TTC after Tubal reversal part 2
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wantanotheraftertr - May 15

Hope you all find the new thread! Maybe we will get some more BFP'S and this will be a Blessed thread!


ssims - May 15

I found ya!! How is everyone today. I hope they all find the new thread. I only have 3 days left, but I'm not feeling too optimistic. I saw a speck and I do mean a speck of blood when I went potty this morning. I think AF is hiding away up there somewhere. I have to wait until Friday to know for sure though!! (smiles)


tonyaandjoe - May 15

i found ya!well, my dr's. nurse called and she said i didn't respond to the meds,and i told her i hadn't took them yet.he had told me not too till this cycle.she said i didn't do anything on my own,there is a lady at my work that is between 3-5 weeks.this is her first child and she said that she don't have a period but once in like every 2-3 months.but she was going to try till july and if anything don't happen then she will go see a dr. she said she went in for a check up and that's when they found out she's pg. maybe next month will be my month.i start femara has anyone gotten pg from it?


ssims - May 15

I have a quick question: Have any of you had a trigger shot?


ssims - May 15

If so how long did the trigger stay in your system?


ssims - May 15

Also my progesterone was 29.6 so I definitely O'd!


wantanotheraftertr - May 16

Tonya sorry to hear nothing happend. Your right maybe next month! A friend of mine is going thru this stuff now also. Her mid cycle u/s was today and they said it looked as if she had o'd. I guess shell have blood work next week to confirm. Shes never o'd on her own and is first month of clomid so hopefully something happens for her. Simms I have never had a trigger shot. good progesterone though. Good luck! Hope something happens soon for you all!


ssims - May 16

GAME OVER for me!! My temp this evening was 98.49 which means AF is right around the corner. I can normally gage what my temp will be from what my temps are before bed! Oh well. I was hoping everything was perfect. On to another month!! Good luck to the rest of you ladies!!


wantanotheraftertr - May 16

simms I never would have thought to check my temps in the evening. What if you had a exceptionally busy day? Does that change anything? I thought it was over for me the day before I found out this time and look 91/2 weeks officially. Had another u/s today baby is growing now about 1 inch long. Heart is beating and most everything looks good. RE thinks the placenta is sitting kind of low so he will recheck that on the 30th with another u/s. He did tell me to schedule my appt with the ob though so I shouldn't be to concerned I guess. I will have more blood work done that day as I have appt with insurance at my obs office then on the 5th I see the ob for the first time. I keep praying that this baby grows and makes it here I guess I just worry to much. Anyway good luck to you !all and BFP prayers to you all


ssims - May 17

Normall no matter how busy my day is if I'm just laying around and relaxing after a couple of hours my temps are normally within the same range. I can normally always see my temp declining a day or two before AF shows. AF is due on Friday so that will ultimately tell the tale, but I'm not holding out hope. I actually call in my RX for Clomid again this month as I take it on CD 1-5. That's so cool that you go to see the baby again. Life is so amazing! Keep us updated on how your PG is progressing as I love to hear how you're doing! Good luck to the rest of my TR sisters! Have a good evening!


rom - May 17

Found Ya! Well, I'm CD 12 which is almost CD13 and watching very closely for o signs. Bought a Montana today. Traded in my gas hogging Durango, I will miss the 4 wdrive though. We live in the country and it has come in handy lots of times. We have more room and comfort now. It seats 8 and I usually haul 5-6 kids on a reg. basis. My two oldest drive. When we all go out together we have a passenger van for that but it's older. I'm just really wanting this to be the month. Just feeling like it should. We'll see, Baby Dust too all and take care of our first little bean Pam! :-)) Boo find us yet?


Boo b do - May 17

Hi Ladies, I found you:-) Tonya, good luck with the femara. I asked for that as I have read lots of possitive comments about it. Tamoxifen is it's equivilent in the UK, my progestrone level was the highest ever at 124.4!! The dr said it worked well for me. I have other issues preventing me from getting pg so that did not help regardless. I hope it works for you. We are waiting on another BFP. Simms, don't give up yet. It may be your turn still. Good luck. Pam, don't worry about the low placenta, I had that with my youngest. It did not move until I had a growing spurt during my pregnancy during the last few weeks befroe delivery. I'm sure everything will be fine. You'll have to figure out how to put pictures on so we can see your scan pics. :-) Rom, I hope you get ovulation soon, fingers crossed for you this cycle. I am currently CD18, 10dpo. Still have sore bb's. Had my progesterone blood test yesterday, hoping it will confirm ovualation. I have not ovulated on the same day for the last 8 cycles. its' only temping that has helped me to track it! 3 months till I hopefully try IVF. Baby dust to all you ladies, have a great day.


tonyaandjoe - May 18

i will not be able to do ivf, it is too expensive.i am praying that the femara works.another girl that i work with is about 5 weeks pg. and she said she didn't have normal periods or o'd on her own. if i don't o on my own then how did i have 3 kids before.i just don't understand it.i am hoping and praying that this femara will help me cause if it don't the dr. said there is nothing else he can do.


ssims - May 18

Thanks for pulling for me, but AF found me yesterday and she's heavier than she's ever been in my life!!! I hope that means she won't stay around long! I decided not to do Clomid this month as DH will be out of town from May 29-31 and then again from June 5-8. I haven't O'd before CD 14 yet while taking Clomid so I figure I'd try a cycle without it in hopes that I O earlier this month and catch a day that he is in town. Well I'm headed to La. this weekend. Our niece is graduating and we're going to attend the ceremonies!! You all have a good weekend and I'll say a BFP prayer for you all!! Talk to you ladies on Sunday evening!!


tonyaandjoe - May 19

i've been having very bad cramping on my right side for the last 2-3 days.


tonyaandjoe - May 22

where is everyone at?how is everyone doing?i am supposed to have af by now so i am going to give it to thursday and if not i guess i will call my dr. and see if they are going to induce my af.has anyone had that done.


wantanotheraftertr - May 22

Tonya I assume you have tested. Have you ever had problems with af not comming? How did the new drug go? Boo I know the next 3 months will go fast for you I am deffinatly pulling for you. I feel like time has slowed down for me right now seems like this pregnancy is taking forever but thats ok I want to enjoy it as much as I can I am not sure I will try again for another after this one. I guess we will wait and see. DH and I originally wanted 2 more but now we are not sure. The reality of our DS being a high school grad now. So glad this weekend is over what a lot of work! It was fun but there is so much to do to get ready for it then there is all the clean up! Guests from out of state wow it's over! I slept off and on all day yesterday! Just trying to catch up! I am also getting sick. Sinuses draining headache can't sleep at night and afraid to take to much meds since I'm still in the first trimester for a few more weeks.



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