TTC after severe edometriosis
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weathergirl - January 29

Has anyone on this board had experience with TTC after treatement for Stage 4 endometriosis? We have an appointment with a specialist for early next week but I thought I would reach out and see if anyone could tell me what their experience has been with pregnancy after treatement. I had surgery then 3 months of treatment with Zoladex. My doctor has told me that we need to proceed immediately to IVF before the endo returns. Has anyone here been in this position? I feel a bit overwhelmed.


JSmith - January 29

weathergirl- I had pretty severe endo., and had a lap. then took 6 months of Lupron injections and conceived naturally pretty much as soon as AF returned. (this was in 2001). I'm not familiar with Zoladex - is it comparable to Lupron? I did however finish another round of Lupron last year and have not had luck in the conceiving department as of yet. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? Sometimes I think that plays into the Dr.'s decisions. Does the Dr. think it is impossible for you to get pregnant on your own? How long have you been trying? I'm sorry for so many questions - I just wondered exactly what your situation was. Hope whatever you decide works for you.


bj - January 29

Hi, weathergirl. I, also had stage 4 endo. Had a lap in October, 2005, went on about 5 months of Lupron shots, and found out I was pregnant in June, 2006. I am now 37 weeks. After my Lupron shots, they put me on birth control pills to get my cycle started again. They took me off the pill after two cycles, and that's when I got pregnant. They pretty much gave me no hope without IVF. They said my tubes were pretty damaged because of the endo. Well.... I'll be having my baby boy anytime now, so don't lose hope. I hope all goes well, and you get a good report very, very soon!


gmh - January 29

Weathergirl, I also had stage 4 endo and lost one ovary. I was 28. I agee with JSmith what are the reasons why your DR want to Jump straight to IVF and Have you been trying? My other question would be are you see a RE or a OBGYN ??? Good luck !!!!


weathergirl - January 31

I am 35, turning 36 in April. We have been trying for several years (since I turned 30) but have also had to take several years off as my husband was activated by the military twice in the last five years. The last year we have been trying pretty steadily only learning after the surgery that the endo was extensive and affecting our fertility. Your stories give me such hope. Thank you for sharing them. To answer some other questions; I am seeing an OBGYN who has refferred me to a RE. Our first appointment with the RE is this coming Monday. Zoladex is essentially Lupron, just new to the market. The Dr seems to think that it will be impossible for me to get pregnant on my own although, to be honest, I am not clear on why. Hopefully the RE can help clarify. The endo was extensive fusing my uterus to my upper GI in addition to folding it almost in half. Both ovaries were also affected although the falopian tubes looked fine. (I think.) My period also had difficulting starting again and after a 56 day cycle they gave me progesteron to get it going. I feel like I have been waiting months just to have a shot at trying. It's so hard to find people with similar experiences. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate hearing about your successes. Thank you.



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