefully it will happen soon for all of us. We just have to keep our heads up and try not to get depressed when it doesn't happen because that certainly will not help (I should learn to take my own advice.. LOL!) I know how you feel every time you think you may be pregnant only to have it turn out negative.. It sucks! Hang in there girl!


TS - June 14

To Chicks, hello! I was tested for Everything!! by my fertility dr. I don't remember my Progesterone levels, however I did have high the book I referred you to it explains how low Progesterone causes high Prolactin when there is no tumor present. Mainstream Dr.s don't recommend natural Progesterone cream. In my opinion it is because they can't make money off of answer your question, I still haven't conceived but I am finally ovulating when I never was before, even with fertility meds. Progesterone cream regulated my cycles....I kind of self diagnosed and have been out of touch with my Dr. for a few months, hoping to get pregnant the "natural way". Hope this answers your questions, take care!!!!!


jenny - June 16

I have recently gotten off Seasonale. At first it was great, but getting off of it is horrible. I am producing milk, cramping, and bloated. No docotr ever told me about the side affects of getting off bc. The doctors ran several test as to why I was producing milk. They said everything looks fine. I have an ultrasound tomorrow. This will be my fourth visit to the doctor for the same symptoms. It is very frustrating! I have exposed my bbs to over a handful of doctor in the past month. . . and still no answers. Any suggestions?


Jennifer - June 23

Hi Girls,
I feel all your frusteration, I too have been on the the pill for 12 years, and got off last July and have only had 3 periods-KNow the feeling :(
TS- i am trting Dr.Lee's method after Failing to ovulate on Clomid -How long after you used the cream for 25 days did you get your first period? I am on CD 31 and no AF yet-I am getting discouraged....
I do think Natrual progesterone sounds amazing and Dr.Lee's books are a great alternative to pumping your body with these awful meds. that give you horrible side effects and everything else MDs don't know yet.
If anyone else has had succes with natural prog. cream with anovulatory cycles can you pleas post?????????
Good Luck to you all-Hang in there


Josie - June 23

Hello all, I was on the pill for about 8 years straight when my husband and I decided that we would start trying to conceive...I was 28 years old and felt the time was right to start trying...needless to say 1 period and about 14 days later we were pregnant with our our little boy is due August 24th!...we know many people who have been having problems conceiving so we thought we should get an early start, never thinking it would happen so fast...luckily for us things worked well between the two of us so I guess you never know how long it could take, but never give up because when it's right it will happen, so enjoy the "trying"!!



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